Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 278

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On the field.

White Lotus Sword Saint looked at his plummeting bloodline, and the Battle Armor flashing red light on Lu Bu’s body.

At this moment, after a brief shock, the audience reacted with Lu Bu’s words.

“??? The Battle Armor on Juggernaut, how did it go to Luo Feng’s star card?”

“Hahaha Your armor is my armor, this one is 2 armor, this skill is so dirty!”

“No wonder this wave wants to exchange blood hard, absolutely!”

On the field, the most attractive is often this kind of Sao operation, unexpected, but reasonable.

3-star Lu Bu fights 4-star swordsmen and exchanges blood with each other, while swordsmen hit hard, Lu Bu is unscathed, which is unexpected and unimaginable.

However, this reason is reasonable and convincing.

The sounds of exclamation sounded one after another, and this wave of operation was breathtaking.

“This…” Han Xiang’s pupil shrinks, and the corner of his mouth is unable to bear. This kind of skill is very outrageous, unreasonable, you can’t guard against it.

Although White Lotus Sword was not killed, but 4-star hit 3-star, not only did not crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to solve each other, but his own star card took the lead in hitting, and somewhat reduced morale.

His eyes flickered and his eyes turned to SpongeBob. It seemed that it was time to find a chance to kill this golden pig and increase his morale.

At the same time, Lu Bu didn’t give White Lotus Sword Saint the slightest breathing opportunity, and once again pursued the sword Saint.

Juggernaut complexion slightly changed. The previous wave was really too hurt, so that he did not dare to continue to shake with Lu Bu. Instead, he directly pulled away the distance and avoided fighting.

“Hu Lahra Chitu!”

The red rabbit suddenly accelerated, flying through the skies or escaping through the ground. However, the speed of the Juggernaut was too fast. For a time, it could not catch up.

“It’s pretty good, right?”

Lu Bu sneered, no longer chasing, gently grasped the palm, a golden light shining foreman emerged.

His fingertips snapped on the bowstring and yanked hard.

Suddenly bowed like a full moon.

On Lu Bu’s fingertips, there is an endless collection of Star qi crazy, and soon, an arrow transformed by Star qi quickly condenses and forms.

At the tip of the arrow, azure glow emerged, and even the air was cut by this sharp edge, making a snorting noise.

“Where can I escape?”

At this moment, Lu Bu’s fingertips were loosened, and then everyone saw them, and the arrow was off the string.

A ray of brilliant to extreme rays of light emerged, and the arrows flickered like a thunder, so fast that people could not catch the rules it was going forward.

“I dnmd, aren’t you a warrior, why are you still a shooter?!”

The White Lotus Sword is so scared that the soul is dead, although not unseen, but this arrow is extremely fatal to it.


Between Heaven and Earth, there was a thunder sound.

That arrow, amazing the time, like a thunder, rainbow piercing the sun, went straight to the sword saint, and locked its figure to death.


At this moment, it seems that there is a meteor, coming from a distance, passing through the void, and crashing down, directly hitting the sword saint.

Everyone looked at it, it was a huge shield.

“You can’t pass here!”

A cold voice rang out, and the Shield Warrior appeared beside the shield, manipulating the shield, and blocked Lu Bu’s thunderous arrow.

“It’s the same as who doesn’t have help, I think you can block a few arrows!” Lu Bu was furious, looked towards SpongeBob, and said: “Refresh your skills!”

“Okay.” SpongeBob chicks are nodded like rice and want to activate their skills.

“Qin girl, play the piano!”

And at this moment, Han Xiang ordered.

The piano girl ordered nodded, and her jade fingers twisted the strings lightly. Above the playing field, there was a piano sound, sometimes soothing like a spring, sometimes rushing like a waterfall, sometimes crisp like a pearl falling into a jade plate, and sometimes low like a whisper. Murmur.

The sound of the song is melodious, 100 to 1000 times, gentle and beautiful, make people enchanted.

I don’t know the meaning of the song at first, and it’s already in the song!

SpongeBob: “I’m going to…”

Just when he wanted to activate his skills, there was a sudden sense of dizziness in his mind, and his upper and lower eyelids were almost nailed together.


For a time, Zhongka has indulged in the sound of music, dreaming like dreams and fluttering!

[Fuxianwenqin]: Qin female playing the piano, causing a 1-second group stun effect. If the stunned target is attacked, it will get rid of the stun state in advance.

For a time, all star cards of Luo Feng entered a short dizzy state.

“It’s now.” Han Xiang’s eyes flicked fiercely and said, “Gather, attack the enemy sponge beast!”

If 5 star cards work together, ten seconds is enough to drop a gold card!


5 fierce offensive attacks exploded and went straight to SpongeBob.


After an offensive fell, SpongeBob suddenly lifted his dizziness. It looked at the 5 platinum cards that came to him under siege, and spit out to the unable to bear: “You are 4-star platinum, whether it is realm or quality, they are leading. For me, under this premise, I still besieged me, didn’t I win?”

Its mentality exploded, and under such siege, he had no room to operate at all.

Take out Spackling Fruit and prepare to let go.

“You can’t use that skill!”

And at this moment, the rays of light on the shield of the warrior holding the shield were prosperous, with green light exploding and enveloped toward SpongeBob.

Taunt technique.

Therefore, SpongeBob was ridiculed and could only attack the Shield Warrior, and no other skills could be played.

Bang bang bang!

Howling wind and torrential rain like a dense offensive, hiding the sky and covering the earth, hitting it on its soft body.


A few seconds later, while Luo Feng’s other star cards were awake, SpongeBob’s figure burst suddenly!

