Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 274

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At the scene on the Martial Practice Stage, he did not at all see it with his own eyes, but just heard the result of the battle, so he was not too surprised.

Today, this man under Martial King’s battle is deeply impacting his vision and cognition.

Bang bang bang!

After some fighting, Queen Medusa suddenly discovered that although her offensive was fierce, it did not at all cause heavy damage to Orichimaru.

This makes it a queen, some fly into a rage out of humiliation.

It suddenly stopped the offensive. The flashing brutal and fierce snake pupil stared indifferently at Orichimaru, eyes deep, seeming to slowly rotate with vortex.

An indescribable weird wave spreads from vortex.

“That’s…” Wuying complexion slightly changed, saying: “That’s the pupil of Life Source Divine Ability-Medusa of the Medusa family, with a petrified effect!”


Orichimaru lowered his head, and then saw that his body started petrified from the foot.

Under the gaze of Queen Medusa, the speed of petrification was very fast, and soon it spread to the waist.

“This is what you said that one card can refund 1000000 soldiers?” Wu Lingtian coldly snorted. Sure enough, the Star Card master likes to talk to the river. After so much trouble, the snake person has not seen one. On the other hand, Orichimaru is going to be completely petrified.

Seeing it will be completely petrochemical!

And at this moment, Orichimaru’s eyes suddenly flickered with silver light, and the terrifying silver rays of light emerged from his within eyes.

Soon, the silver rays of light enveloped Queen Medusa’s body.

Under the shining of this silver rays of light, the queen of Medusa, baring fangs and brandishing claws, at this moment, her huge body suddenly stiffened, and the cold snake pupil, at this moment, was the color of endless fear spreading wildly…

The huge snake body, suddenly turned around, actually wanted to escape.

But it was late.

The silver light flickered and continued to spread. Soon, it covered the large body of Queen Medusa.

Immediately afterwards, the large snake body of Queen Medusa gradually shrunk at the moment. In the end, it turned into a cold light and penetrated into the eyes of Orichimaru.

“It’s a good 20% probability, fake.” Orichimaru secretly vomited, with tears in the corners of his eyes, and his eyes were full of exhaustion.


Snake Human Race Army:? ? ?

Where is the boss?

Why disappeared out of thin air!

The soldiers of Martial King City, Wu Lingtian’s father and daughter, Lv Xiaowan Han Xiang and all others, all looked at Orichimaru dullly at the moment, looking at each other in blank dismay.

The wind was messy and his face was dazed.

Where did Queen Medusa go?

call out!

At the next moment, Orichimaru’s eyes of light flickered, and Queen Medusa, who disappeared soon, appeared again.

Everyone looked away, and for some reason, although it just disappeared for a while, Queen Medusa’s feelings to them are now very different from before.

The brutality and fierceness in that gaze had disappeared at this moment, and instead it was a long and gentle one.

It looked towards Orichimaru, with emotion, red lips slightly opened, and the voice said warmly: “Lord, Master.”

Everyone 😕 ? ?

Snake Human Race:! ! !

Silent, dead silence.

Everyone on the city wall is now staring at the scene with incredible eyes.

Rubbing his eyes desperately, suspecting he was blind.

What did they see?

In front of Orichimaru, this brutal Queen of Medusa is like a good girl!

That gentle look is like looking at his own man!

“This…what the hell?!” Wu Lingtian’s pupils shrank, and his heart turned over the river. As a Lord of the entire City, what kind of big scene has not been seen, and this one has really made him look dumbfounded.

Why is this happening?

Is Star Card master so fierce? !

In front of the snake Human Race, directly reversed Medusa Queen?

The group of serpents looked dumbfounded and swallowed slobber. They came violently and could not live forever. They were originally prepared to do a big fight, but now the master has become a cute pet for others. How is this good?

The year is approaching, it’s winter, but the Star Warrior on the city wall doesn’t feel the slightest cold at the moment.

Because all around is the sound of breath.

Who would have thought that Luo Feng really solved the difficulty of the snake Human Race with only one star card!

Not to mention those Star Warriors, even those Star Card masters are dumbfounded at the moment.

They really can’t think of what kind of skills and what kind of star card can achieve this effect.

“Don’t the disciples really make the control technique?” Chu Man’s mind turned over the river and the river, and others may not know, but she was very clear. After all, they went deep into the channel that night.

Her beautiful eyes are in a trance. Although Nezha’s immortal technique was made last time, before that, some people have made it.

However, she has never heard that someone will make an instant control technique!

