Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 272

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Luo Feng examines Orichimaru’s skills.

He came, he came, he came with the snake skills!

This skill is similar to Nezha’s [Dragon Slayer].

However, [Dragon Slayer] has a certain probability to kill a Star beast or star card.

And [Yu Snake], it is possible to directly control a Star beast or star card.

Admittedly, the 20% probability here refers to the star card or star beast of the same realm. If there is a realm difference, the probability will increase or decrease accordingly.

“Why, I wrote a search for the dry intestines. I was bitter and lonely and racked my brains. You finally came out.”

Luo Feng wiped a bead of sweat on his forehead and was quite satisfied with it. This is heaven rewards the diligent.

He continued to look down.

[Large Snake Hand], attack skill, and is Orichimaru’s only attack skill.

[Five Elements Seal] is a short-term sealing technique that can seal the enemy’s Star qi, that is, the opponent cannot use Star qi within 5 minutes.

As everyone knows, most of the star card skills need to consume the Star qi value. If the Star qi is sealed, it will become a whiteboard super soldier in a short time.

Can only rely on general attack.

For fighters or shooters, the impact may not be too great, because such star cards are mainly attacked by general attacks.

But for the crispy mage, the inability to use skills is extremely lethal.

[8 Qi Zhishu], similar to Uzumaki Renwa’s [Nine-Tailed Monster Fox].

[3rd-layer Rashoumon], defense.

Luo Feng continued to look down, and when he saw [Ninjutsu], his eyes suddenly lit up.

This is the same as Han Xin’s [surrounded by enemies], which brought him a new concept.

From the card pool of Star Card master, summon a star card to fight for him.

The so-called card pool refers to all the star cards he owns.

That is to say, during the game, pull a star card out of the field into the field to fight for yourself.

For example, when encountering fatal injuries, the enemy Fahai summon will come out to block the knife.

[Reincarnation], limited skills, divided into 2 layers.

On the 1st floor, when Orichimaru was killed, he was reincarnated by the star card with the lowest HP on the field.

If it is your own star card, you can change it one by one without losing money.

If this star card is an enemy star card, does it not mean that while Orichimaru is resurrected, by the way, an enemy star card is killed?

On the 2nd floor, every time an enemy star card is killed on the field, Orichimaru collects their remains. Each time a body is collected, a star card on the field can be resurrected.

This skill is similar to that of Brother Octopus [reincarnated in someone else’s body], except that Brother Octopus wants to wipe out the enemy’s soul, and the restrictions are somewhat large.

Moreover, Brother Octopus can only resurrect one.

Orichimaru’s [Reincarnation Technique], by contrast, is undoubtedly much more flexible.

Looking through it, Luo Feng feels that if one word is used to describe Orichimaru, it is Gou.

Life-saving skills SSS.

It can be said that almost all his skills are used to save lives.

[3rd-layer Rashoumon], you hit me, I block.

[Five Elements Seal], you dare to hit me, I seal you Star qi.

[Standby Ninjutsu], you hit me, my name is brother to get you.

[8 Qi Zhishu], you hit me, I become a serpent, see if you can move.

[The Technique of Reincarnation], you killed me, didn’t expect it, I’m resurrected!

What, you don’t beat me, you kill my teammates?

It’s okay, as long as I live, my teammates can be resurrected even if they die!

Looking at the final introduction, Luo Feng feels that the corners of his mouth have been ripped off, and the reincarnation technique has been made by you. Then you told me that you believe in science?

Luo Feng shook the head, took Orichimaru back, murmured in his heart: “Uncle Snake, Uncle Snake, please come tomorrow.”

If Uncle Snake can solve the problem of Snake Human Race, if Wu Lingtian still doubts the power of star card, then it is really a bit of cerebral palsy.

The next day.

The sky broke.

Under the arrangement of Wu Ying, Luo Feng 4 people, after using breakfast, went straight to City Lord Mansion to see Wu Lingtian.

City Lord Mansion stands in the center of Martial King, which is undoubtedly the most heavily defended place in the entire city.

The crowd walked straight into the City Lord Mansion. After passing through the corridors and courtyards, they finally entered the main mansion.

In the hall, a man was sitting there in an endless manner, he was black robe, slightly thin, between his eyebrows, haunting a touch of sorrow.

He just sat there, and there was a fierce imposing manner, which made Luo Feng 4 people all feel an oppression.

Obviously, he is a high-level star fighter.

This person is Martial King City Lord-Wu Lingtian.

6-star Da Dou Shi.

“Dad, here they come.” Wu Ying looked towards Wu Lingtian, said.

Wu Lingtian lifts the head, lightly glanced at everyone, slightly nodded, and said: “You can come to my Martial King city, but let Wumou flourish and be flattered.”

