Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 277

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SpongeBob: “.”

This is ridiculous.

Luo Feng looked away and looked towards Han Xiang’s star card.

The first to introduce the eyes, like a Viking pirate, he wore a helmet with two long corners, wearing a Battle Armor, holding a giant axe, surrounded by a violent and bloody breath, named, Berserker.

Immediately afterwards, there was a young girl wearing a long blue dress with a gentle temperament, as if she were a lady, and in her hand, she had a green harp.

This is, Qin Nu.

Then, there is a man with divine poise and sagelike features. He has a white shirt with a delicate lotus mark on it, and holds a long sword named White Lotus Sword.

Next to the White Lotus Sword, is a little Luoli of Elf Race. She has long hair, long ears, holding a staff, and behind him is a bear named Elementalist.

Beside the Elementalist, there is a strong man with a zhang high and exploding muscles. He is a bald head, but his beard and eyebrows are very long.

In his hands, he is holding a shield that is taller than his entire person. This is the shield brave man.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered, analyzing the lineup opposite.

The mad warrior should be the warrior.

White Lotus Sword Saint, swordsman.

Elementalist, mage.

Shield brave, tank.

The piano girl is unknown, the guarantee is remote, and should be an assistant.

The 5 star cards are all shining platinum rays of light, and all of them are platinum star cards!

“The leader Fuck, Han Xiang actually took out all 5 platinum cards at once?!”

“No humanity.”

“?? I remember that when he was in the position of competition leader, he only took out 2 platinum cards.”

“5 platinum cards, it is estimated that he is all his platinum cards, this is to reveal all the background…”

“I thought this time I would take at most 2 3 cards, leaving 2 3 cards as the bottom card, and use it against Qin Ze in the battle of Vice Pavilion Lord. Didn’t expect now all of them…”

“Realm is taller than people and still so stable, Luo Feng is gone.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, the 5 platinum lineup, the game under Vice Pavilion Lord, almost never appeared.

Han Xiang looked towards Luo Feng’s star card, under the sun, the golden quality SpongeBob is like a group of cranes, so dazzling, bright and eye-catching.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and the breakthrough came.

“It seems that 4 platinum cards are already your limit.” He laughed and didn’t think Luo Feng deliberately brought a gold card for playing routines.

Luo Feng spread his hands and said a little helplessly: “I’m too poor to compare with Han Xiang. The shot is 5 platinum.”

“Actually, I didn’t even want to take out 5 platinum.” Han Xiang’s eyes dropped slightly and said, “It’s just that I’m a relatively stable person, and the lion beats the rabbit with all his strength. Even more how, you are a biter Rabbit.”

Luo Feng was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, but looked towards his own star card and said, “Hurry, pick your opponent.”

Lu Bu expression squinted, Dualbladed Halberd in his hand, facing the ground, said: “I am invincible, you are free.”

“Anyway, I can’t beat anyone.”

SpongeBob: “I… I can’t beat anyone.”

“Moreover, help me not c, and help me will blow up!”

Han Xin: “I get stronger when I get beaten.”

Orichimaru: “I can’t beat anyone, and nobody can.”

Angel Yan: “…Teammates sacrifice heaven, and their mana is boundless.”

Han Xiang looked at Luo Feng’s lineup and said, “I see it, there is a Little Huang gold there.”

“Gold?” The Berserker smiled disdainfully, “It seems that this guy must be kicked out first.”

The elementalist nodded, saying quite appreciatively: “Gold and platinum are very difficult to play one by one. If you target it again, it will explode instantly.”

Han Xiang nodded and said, “That’s right, the gold star card is indeed a breakthrough, but we don’t want to focus on him for the time being, because Luo Feng will certainly take precautions.”

“Even, it might be cited as the design, let us hook, so we must be careful.”

“We are busy with each other first, and leave it alone for a while. When the opponent is careless, we suddenly set fire on it, send it into the soul, and send it to the road.”

“Good.” All cards are nodded.

Qin Ze brows slightly wrinkle, and now Han Xiang’s own realm and star card are all better than Luo Feng. The latter’s winning rate is extremely slim.

White Lotus Sword Sheng groped gently for the sacred sword in his hand and looked at Lu Bu. He said: “That guy looks very sloppy. His expression makes me uncomfortable, so let me go and meet him.”

call out!

The next moment, it stepped out, looking towards Lu Bu across the void.

Lu Bu: “who is the newcomer, come and announce your name!”

White Lotus Sword Saint: “I am your father.”

Audience: “.”

“Oh?” Lu Bu smiled without anger, and a sneer was raised in the corner of his mouth, saying: “Come on, everyone calls me Thanos.”