You know, control technique is much stronger than dead technique.

Death, let the other party die.

Immediate control means turning the enemy into friends.

On the field, this one-time visit is equivalent to earning 2 star cards.

“That is, control technology only exists in ideal situations, but he turns his ideals into reality. The recipe may really open up a new era.” Chu Mann murmured, and he was happy for him.

“Queen, is this… still playing?” said snake one brace oneself.

Queen Medusa’s expression was indifferent and ordered: “Go back all, and you will not be allowed to step into the range of Martial King in the future.”

So, in the next moment, the Human Race, the snake that was hiding the sky and covering the earth, faded like a tide, and the white land fell clean.

“Wu City Lord, one card returns the snake Human Race, I don’t have cracking a joke.” Luo Feng said with a smile.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Wu Lingtian stared at Luo Feng as if looking at the treasures and monsters. With one hand, he returned the Snakeman army with one card.

Wu Ying on the side was also shocked. Obviously, he did not expect that Luo Feng could actually do this step.

Wu Lingtian was shaking with excitement. He looked towards Luo Feng and paid a deep respect to him, saying, “Today the danger of the snake Human Race is lifted, this kindness, I Wu Lingtian remember.”

“City Lord got up quickly, and I can’t stand this gift.” Luo Feng quickly lifted him up and said, “Today’s incident was caused by me and resolved. It was our responsibility.”

And at this moment, Orichimaru said: “Queen Medusa said that she was willing to give Xingyandao to you to take over. It was regarded as a meeting gift to hand over the friend of Martial King.”

“I hope you are still like this now, everyone minds their own business, don’t disturb their peace.”

“Okay, okay, this friend, we have made an appointment. If there is a need for the Medusa family in the future, I will not stand idly by in Martial King.” Wu Lingtian’s face flushed with excitement, and he never dreamed that he was able to take it without any effort. Xia Xingyan rice field!

The most important thing is to be able to become enemies with the snake Human Race. The old troubles have become today’s intimate allies. Isn’t this happiness too sudden?

If there were no subordinates beside him, considering his identity, he wanted to kneel down and give Luo Feng a head!

“Wu City Lord, this is the mystery of the star card.” Luo Feng expression suddenly became dignified and began to hit the iron while it was hot: “The star card is not a paper man or a simple string puppet. They have souls and have Feelings, strength, and innate talent.”

“Everything in this World is slowly affected by the star card and changed by the star card. Many of our unimaginable things can be achieved through the star card.”

“This is a silent change. If you cannot realize its importance and cannot adapt, you will be eliminated by the times.”

Wu Lingtian expressed his emotions and fell into thinking. All this today deeply broke his cognition.

The things on the Martial Practice Stage made him understand that in terms of combat, Star Card master is stronger than Star Fighter.

Now that she has a Human Race, let her know that Star Card master is not only stronger than Star Fighter in combat, but also capable of performing difficult tasks for Star Fighter.

The silence lasted for a few moments, Wu Lingtian’s old face blushed, and an embarrassing color appeared on his face. Some sorry said: “didn’t expect Star Card master is so powerful. I used to view the sky from the bottom of a well.”

“I wonder if the conditions for becoming a Star Card master are harsh?”

“I’m afraid that we are only starting to transfer to Star Card master now, it is too late.”

Luo Feng smiled the head and said, “City Lord, guess how much time I have spent from cultivation to the present?”

Wu Lingtian brows slightly wrinkle and thought for a while, said: “Little innate talent is outstanding, outstanding, should only be used for 5-6 years, right?”

Luo Feng smiled at the head and said, “One year.”

One year? !

As soon as this remark came out, everyone suddenly looked at him in disbelief. This guy, after a year, had already reached the point of cultivation?

Not only has it reached the 3 Star Card master, but it can also be used in a series of operations to fight against the 6-star super Star beast. Is this too strong?

“Luo Feng’s innate talent is really amazing.” Wu Lingtian sighed.

Luo Feng shook the head, said: “Actually, I have no innate talent, really.”

“It’s not my hypocrisy, the original me, just the physical body, this star card is still forced through the foreign object.”

“You have a Star Body innate, and the start is much better than me. In the future, on the road of star card, if you have some opportunities, you can go farther than I want to come.”

Everyone is interested, Divine Fire is hot, Wu Ying is even unable to bear and asked: “So, how can I become a Star Card master?”

“Since you intend to become a Star Card master, then I will immediately send someone to Flame Sovereign, Flame Sovereign will give you a star card system, so that you can make a star card.” Chu Mandao.