Han Xiang said with a smile: “It’s worthwhile to be able to see the appearance of City Lord this time.”

“Come to see me?” Wu Lingtian coldly snorted, said: “I see, you are here to show off one’s military strength.”

His eyes were drooping, and he gently rubbed the teacup in his hand, indifferently said: “Yesterday, I already knew that you Star Card master are really amazing.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, they were all a little embarrassed, this guy, old Yin Yang.

Difficult to top.

Han Xiang’s hot face was attached to the position under the cold waist. It was a little embarrassing, and he screamed in his heart. You motherfucker, gave you a face, right?

The first time I licked someone, I encountered this ending, and really licked the dog and couldn’t keep the house.

“Dad.” Wu Ying walked over and dragged his hand, pretending to be angry and said: “Dad, I know that you are in a bad mood recently, but you can’t vent your guests, they are innocent.”

And at this moment, Han Xiang suddenly got up and faced Wu Lingtian’s cup hand to hold fist, saying: “The worry in City Lord’s heart should be the Medusa snake people?”

Wuling Heavenly Eye lifted her skin slightly and said, “Is there any good way for you to say this?”

Han Xiang thought about it and said, “This is indeed a trouble, but for the Star Card master, it is not impossible.”

“This matter is not difficult, Han Xiang is willing to settle the matter for City Lord.”

Wu Lingtian hearing this startled, said: “What is your way?”

“Fight.” Han Xiang stood with his hands down, his eyes drooping, and said, “As long as they are all killed, wouldn’t that star Yandao let Martial King take over naturally?”

Wu Lingtian frowned and said, “That snake Human Race is not a small force. The leader is still a 6-star super Star beast. If it can be played, I would have beaten it long ago, how could it be dragged to the present?”

“If it is really a war, it must be a situation where both sides suffer. Such a loss, I cannot afford Martial King.”

“Are 6-star super Star beast…” Han Xiang’s eyes flickered, and then said with a smile: “Without the starfighter of Martial King City, we can complete this task only with our Star Card masters.”

Looking at the confidence and calmness in Han Xiang’s face, Luo Wu Lingtian was startled, the expression was quite moving, he was silent for a moment, saying:

“If you can really solve the urgency of this snake Human Race for me, it also proves the power of Star Card master.”

“I will consider the implementation of the star card approach in Martial King City.”

Hearing this, Han Xiang’s face was slightly happy, and said: “City Lord rest assured that he will not insult the mission.”

Looking at Han Xiang who volunteered, Chu Man and Lv Xiaowan looked at each other in blank dismay, I don’t know what medicine he sold in bottle gourd.

After leaving the City Lord Mansion, Lv Xiaowan looked towards Han Xiang and asked curiously, “What is your plan?”

Han Xiang expression looked, saying: “shoot person first then shoot horse, to catch brigands, first catch their king, as long as I kill the 6-star super Star beast at that end, will everything be settled?”

Lv Xiaowan’s eyebrows frowned slightly and said, “You are just in the late 4-star stage. If you want to solve the 6-star super Star beast, I am afraid it is not so easy?”

“I am not an ordinary 4 Star Card master,” Han Xiang said.

Luo Feng said with a smile: “Since that is the case, then I will wait here for the good news under the command of Han Xiang.”

Han Xiang hearing this slightly stunned, said: “Aren’t you going with me?”

Luo Feng frowned and looked at him suspiciously, saying, “Why go with you?”

Han Xiang: “?”

“This plan was put forward by you, not to mention taking great risks. Even if it succeeds, Wu Lingtian will only recognize you, even if the star card way is really implemented, this credit is still in your head, so , What am I looking for?” Luo Feng asked coldly.

“Luo Feng commander, didn’t expect you are this kind of person who cares.” Han Xiang’s eyes are indifferent and slightly surprised, saying: “The so-called star source sacrifice quota is only an incidental reward. Our most important thing is to It is to promote the way of star card.”

“As long as the way of star card can be implemented in Martial King City, it will be for the benefit of all beings. As to who gets the star source sacrifice quota in the end, what does it matter?”

He shook the head, seemingly disappointed: “You are now a county commander, can you have a pattern?”

“Oh?” Luo Feng’s eyes suddenly became sharp, and said: “Since Han Xiang is so commanding, how about giving up competing star source sacrifices directly and leaving the opportunity to us afterwards?”

Han Xiang is a short term expression, expression gloomy and uncertain, he looked towards Lv Xiaowan, said: “Xiaowan, how about you?”

Lu Xiaowan frowned slightly and said, “I think this is too risky.”

“Without you, I can still destroy the Human Race snake!” Han Xiang coldly snorted, led a group of Star Card masters, moved towards the mountain range in the distance and roared away.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, if Han Xiang really succeeded, then he was also convinced, and Xingyuan sacrificed the quota.

