Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 273

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Outside the Martial King, at the end of the line of sight, the black-pressed human race of the snake race flooded in.

The dark clouds crushed the city, and the atmosphere froze to the extreme.

Han Xiang at this moment has undoubtedly become the target of many people. The star fighter of Martial King City can’t wait to kill him later.

This guy, previously solemnly vowed, threatened to solve the problem of the snake Human Race, but who would have thought that not only did not solve it, but instead completely angered the snake Human Race, which affected Martial King City.

Even the Star Card master of Wind Pavilion, and even his cronies, also hate gnashing teeth. This guy really made their Star Card master lose face.

Right now, not to mention the implementation of the star card approach in Martial King City, Wu Lingtian killed them without anger, fortunately 10000.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes are focused on Luo Feng.

They are really curious. How can he solve the human race of the snake Human Race?

Luo Feng took a deep breath, calmed the excitement, and then divine sense moved. Suddenly, Orichimaru holding the Kusanagi sword appeared under the eyes of many eyes.


Very handsome.

If you only look at his body, you will surely feel that this is a gentle and easy-going Jiangnan man, gentle as jade.

However, that face greatly broke everyone’s fantasy.

Black long hair, golden long pupils, purple eyeshadows that extend to the nose, pale skin, and blue and blue hook-shaped earrings give a very insidious feeling.

In his waist, there is a sharp sword, this is Kusanagi sword.

Cold blooded and insidious.

Everyone looked at this star card, the gloomy and cold aura that came out of him, made everyone feel chilly, as if the surrounding temperature, at this moment, it has dropped a lot.

That pair of eyes, like poisonous snakes, made people dare not look at them.

“Is this also a star card?” Wu Ying was stunned, and the beautiful eyes showed a splendid color. Previously Lu Bu was magnificent, now Uncle Snake is cold, and the temperament of each card is different, and the image is realistic.

Most importantly, in the previous performance of Martial King, Lu Bu has proved that the star card is not bells and whistles, and it is also very powerful. At least it is used for…

She was excited again. If she were a Star Card master, what other boyfriend would she want?

Wu Lingtian brows slightly wrinkle, somewhat unconsciously, saying: “What do you want?”

“No need to move the sword, just with a star card in my hand, you can retreat the Snakeman Army.” Luo Feng said.

Wu Lingtian hearing this, also started, he looked towards Luo Feng, some didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, as if looking at a fool.

“Are you trying to loyal to the ancients, let this star card with a 3-inch tongue, persuade the enemy to retreat?”

Wu Ying heard this, Liu Mei also said slightly: “Luo Feng commander, the opposite is the snake person, the snake person is not a person, but Star beast, Star beast will not reason with you.”

Luo Feng shook the head, said: “I not at all this idea.”

“No?” Everyone hearing this, started again, is not persuasion, is it want to fight?

However, Luo Feng is a 3 Star Card master in the end, and wants to fight against the entire snake person Legion with a single star card. This is a bit of a fool’s dream?

“I hope you are a bit capable.” Wu Lingtian expression said slightly, “If not, I wouldn’t blame you, and drove your group of Star Card masters out of the Martial King city!”

Although Luo Feng looks confident, he still doubts in his heart that Han Xiang was more confident than him before, what happened?

It’s not just their Star Warriors, but even a bunch of Star Card masters on the field. It’s also looked at each other in blank dismay at the moment. Their faces are full of doubts. It’s really impossible to figure out what kind of moves Luo Feng will make.

The one in front of us is a dead game. With only one star card, how can it be broken?

“I think the only possibility is to die.” Lu Xiaowan frowned, saying, “But, even if it is a die, that won’t help.”

“Even if luck breaks the watch and can kill the Queen Medusa, then I am afraid it will cause the whole snake Human Race to fight back?”

“It’s just, how can it be so easy to make an instant death beast against the snake Star Star beast?”

Han Xiang complexion is gloomy, sneaked a look at Luo Feng, and now, he can only hope on him.

The assassination failed. If Heavenly Martial King is really destroyed by the snake Human Race, then he might become the 1000 ancient sinner of Martial King.

When the blame comes down, let alone the Vice Pavilion Lord, it is still a question whether his life can be saved.

call out!

At this moment, Uncle Snake, carrying 10000 to 1000 hopes, jumped and flew under the city gate.

At the same time, Luo Feng gently touched Mina, and Mina suddenly realized that it turned into a tattoo, attached to Luo Feng’s arm.