Luo Feng nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the way of cultivation between Star Fighter and Star Card master is very similar.”

“Actually, you can understand that the only difference between Star Fighter and Star Card master is that Star Fighter relies on martial skill to fight, while Star Card master relies on star card to fight.”

“For their own Star qi cultivation, Star Fighter is the same as Star Card master, but Star Card master uses the energy of Star Fighter cultivation martial skill to make star card.”

Everyone heard this, and suddenly relaxed, it seemed that becoming a Star Card master was not too difficult.

And at this moment, Queen Medusa reached into her arms and took out a rice plant that was like fire. She said, “This is the best middle-quality Xingyan rice in Xingyan rice field. It should be able to benefit your cultivation. “

Luo Feng hearing this startled, looking at the Xingyan Rice, his eyes were full of hot colors.

After working so long, it was finally time to harvest.

This Xingyuan rice is very large and looks like a small tree with a heavy ear of rice on it, emitting a shimmer, and the pure Star qi is diffused. Although there is only one plant, if you cook rice and cook it, I am afraid It’s enough for him to eat 10-15 days.

“Is this Xingyan Dao?” Chu Man also came over and watched with interest.

Luo Feng smiled nodded, said: “Master, after we go back, let’s eat together.”

Chu Man’s full of smiles said authentically: “I’m just curious about what it tastes like, but it’s not rare. Now that you are growing your body, these things that enhance physique are extremely important to you.”

“Moreover, it can speed up your cultivation.”

Luo Feng nodded his head and smirked in his heart, so he could become stronger after eating.

Han Xiang’s eyes were Divine Fire hotly staring at Xingyan Dao. The pure Star qi spread out from above, which made him a little restless. If he got this Xingyan Dao, he might be able to take this breakthrough to 5-step. star?



“Dad.” Wu Ying dragged Wu Lingtian’s arm and blinked at him, saying, “Luo Feng helped us Martial King to turn peril into safety this time, and also helped us promote the way of star card, we shouldn’t be Show me?”

Wu Lingtian was silent for a while, his sleeve robe turned, and a jade box appeared in his hand.

“I found it in a ruin. Although I don’t know its specific function, its quality is extremely weak, and it will emit some strange light under the moonlight, which is quite mysterious.”

“As far as your Star Card master is concerned, it should be useful.”

Luo Feng quickly waved his hand and refused: “City Lord don’t have to be polite. Everyone is a member of the Royal Flame Dynasty. Helping each other is a matter of sharing.”

Wu Lingtian: “This should be a platinum material.”

Luo Feng: “…many thanks City Lord.”

What he really doesn’t want,

But its quality is too high.

Luo Feng gently rubbed the star ring and scanned it: “mysterious jade box (platinum) x1.”

He was startled, which was a good thing.

“Then, let’s trouble Luo Feng friends and teach us how to make star cards.” Wu Lingtian laughed and pondered for a while, saying: “Oh, I don’t know if Luo Feng can have a marriage match?”

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows, his face bitter, this question is not easy to answer.

Say something… he really doesn’t.

But if you don’t have it, you always feel a little dangerous.

“Luo Feng Xiaoyou shouldn’t be entangled, I just asked casually.” Wu Lingtian saw Luo Feng didn’t want to answer, hehe smiled and said, “You are guests from afar, before the star card system is sent, let the little girl accompany you Walk around 4 places in the city. Although our Martial King city is located in a partial state, there are many interesting places.”

After all, he winked at Wu Ying and said, “Ying’er, next, we must entertain Luo Feng.”

“Luo Feng’s friends can’t stay in Martial King for a few days and time is limited, so you must manage your time.”

“Royal Father is at ease, Wu Ying knows what to do.” Wu Ying looked at Luo Feng, his chest slightly curved, and his waist and limbs were slender, unable to hold Yingying.

Among her beautiful eyes, a brilliant color bloomed, rippling and rippling.

The teenager here is really amazing.

Luo Feng smiled at her, and the slightly long boots set Wu Ying’s snow-white legs extremely overbearing, making him unable to bear to look at him twice.

Compared with Zhuo Ying Mu Qingluan’s face, Wu Ying may be slightly inferior, but this proud pair of long legs has given him a lot of points.

Zhuo Ying’s jade face,

Chu Man’s temperament,

Mu Qingluan’s waist,

Mu Nanzhi’s figure,

Wu Ying’s long legs.

Luo Feng secretly sighed, star card world is so beautiful.

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