However, the snake is an expert who is good at hiding sneak attack. Do you want to kill the Snake King in the same way?

Lv Xiaowan Liu frowned slightly and said, “I hope he can succeed.”

So, after Han Xiang entire group left, others sat quietly in City Lord Mansion, waiting for Han Xiang’s news.

After an hour.

A famous black armor rushed into the City Lord Mansion and said, “Report, Han Xiang entire group is back!”


As soon as the words came out, Wu Lingtian’s pupils shrank, and there was a deep shock in his eyes, saying: “Is it resolved so soon?!”

“Open the City Lord door quickly, and I will go out to meet myself!”

Wu Ying Luo Feng and the others are also somewhat unconscious, follow closely from behind, and go to find out.

Outside the city gate, everyone’s eyes were on, and Han Xiang’s figure gradually became clearer where he could see.

Wu Lingtian felt slightly astonished and sighed: “didn’t expect Star Card master is so powerful, it seems that I used to have a bad eye.”

Luo Feng looked at the silhouette of Han Xiang and looked at it, his pupils gradually shrunk.

Because he suddenly discovered that Han Xiang’s condition was not good, and the horses flying under him were also somewhat disordered. It didn’t look like a triumphant returning, but more like… being beaten back.


At the same time, Han Xiang’s exhausted cry for help was suddenly sounded.

Hearing this, the appreciation on Wu Lingtian’s face suddenly disappeared.

Hong long long …

And at this moment, there was a trembling voice from the earth, suddenly came from afar.

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw the next moment, the monster with densely packed snake-tail body, surging from the mountain range and moved towards Han Xiang.

And Han Xiang ran from the city gate moved towards Martial King,

So, the Human Race of Snake came straight to the city of Martial King.

“This… the assassination failed?” Wu Lingtian’s forehead was swelled fiercely, his face was stunned, and he roared angrily, unable to bear: “You motherfucker, if you fail, you will run to another place, you run to our Martial King city Why?”

Under the countless horrifying eyes, the snake human race army is getting closer and closer, and finally stays outside the Martial King city several li. The black pressure is very oppressive.

The breath of killing fell open.

Countless people stared at this scene with fear and fear, although the power of the snake Human Race, although there is a gap compared to the Martial King city, it can not be too much!

At the same time, Han Xiang and the others ran into the city. Their faces were so ugly that they couldn’t find a hole in the ground.

“City Lord, sorry, something went wrong…” Han Xiang lowered his head and said brace oneself.

Wu Lingtian gave Han Xiang a cold look. Although he didn’t say anything, the palm on the city wall shattered the bricks and stones into a crack.

Looking at the squad of human race, Wu Ying, Wu Ying was also shocked, and muttered: “Royal Father, now… what should I do now?”

“Submit the order and prepare to fight.”

Before the many snake men, it was the queen of the snake king-Medusa, her lovable body was exquisite and delicate, and the blue silk swayed down, the hair tip reached the slim snake waist, the tail of the snake swayed gently, a wild enchantment, exotic style swept away, Make people want to stop.

“Sure enough, the demon goddesses are very charming.” Luo Feng secretly exclaimed.

However, the queen of Medusa in front of him is obviously not completely evolved. It looks very animalistic. Unlike Mu Qingluan, he has completely fuse together the appearance of man and the charmingness of the demon.

“I thought you were solemnly vowed because the Star Card master has unique features that are unknown to everyone, and now it seems to be really disappointing.” Wu Lingtian stared at the distant snake Human Race, coldly said.

As soon as this statement came out, it wasn’t just Han Xiang, all Star Card masters, their faces seemed to be slapped in the face, hot and painful.

Admittedly, Han Xiang trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, even embarrassed to bring them all Star Card master.

“You, now it’s time for me to wait for my life.” Wu Ying clenched his long spear.

“May I keep my body and guard my Martial King city!”

Behind him, countless star fighters unanimously, a fervent voice resounded between between Heaven and Earth.

“Wait, don’t get excited first.”

And when everyone was about to rush out of the city massacre, Luo Feng stepped out. He smiled at Wu Lingtian and said, “I think the situation may not be as bad as expected.”

“Oh, do you have any high opinions?” Wu Lingtian said coldly, he had no affection for Star Card master. Now that he has learned from Han Xiang’s experience, he has thoroughly disliked it and he doesn’t want to believe in Star Card master anymore.

“Dad, Luo Feng is not the same as Han Xiang.” Wu Yingdao, in the previous Martial Practice Stage, she can already see that although the realm is higher than Luo Feng, the latter is much more reliable than the former.

Luo Feng gently rubbed the star ring and took out a star card, secretly said in one’s heart:

“Uncle Snake, please!”

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