Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 279

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Around Xingfeng Square, at this moment, everyone’s eyes are on the battlefield of Angel Yan and Elementalist.

Since Lu Bu and Jiansheng Chaoyang started, and then fell into silence, the battlefield here has undoubtedly become the focus of the next game.

It is true that Luo Feng’s pressure is much greater in comparison.

After all, Luo Feng had already killed a star card. Although the Juggernaut had been hammered by Lu Bu, they had an advantage because the shield warriors joined and played 2 for 1.

If in the match between Elementalist and Angel Yan, Luo Feng’s star card is out again, his win rate in this game is very slim.

Although in Card Apprentice realm, there were 2 3 star cards killed in the beginning, and then there were many people who turned against the sky.

But be aware that Card Master realm’s game is relatively high-end. In the high-end game, as long as a mistake is made, the opponent will seize the opportunity, and then the game may be gone.

At present, in the eyes of everyone, the confrontation between Angel Yan and the Elementalist, the former not at all takes the slightest advantage.

Elementalist’s pet-giant bear is indestructible and strong as an ox.

Angel Yan cannot even handle the giant bear, let alone the elementalist body.

“Giant bear is restrained and the elementalist outputs. If this continues, the angel will lose sooner or later.”

“Yeah, if the angel is killed, then Luo Feng is really gone.”

“5 platinum beats 4 platinum, 4-star beats 3-star, but it is somewhat invincible.”

“Hehe, 5 platinum and 4-star are all people’s abilities, what is eccentric here?”

“… “

Oh la la.

And just as everyone was discussing, a white light rose directly from the top of the head, and among the white light, there was a tremendous sword chanting sound.

Countless lines of sight converged, and then I saw that in the white light, there was a pair of wings emerging, an amazing power, swept away.

The pair of wings is not as soft as ordinary wings. To be precise, it is a pair of wing-shaped sharp blades. The whole body is bright silver, showing off one’s ability.

It is as if assembled from countless blades.

On that wing, there is an ancient pattern vertical and horizontal, exuding mysterious.

Around the wings, the lightning flashes, the lightning snake wanders, and the fierce coercion pervades, as if Divine Weapon is coming!

And almost at the same time it appeared, all the star cards on the field and the weapons in their hands were trembling slightly at the moment, as if they saw the ancestor of 10000 soldiers.

“I heard that you are hard?” Angel Yan looked at the giant bear with great interest, with a smile on her lips: “Let me try it.”

call out!

The sound fell, the silver wings fluttered, and then turned into a red rainbow, with a very fast speed, through the void, and went straight to the giant bear.

“I’m not only hard enough, but also strong!” giant bear coldly snorted, stretched out his paw, moved towards Silver Wings and grabbed it.

Silver Wing avoids the bear’s paw and draws towards its body.


At the next moment, everyone saw that the silver wings crossed the indestructible body of the giant bear, leaving two deep blood marks on it.

Those 2 bloodstains, naked eye can be reached, and even the bones inside can be seen.

The golden scales covering the surface of the body were like paper paste at this moment.

“This weapon attacks really strong!” Han Xiang’s pupils shrank, and the defense of the giant bear knew him. Although it was only a pet, the defense was not inferior to the complete star card.

He looked towards the Shield Warrior and said, “Come on, use this skill [disarm] on this angel!”

“I, I can’t use it.” The shield warrior anxiously brow beaded with sweat, said: “I just used it on the guy with the halberd.”

“Do you want to [sneer]?”

“No.” Han Xiang shook the head, said: “[Taunt] You keep this skill for me. From this moment on, you can’t use it without my command.”

Shield Warrior: “Good.”

Xiu xiu xiu!

The silver wings surround the giant bear’s body, attacking quickly, and the scales fall off.

Elementalist quickly waved the staff in his hand, Star qi surged to form a light shield, and put it on the giant bear.


The silver wing at this moment is unstoppable, and it is unstoppable. Any obstruction is crushed by its crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Suddenly, the injuries on the giant bear became more and more intensive, and it was terrible, and the scalp was numb.


Until the end, completely burst!

