Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 276

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Star Wind Hall.

Wind Pavilion has 4 halls, one main hall and 30% hall.

Each Vice Pavilion Lord normally deacons in their respective branch halls, so Star Wind Hall is one of these three branch halls.

In front of the Star Wind Hall, there is a huge square called the Star Wind Plaza, where the major competitions under the Vice Pavilion Lord are all held here.

Whenever there is a game, all Star Card masters in the three counties under the control of Vice Pavilion Lord will come here to watch the game.

4 Star Card master’s enthusiasm for star card games is far more than Holy Land.

After all, the Star Card master of Holy Land, because there is only the Card Apprentice realm, so many times, watching some high-end games, may not be able to understand.

Overwhelming majority Star Card master, you can only see, who lost blood and who died, and as for why he is operating this way, why is he so disoriented, it is a face of dumbfounded.

So that in a certain game of a certain year, a Card Apprentice was invited as a commentary, the commentary scene is like this: “The star card rushed up and slammed against the other party, causing a very difficult to Deal with skills…the star card on the opposite side has lost 20% of its blood, this star card…bull!

Most of the Star Card masters in the 4th cabinet are Card Masters. They can see the high-end operations in the star card battle, and can learn a lot of combat and command skills from it. Naturally, they are more fanatical about star card games.

Starwind Plaza.

At this moment, around the square, 10000 people were alleyed and crowded.

3 The Star Card masters of the big counties are all here, especially the Star Card master of Howling County, and they are even more excited to stop.

After all, today’s game determines whether Han Xiang, the leader of their county, can initiate the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord.

If it was Han Xiang and other leaders, it might not have caused such great attention, but this time the opponents are different.

He is Luo Feng!

The champion of the Holy Land League this year.

Although the last match with Yan Que was a testimony to Luo Feng’s strength against the enemy, but everyone felt that the game was not very convincing.

After all, in that game, Yan Que repeatedly committed confusion and gave a lot of opportunities, which allowed Luo Feng to be invincible and win the game.

Therefore, today’s match with Han Xiang is undoubtedly a touchstone.

“Han Xiang won’t lose to Luo Feng, will he, will he?”

“If Luo Feng breakthrough reaches 4-star, it may not be impossible, otherwise, it will definitely lose, I said.”

“Indeed, Master Han Xiang is the one who is going to become Vice Pavilion Lord, and he will never fall in the sewer in this game.”

“Are you all sprayers? Didn’t you hear about the last Martial King City? Your Han Xiang adults have completely lost the Star Card master’s face, but they can still blow, it’s really hard to blow.”

“What about that? It only shows that Luo Feng’s star card has many operations. In addition, it is precisely because Luo Feng lost Han Xiang’s face mask in Martial King City, so Han Xiang will only deal with Luo Feng this time. effort, the winning percentage will naturally be much higher.”

There were sounds of one after another, some people were quarreling, and even had to fight, but unfortunately star card world has no blackening function, oh, there is, and it is more hardcore, that is, let the other party directly disappeared.

And at this moment, the crowd retreated like a tide, and Han Xiang entire group stepped out. The other direction, Luo Feng entire group, also appeared in many sights.

2 The sight of each other is like a pin against an awl, eyes deep, fighting intent surging.

Han Xiang’s eyes were low, his palms clenched tightly, and the situation of Martial King City is still vivid today.

In this line, Luo Feng cultivation resources, making card materials, City Lord appreciation, beauty favor, all embraced in the arms, all fame and fortune, all earned.

As for him, his life has become Luo Feng’s background board, and it has become a joke after everyone’s meal.

But he knows that as long as he wins Luo Feng, then in the future all rumors and blatants will break through without attack, the winner rays of light ten thousand zhang, the loser leaves the field, and public opinion tends to favor the winner.

Han Xiang stared at Luo Feng and pondered for a moment, saying, “Luo Feng commander, I don’t know what realm you are now?”

“Late 3-star.” Luo Feng said, there is nothing to hide.

Han Xiang was relaxed in his heart, but because he was worried about Luo Feng playing the pig to eat the tiger, he dismissed curl one’s lip, saying: “Luo Feng commander laughed, you are Child of Destiny, a giant amongst men, with your innate talent, within a month, it must be upgraded to 4 Star Card master quickly.”

“Should it be a reservation, wait for the game, give me a surprise?”

“My heart is not good, Luo Feng will not scare me.”

“Why should I lie to you?” Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, Star qi diffused open, as expected, it was the late 3-star period.

The stone hanging in Han Xiang’s heart was put down.

Although he was cultivated a few days ago, he still couldn’t break through the crucial step, breaking to 5-star, just 4-star Peak.

Card Master realm, separated by stars like mountains, breakthrough 1-star, is really too difficult.

Right now, since Luo Feng doesn’t have a breakthrough, it can’t be better.

Today’s game, he must win.

Because a month ago, in front of everyone, he put down his rhetoric to challenge Luo Qinze and coveted his position as Vice Pavilion Lord.

If even Luo Feng could not be defeated, even if he did not have the qualification to initiate the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord, then his wife would be disgraceful.

At the same time, there was a sound of breaking wind, and everyone looked away. I saw someone controlling the sword coming, and finally stopped in front of Xingfeng Square.

It is Vice Pavilion Lord-Qin Ze.

He glanced at everyone, and then looked towards Luo Feng, admonished: “Luo Feng, you just broke 3-star not long after, you don’t have to be too nervous, if you are not defeated, protecting your own star card is the main one. Negative does not mean anything.”

Everyone hearing this is emotion, Vice Pavilion Lord is still very concerned about Luo Feng, after all, platinum material, for their Realm Star Card master, it is really too precious.

Even if one piece is destroyed, it is a great loss.

“Understand.” Luo Feng nodded with a smile, but he sneered in his heart. You are afraid that I would like to fight for my life and consume all of Xiang Xiang’s high-quality star card?

And at this moment, Qin Ze spoke lightly and said, “Go ahead.”

As soon as his voice fell, the imposing manner in front of Star Wind Hall was tense, and the eyes of covering the mountains and plains came together now.

Therefore, under the eyes of many eyes, Han Xiang and Luo Feng moved towards the Starwind Plaza.

“After 3 seconds, enter the bright card phase, 3, 2, 1, bright!”

call out!

2 flicks with the finger, each with 5 star cards burst out in front of each other.

For star card games, if there are no special requirements, the default is 5v5.

Luo Feng’s star card:

Bingxian, Han Xin.

King of angels, Yan.

Dad, Lu Bu.

Frankenstein, rash hero, resurrection expert, life-saving Gou Sheng: Uncle Snake.

Toolman, SpongeBob.

“Wa!” SpongeBob has been sparse in the battlefield for a long time, and now suddenly appears, seeing so many gangsters around, it’s a little dazed.

It scratched his head and said, “There are so many gangsters, it seems I just lie down.”

“Little cute.” Angel Yan half crouched down and touched his head, said: “You go to send a wave, and then our game is stable.”

“(O_o)??” SpongeBob was a little ignorant, and said: “No, there are 4 of you platinum masters, why do you want me to send?”

Orichimaru: “Relax, I will use the technique of reincarnation to resurrect you.”

“The technique of reincarnation?” SpongeBob’s cat’s eyes twirled, said curiously: “This reincarnation technique can be resurrected, what is the principle it relies on?”

Orichimaru: “Science.”

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