As a result, the two met with each other’s eyes, and the fighting intent rose in their eyes, as if there was a blazing flame burning.

The war is coming, with swords drawn and bows bent, the storm is coming.

The silhouette of 2 people is like a mountain standing proudly in rainstorm, indestructible and hard to shake.

White Lotus Sword was sneered, killing intent surging in his eyes, a palm was gently held, and a crimson star sword appeared in his palm.

With the emergence of this star sword, there was a violent heat wave, which moved from 4 towards 8 from above.

“It’s an honor to die under my Chixiao sword.”

White Lotus Sword touched Xiu Long sword with pity, and turned towards Lu Bu, his eyes suddenly cold.

call out!

He quickly waved the Chixiao sword, the blade was like a brush, sketching the space in front of him, just a few breaths of fire, a huge ring-shaped Tai Chi slowly emerged.

Tai Chi is spinning, black and white interlaced, with mysterious power surging inside.

“Myriad Sword Returning to Origin!”

Xiu xiu xiu!

I saw the Tai Chi floating in front of him, and suddenly the rays of light Dasheng, with flying swords of countless handles Star qi turned into a thunder, went straight to Lu Bu.

10000 Swords strike, the momentum is huge, as if countless Changhong cut through the sky, with a visual impact.

“Hmph, fire of fireflies, dare to compete with Haoyue?”

Lu Bu was furious, waving Dualbladed Halberd in his hand, moved towards Flying Sword.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Flying Sword hiding the sky and covering the earth shone like it, and then none of them were able to get close, and was completely hit by Dualbladed Halberd.

“Uh, no wonder it’s so crazy, something.”

White Lotus Sword Holy eyes slightly narrowed, said: “Wind Pavilion star card street, ask who is the father!”

call out!

In the next moment, he stopped talking nonsense, turned into a residual image, and went straight to Lu Bu.

Hearing this, Lu Bu was furious, and Dualbladed Halberd suddenly shouted, “I want to win me, idiot said dream!”

“Look at me divine might, no stronghold one cannot overcome!”

The voice fell, Star qi surged under his feet, jumped forward, and greeted the swordmaster.

Xiu xiu xiu!

In many eyes, the body of Demon God Lu Bu and White Lotus Sword was quickly intertwined.

Chi Xiaojian collided with Dualbladed Halberd, just like the interweaving of gold and iron, the fire burst, and the fierce energy waved away, shaking the void.

Dualbladed Halberd opened wide, and every blow was extremely domineering, as if it contained a power of 1000 Jun.

The Chixiaojian as thin as cicada wing is slender and agile, and every time you swing it, you can dial 4 pounds.

In the face of Lu Bu’s open and tight attack, like a howling wind and torrential rain, White Lotus Sword Sansi did not panic. His footsteps moved slightly, and his simple walking position just precisely avoided some terrifying offensives.

“Chixiao, Bailian cut!”

After a fierce confrontation, the White Lotus Sword stepped back a few steps, and the Chi Xiaojian waved quickly in his hand. Star qi swelled, and actually carved a lotus flower.

The lotus is muddy but not dyed, making people unable to bear want to take off the promiscuous play, but the wave of terrifying Star qi diffused from his body is obviously telling that this is not an ordinary lotus.

call out!

In the next moment, the white lotus turned, and the petals fell off from the top, like a sharp flying knife with a handle, with a tendency to thunder, and flew to Lu Bu continuously.

Lu Bu’s eyelids lifted slightly, feeling the terrifying power on the petals, but the expression was not the slightest wave.

He extended the hand, pointed to the White Lotus Sword, his eyes narrowed, and said: “The Great Desolation Prisoner’s Finger, one finger shakes Heaven and Earth.”


During the star qi surge, an ancient giant finger quickly formed, and then carried fierce force, burst out, and collided with the blossoming petals of fierycely.


2 The two collided and burst suddenly, just offsetting each other’s offensives.

At this moment, the huge arena is divided into several War Zones.

Lu Bu vs White Lotus Sword St.

Angel Yan vs Elementalist.

Han Xin vs Qin Nu.

Orichimaru vs Berserker.

The Shield Warriors are tanks, and SpongeBob is auxiliary. They briefly confront each other. When confirming each other’s attacks and unable to kill each other, they put down the confrontation and chose to eat melons to watch the show.

“It’s really amazing to be able to offset my white lotus cut.” White Lotus Sword holy glomily said.

“The attack of ants, what difficulty is there?” Lu Bu said.