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. This is probably the gap between gold and platinum. If the SpongeBob is a platinum card, even if it is bombed by 5 people for one minute, it may not be killed.

Right now, it didn’t take long for Han Xiang to start the next city. Once the snowball rolled up, Luo Feng was very unfavorable.

So, after the death of SpongeBob, the Shield Warrior and White Lotus Sword sage stood together to deal with Lu Bu together.

Although Lu Bu’s attack is strong, he is somewhat powerless in the face of the shielded warrior with high blood resistance.

For a time, the battlefield here fell into a stalemate.

As a result, everyone’s eyes began to turn to other battlefields.

Han Xin vs Berserker.

Orichimaru vs piano girl.

Angel Yan vs Elementalist.

“Is this dead?” The element master relentlessly curl one’s lip, with a strong contempt in his eyes, saying: “Gold is gold, unable to withstand a single blow.”


And at this moment, Star qi between Heaven and Earth made a buzzing sound at that moment, pouring into the body of Angel Yan continuously, as if 100 rivers were entering the sea, as if worshipping.

Angel Yan’s clear and ethereal eyes now become as deep as the starry sky, an indescribable power, gradually radiating from her within the body, that power, noble, holy.

Immediately afterwards, countless people saw that in the skyless golden light, Angel Yan was wearing a Battle Armor, wearing a crown, long blond hair dancing, and a red cloak fluttering in the wind.


What a nice view,

Everyone looked at the angel Yan at the moment, but they felt their own small meaning, just like a mortal in the world, looking up at the gods of aloof and remote.

“It’s also…so beautiful?” Xia Qiuming looked blankly, unable to bear swallowed. She thought she was exquisite, although it was somewhat not up to par compared to Chuman, but it was 70% less. ?

However, now she actually feels inferior in front of a star card!

“Fortunately, my previous life was an art student with a solid painter.” Luo Feng looked at Angel Yan in the void and was nodded with satisfaction. After all, every part of the star card needs a stroke of the Star Card master Come outlined.

Today’s Angel Yan, Ling is in the void, her golden hair hangs down, and flutters gently. The clear beautiful eyes are now vast and deep.

All over him, there was a cold that refused to be beyond a thousand li.

The pair of star-like eyes stared at the elementalist. After a while, there was a ethereal voice, slowly resounded.

“The friend who killed the King of Angels has to pay a price.”

“And that price is your life.”

“Then, I will see, you king, has several points of tolerance!” Elementalist sneered. Although he was afraid of the angel king of several points of, but at this step, he has not retreated from scientific research.

Angel Yan Xing’s eyes are indifferent, and there is no nonsense with it. The flamed sacred sword in his hand points to it and says: “Start the sky blade trial!”


At the next moment, there was a blazing flame, forming a flaming beam, whizzing out, carrying a terrifying power, and blasting towards the elemental division.

Feeling the majestic power contained in the beam, the elementalist waved his staff in his hand, and a torrent of ice blue Star qi burst out, shining like a diamond, and then collided under the eyes of many eyes.


At the moment of impact, an indescribable shock wave raged away, and other star cards engaged in battle opened the distance one after another, lest they might be affected.

“Really strong power!” Elementalist heart startled, said: “Little bear, get bigger, get bigger!”

The sound fell, and the staff in his hand waved, and a powerful force rushed to the bear behind him.

The bear roar towards the sky, and then, under the gaze of many eyes, its body suddenly became bigger, with 4 limbs and thick, sharp claw sharp and unmatched, flashing cold glow, which made people palpitate.


With a deafening roar of the beast, the giant bear began to run, almost like a teleport, and appeared in front of Angel Yan.


The giant claw photographed fiercely at Angel Yan.

Angel Yan’s eyes rays of light flash, using the skill [Justice Glory], Star qi surges, a Star qi light shield emerges, covering her body.


Photographed sharp claw fiercely, the light shield shivered slightly, but then it was not destroyed and harmless.

“Let you see the power of the Bear man clan!”

Bang bang bang!

The sharp claw of the giant bear was taken continuously and successively.

Bang peng ~ peng ~!

The sound of thunder, constantly sounded.

Countless people stared blankly, all of them were able to feel the horror of the giant bear attack.

They have no doubt that if the bear’s palm hits the light shield and shoots on Angel Yan, it may make the sea become a mulberry field, and the peaks become hills.

Angel Yan holds a sacred sword, and a sword pierces the giant bear.

However, the sacred sword not at all went deep, as if stuck.


Everyone turned their eyes, and saw giant bear’s body, with flakes emerging, shining bright golden light, the flakes were all engraved with ancient lines, mysterious and mysterious.

“This pet 6666 is a bit strong.”

“It feels that the bear is the body, the element master is the pet…”


And at this moment, giant bear once again photographed, breaking the shield of Angel Yan mercilessly.

After breaking through the defense, the fierce bear claw, taking advantage of Angel Yan’s absence, patted her on the body.

However, the bloodline of Angel Yan, not at all, fell sharply in imagination, and there was very little decline.

“This?” Giant bear’s eyes widened. How could this defense be stronger than his own?

“Little bear, this King’s body, but now Divine Physique.” Angel Yan teased.

giant bear coldly snorted, said: “So what, you can’t break my defense?”

“Oh, is it?” Angel Yan’s lips flicked slightly and said, “Then you should look good.”

The voice fell, and her eyes burst out with amazing expression, saying: “Start Queen Keisha’s arsenal.”

“Getting access to the Queen’s Caesar Armory…”

“Successfully obtained, Yinyi started!”

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