The star pattern cat possessed, Luo Feng’s imposing manner suddenly skyrocketed, and in a short time, became 5 Star Card master.

Orichimaru also rose to 5-star.

“Master, do you have any other star cards that improve star card realm, add a buff to me.”

After all, Uncle Snake’s “Snake Control” has a 20% probability of causing control effects on the Star beast or star card of the same realm snake attribute.

And if there is a gap in realm, then this probability will increase or decrease accordingly.

“Yes.” Chu Man nodded, a slender jade finger flicked out, and a star card flew out, using a limited technique [Rising Star] on Orichimaru.

Suddenly, Orichimaru’s imposing manner climbed up again, soaring to 6-star.

In this way, with the same order as Queen Medusa, the control probability will not be reduced.

“Master, can realm rise further?” Luo Feng said.

Chu Manzhao shook his head for a while, and said: “A star card, no matter with the help of foreign object or the skills of other star cards, realm can not improve more than 3-star, which is the limit of star card.”

“If you go up again, the star card will be destroyed because it can’t bear the external power of terrifying.”

“That’s it.” Luo Feng knew that he was 3-star himself, and through the ascent of the star cat and star card, Orichimaru reached 6-star, which seems to be the limit.

However, such restrictions are indeed reasonable.

Otherwise, if ten Star Card masters are put together, through a series of skill combinations, each person will upgrade the star card by 1-star. Wouldn’t it be possible to create a Card King directly?

“Why is its realm so strong?” Wu Lingtian looked at Orichimaru, who was rising in an imposing manner, and his heart turned over the river. Ming Luo was just a 3 Star Card master. Why did the Star qi fluctuate on Orichimaru not weaker than 6-star? Fighter? !

Luo Feng smiled at him and said, “Wu City Lord, this is the uniqueness of Star Card master. You can never use the superficial realm to measure the strength of Star Card master.”

“Star Card master has too many ways to make his star card realm temporarily improve without any repercussions.”

Hearing this, Wu Lingtian was stunned. Although they are star fighters, although they can also use some magical cultivation technique or medicine to temporarily enhance the realm, such improvements often have repercussions.

And Star Card master is not there yet?

His eyes flickered. If it weren’t for Han Xiang’s actions, his impression of Star Card master would be greatly diminished. Now he might be moved.

call out!

At this moment, Orichimaru has undoubtedly become the focus of the entire between Heaven and Earth.

Above the city wall, everyone’s eyes were thrown, staring at Orichimaru, wondering what he would do next.

When Orichimaru appeared, the snake human race army below looked a little weird at the moment.

Many Medusa snakes looked at that silhouette, and somehow, the eerie breath gave them an urge to kneel.

Queen Medusa was also stunned. The expression was slightly trance, but for humans, it was extremely repulsive.

However, somehow, for the man in front of him, not only did he not have a hint of disgust in his heart, he even had the urge to get closer.

Obviously not snakes, but more like snakes than them.

“Who are you?” Queen Medusa asked, unable to bear.

“Me?” Orichimaru thought for a while, then took the head and said, “I’m just an unremarkable rash hero.”

Xiao Yan: “Me too.”

“Dare you dare to come down alone, are you not afraid of death?” Queen Medusa said.

Orichimaru said nothing, the expression was smooth, and looked at Queen Medusa calmly.

It’s just that if you look closely, you can find that deep in his eyes, there seems to be a vortex turning slowly.

Queen Medusa stared at the vortex, and there seemed to be a magical power in the vortex that made it not want to divert her attention.

Looking at it, I was somewhat immersed in it, and the expression gradually became trance.

“Shall we rush over and cut it?” At this moment, a snake person suggested.

The snake man’s voice made Queen Medusa suddenly slowly recovers. It looked at Orichimaru in surprise and said, “Do you think they will send someone to take the initiative to die?”

The snake man spoke tentatively.

“Don’t to act blindly without thinking, maybe it’s a trap. Let’s observe here first and wait and see how it changes.” Queen Medusa said.

So, one card and one snake confronted each other.

“What is he doing, isn’t he going to retreat the Snakeman army with one card?”

“Laughing to death, standing here is trying to scare away the snake man? Are you scared of being a human race?”

“… “

The sounds of one after another sounded, and everyone on the city wall looked at Orichimaru standing like a stone statue, all feeling unimaginable.

However, what they did not know was that at the moment, Orichimaru was frantically casting his skills against Queen Medusa.



Wait for cooling time.

I [Yu Snake] again,

I failed again,

I will wait for cooling!