“It seems, your little bear, merely this.” Angel Yan teased.

Elementalist sneered and said, “It’s just the sharpness of the weapon that’s all, what’s so proud of?”

“Oh?” Angel Yan’s eyes fighting intent rose, saying, “Do you want to try it?”

call out!

The silver wings showing off one’s ability, again facing the trend of crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, went straight to the elementalist.

Han Xiang complexion slightly changed, said: “Jiansheng, borrow your sword to help the element master!”

At this moment, Lu Bu was originally a warrior with a shield + White Lotus Sword.

However, because the shield warrior used the skill [disarm] on Lu Bu, all equipment of Lu Bu was confiscated, and the battle strength was greatly reduced. Therefore, the shield warrior alone can contain it in a short time.

[Disarm]: The warrior holding the shield initiates disarming, so that the weapon of the designated star card disappears briefly for 1 minutes.

Therefore, White Lotus Sword Holy Nature can free up its hands and go to help the elementalist.

“It’s finally my turn to perform.” White Lotus Sword said with a chill in his heart, “I will show you what a real Divine Weapon is!”

The sound fell, and his hands were imprinted with lightning. Then, on the field, a huge sword mound appeared quietly.

The sword mounds were filled with swords of various shapes, five colors and dazzling.

In the middle of the countless swords, all the stars cup themselves around the moon are surrounded by a giant sword. The sword is carved with ancient and complicated lines, filled with vast air, surrounded by chains, as if it is imprisoned in the world. ominous beast.

“Peerless Divine Sword, Kai!”

The voice fell, and White Lotus Sword looked towards the sword mound, staring at the giant sword in the middle like a king, his hands were close together, and the knot was struck with lightning.

The Star qi of Heaven and Earth swords come together and continuously rush to the sword mound.

The giant sword entangled with iron chains was shaking madly at this time, and the sword light radiated out like an endless sword gang, making the scalp numb.

A terrifying aura emanated from the giant sword, as if it were a trapped beast in a cage, about to break out of it.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!…

All the star swords in the sword mound were trembling madly at this time, and the blades pointed towards the middle giant sword, as if to see the emperor’s courtier.


At this moment, Dao Dao’s chains shattered, the giant sword broke out of the earth, and ran straight into the sky,

That touch of sword light seemed to have cut the sky.

Divine Sword was born, and it was terrifying.


White Lotus Sword waved his hand, and immediately Divine Sword brought an amazing imposing manner, screaming out, wherever the air exploded, making a crackle sound.

At the moment, in the face of Divine Sword’s attack, there seems to be a very subtle anger in the silver wings, which quietly emerged.

That feeling, it seems that the king was provoked and majestic.

“Look at me with a sword and cut your broken wings!”

White Lotus Sword Saint sneered, Star qi within the body, was continuously poured into Divine Sword, the sword blade swallowed the sword energy, and struck together with the silver wings.

The loud sound of gold and iron echoed through Heaven and Earth.

“Oh?” Angel Yan’s mouth slightly lifted, jade hand gently groped for the palm of the flaming sword, coldly said: “Are you teaching me to do things?”

call out!

Silver Wing went straight to Divine Sword.

“In front of the 10000 soldiers, what are your wings?” Jian Sheng sneered, his eyes showing a strong contempt.

However, at the next moment, the holy face of White Lotus Sword showed a shock, because at the moment of the collision, Divine Sword seemed to be bullied, and then it was flying out of the air.

The sharp sword energy lingering on it broke apart at the moment, White Lotus Sword Sheng quickly urged Star qi, which stabilized Divine Sword.

It looked away and saw a scratch on the sword body, which was quite dazzling.

Awkward, very awkward.

Elementalist glanced scornfully at White Lotus Sword and said, “Don’t you keep blowing your Divine Sword very difficult to deal with, is that the result?”

On the face of the White Lotus Sword, there was a thick embarrassment, and he turned back to him with an unable to bear.

“Oh.” Elementalist coldly said: “Then what?”

White Lotus Sword Saint: “Then you are dead.”

Audience: “…”

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