“Is it?” White Lotus Sword’s holy eyes were cold, and the Chixiao sword came out of his hand, turning into a red light, carrying a violent force, and slammed into Lu Bu with lightning.

Lu Bu’s wrist slammed hard, and the Dualbladed Halberd suddenly turned into a stream of light, bursting out.


The sword halberd collided, and then shot backwards, inserted diagonally on the ground, and the nearby ground was cracked and opened, producing a long crack.

“Try again to receive my move!”

The White Lotus Sword Saint clenched the Chixiao sword, mutter incantations in his mouth, and Star qi within the body flowed out continuously, pouring into the sword body.

Suddenly the red light on the sword body exploded, and the flame rose, and the flame was blue, as it was called to the point of perfection, its temperature was visible.

call out!

In the next moment, the White Lotus Sword Saint clenched the Chixiao sword fiercely in the direction of Lu Bu, suddenly a crimson sword qi, like an angry dragon going out to sea, bursting out.

The sword energy is 80,000 li, and one sword is light and cold 19 Provinces.

Faced with the fierce attack from the White Lotus Sword ambassador, Lu Bu did not hide, and the right hand raised again, pointing to the latter.

“Dalian prisoner’s finger means 2 means broken mountain river!”

Hong long long …

Just listening to the rumbling loud noise, everyone looked, and saw a giant finger that was more fierce than before, and then broke out of the sky, like rainbow piercing the sun, went straight to the White Lotus Sword and roared away.

However, at the moment when the giant finger was about to collide with sword energy, it suddenly turned around, passing by sword energy and heading straight to White Lotus Sword!


After another cry of exclamation sounded, he was actually fighting for his life!

“Fuck, Luo Feng’s star card is a little bit tough, 3-star hit 4-star, is it still so hard?!”

“What a fierce guy, just die!”

“… “

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, all because of Luo Feng star card’s fierce play, and some cold sweat.

Generally speaking, when facing the enemy’s attack, the stable star card will choose to enter the defensive state.

Confident star card will choose to take the offensive as the defense, let your offensive collide with the other’s offensive, and see who is better.

However, Lu Bu is so powerful that he directly bypassed the opponent’s offensive and hit his own attack on the opponent’s body? !

This also means that the opponent’s offensive will also come straight to his own body!

call out!

So, under the eyes of many eyes, that sword energy came straight to Lu Bu, and the Great Desolation Prisoner, went straight to White Lotus Sword.

In the eyes of Juggernaut, the shape of the giant finger enlarged sharply, and soon filled the entire pupil.

But at this moment, his body shone with red light, actually forming a set of scarlet red battle armor, covering his body.

Obviously, defensive skills were used.

“Want to exchange blood with me, do you deserve it?” White Lotus Sword Saint’s mouth twitched with a sneer.

However, at the next moment, his pupil shrank suddenly, because he was shocked to find that the scarlet red battle armor on his body disappeared at this moment!

[Greedy]: Lu Bu is greedy. He steals a defensive skill from the designated star card and installs it on himself.

“This…what about my Battle Armor?” The White Lotus Sword horrified to death, as a swordsman, he belongs to the smart warrior, and the smart warrior means that his own defense is not too strong.

Therefore, you need to rely on defense skills.

Now, the defense skills are suddenly gone, how can this be good? !

Han Xiang’s pupils shrank suddenly at the moment, just trying to make up for it, but it was too late.


The sword energy and the prisoner’s giant finger are all falling onto each other at the moment.

The shocking explosion sounded, the smoke filled.

Everyone’s eyes are staring closely, and they are curious, who is worse under such forced exchange of blood?

The smoke and dust gradually faded away.

The silhouette of the White Lotus Sword saint appeared first, and when everyone saw him, they were all shocked.

Because he was no longer a clean white lotus, there was blood flowing out there.

At the moment, he had a black chest and a blood stain around his body, saying that it was Red Lotus Sword Saint, which seemed more appropriate.

“Fuck, isn’t he using defensive skills? I just saw that he had a scarlet red battle armor on him.”

“Don’t Luo Feng’s star card penetrate his defense all the time, or even give him a heavy blow?”

“3-star hit 4-star, so can crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, this… is it a bit buggy?”

At this moment, the smoke was dissipated, and the sound of heavy footsteps sounded. Then, Lu Bu’s figure appeared under the eyes of everyone.

Lu Bu at the moment, wearing a set of Battle Armor, surrounded by red light, is exactly the same as White Lotus Sword Saint!

“You…you!” White Lotus Sword stared at Lu Bu with a terrible gaze, and his voice broke, how did his own Battle Armor run over him?

Lu Bu smiled at him and said, “Your armor is my armor!”

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