“I am ready!” SpongeBob spit bubbles on the city wall to help him refresh his skills.

After one hour.

Queen Medusa was unable to bear, and stood for a long time, a little tired.

And, somehow, there was a kind of uneasiness in his heart, and intuition told him that if he continued to stare at Orichimaru, something bad would happen.

“You don’t need to move, I will try its length.”

Medusa Queen phoenix eyes lifted slightly, staring coldly at Orichimaru, her hand flicked, and the rich Star qi burst out, condensed in its palm, like a rainbow.

call out!

The next moment, a burning red fire snake quickly condensed and formed, whistling at Orichimaru.

“They are going to fight!” On the city wall, there are many Star Card masters in ones heart trembled. Although Orichimaru is 6-star with Queen Medusa, the former is a pseudo 6-star piled up temporarily, while the latter is genuine 6-star Super Star beast!

Moreover, even if it is the same realm, Star beast’s full attribute, but it is much stronger than the star card.

If the health value of a star card is 2 100, then a star realm of the same realm, if the health value is quantified, it is 600, and Star beast, it may reach 1000!

“Why is my face so dark today?” Orichimaru’s forehead swelled with blue muscles, and several times [The Snake] failed, making him a little depressed.

Seeing that Medusa was attacking, he dared not carelessly, and quickly urged Star qi to the extreme, using his strongest defensive source technique.

“3rd-layer Rashoumon!”

Bang! bang! bang!

As it fell loudly, in front of him, 3 giant doors suddenly appeared!

On the giant gate, there is a guilty ominous beast, filled with an atmosphere originating from ancient times, as if indestructible.

With many horrifying eyes, the burning red snake, with the momentum of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, relentlessly smashed on the three huge doors.

boom! boom! boom!

The red snake fell, and after a short silence, the crowd saw it, and the first Rashoumon collapsed.

After just a few counts, 2nd Rashoumon collapsed again.


With the collapse of the third fan Rashoumon, the flame red snake also burst suddenly, losing its stamina.

“Snake, I will try your depth too!” Orichimaru struck the seal with lightning in his hands, and saw Star qi surging, three giant snakes protruding from his sleeve robe, passing the sky like a rainbow, and went straight Queen Medusa came.

Queen Medusa’s jade finger twisted lightly, and Star qi turned into a defense against the attack of three giant snakes.

At the same time, Orichimaru’s eyes narrowed and said, “Explode!”


The 3 giant snakes exploded in an instant, terrifying shock waves, in a flash breakthrough, defended, and fell mercilessly on Queen Medusa.

Queen Medusa’s face appeared pale, with bleeding marks on the corners of her mouth, and her figure also retreated uncontrollably.

At the same time, its rays of light flickered all over the body, its body expanded rapidly, and in just a few moments, it turned into a white giant snake about several ten zhang.


3 The horned snake core squeezed and shrunk. The eyes of those snakes flashed violent and fierce. In the giant mouth, the fangs interlaced, killing intent awe-inspiring.

So, above the sky, a man and a beast are far away from each other, the imposing manner is amazing, just like howling wind and torrential rain is coming!

call out!

At the next moment, 2 lights and shadows flashed across the sky, flashed across the sky instantly, and collided suddenly under the eyes of many eyes.

Orichimaru made an extremely fierce attack as soon as he contacted the white scale serpent, holding the Kusanagi sword and stab the white scale serpent with the help of his agility.

No one knows the snake better than it. He knows where the thorn is, the snake will feel pain.

Therefore, sword light flashes, sword sounds, sword energy, every sword, all point at the point.

However, although Medusa incarnation the white scale serpent, the speed not at all slowed down, but instead the defense and strength, both rose to a new level.

It spit a snake core, and the offensive was like a wave, and it rushed to Orichimaru.

Orichimaru seems to have already predicted its offensive, and every attack can be perfectly avoided.

The Human Race outside the city, and the Martial King in the city, tacitly watched silently without hands.

“Really strong fighting consciousness!” Looking at the confrontation under the city wall, Wu Lingtian’s pupils shrank and his eyes were as old as him. At this moment, it has been seen that Orichimaru’s fighting consciousness has surpassed most of the starfighters in the Martial King city.

This had an impact on his cognition again. Originally, in his opinion, star card was just a puppet, and he could only execute some simple instructions of Star Card master.

He thought the Star Card master would fight like this:

“Orichimaru, use 3rd-layer Rashoumon!”

“It’s now, Orichimaru, use the lurker to attack!”

“… “

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