Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 280

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Elementist complexion is gloomy, this weapon type skill is really too annoying.

If it is a skill, even if it is even more powerful, it will only be a wave. After the wave is over, it will naturally disappear.

However, weapon-type skills, weapons from summon, have always existed.

And at this moment, the brave warrior said: “My skills [disarm], the cooling time is over!”

“Okay!” Hearing this, Han Xiang’s face suddenly burst into ecstasy, saying: “Stop this angel’s weapon!”

Therefore, the shield warrior launched the skill [disarm].


I saw rays of light flash, and Angel Yan’s flaming sword and silver wings suddenly disappeared.

“Amazed, surprised?” Elementalist looked at Angel Yan with disdain and said, “In the end, but always”

“Without weapons, what do you count?”

Angel Yan raised her eyelids slightly, staring at the elementalist, and said, “Is it?”


A violent Star qi flashing with lightning blasted towards the Elementalist like a tide.

call out!

At the next moment, a stream of light burst out from the lightning, and Angel Yan went straight to Elemental Division 2.

“It takes a lot of hard work to kill me a trifling star pet, what are you so proud of?!”

Elementalist coldly snorted, waving the staff in his hand, the fierce Star qi roared out, and finally turned into several ice arrows.

On the ice arrow, cold air flashed.

Xiu xiu xiu!

In the next moment, the elementalist waved his hand, and the cold ice arrows exploded out of the sky, and countless cold light surged. In just a few moments, he was screaming at Angel Yan.

However, in the face of these frozen arrows showing off one’s ability, Angel Yan was not at all resisted, but his wings fluttered and continued to rush towards it.

The corner of the elementalist’s mouth showed a bit of disdain, saying: “The arrogant guy, dare to use Fleshy body to block my ice arrow!”

However, in the next moment, its expression suddenly became stiff, and I saw those ice arrows falling on Angel Yan, and then it was ejected away.

“This?!” Elementalist’s pupils shrunk, but at the next instant, Angel Yan appeared like a teleportation in front of him. The fist flashing silver light, carrying a violent force, slammed into it.

The fierce fist wind assaults the senses, stabbing its eyes a little, the elementalist dare not carelessly, waved the staff again, and a light mirror quickly condensed and formed.

“Secret mirror!”

Angel Yan’s fist strikes heavily on the guarding mirror. The next moment, the guarding mirror that has not been formed is completely shattered.

And the slender jade light fist, as if penetrating the void, grabbed the element master’s neck.

“Really strong power!” Elementalist’s face changed suddenly, Star qi surging on the soles of his feet, his figure became illusory, and quickly distanced.

Angel Yan coldly snorted, two wings of Shandong, fast as fast as thunder, chasing towards the elementalist.

Xiu xiu xiu!

So, in that void, two blurry silhouettes kept flashing.

After so many rounds and rounds, the elementalist panic. Although disarmed this guy’s weapon, Angel Yan’s Fleshy body is too powerful. Then each and everyone’s small punches fell on the body, sourly.

You know, as a mage, the most feared thing is close combat.

Today, the face is exported by Angel Yan. The latter’s fleshy body is very powerful, the attack is intensive and violent, and it is so overwhelming that it can’t breathe.

Han Xiang’s eyes narrowed slightly and he knew the plight of the elementalist. He said: “It’s not good for you to consume it like this. You’re a mage. What you pay attention to is a set of instantaneous seconds of damage. So, let’s finalize.”

Elementalist nodded his head, waved his staff in his hand, and quickly sketched in the sky,

The jade finger was lightly stained with blood essence, as if the nib was dipped in ink, and the space in front was gently outlined, and the strange characters slowly appeared.

Angel Yan’s eyes surge of light, skills [wormhole analysis] show, predict the elementary master’s next move.

[Fire Phoenix Skyfall]: Limited skill, Elemental Mage urges Star qi to form a huge element Fire Phoenix, strikes target after 20s of casting, causing devastating damage.

Luo Feng brows slightly wrinkle, this skill is not only limited, but also requires 20s to cast, which shows how terrible formidable power it will have when it is exhibited.

If it doesn’t work, I’m afraid that Angel Yan will be directly blinked.

“Since it takes 20s to cast a spell, it seems that you cannot safely cast the spell.” Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and he fell into contemplation.


The noisy Between Heaven and Earth vaguely, as if a phoenix sounded.

Although this Fengming is undetectable, it fell into the ears of everyone, but it made everyone divine Soul, all fiercely trembling.

It was a coercive pressure from Bloodline.

Elementalist’s hands swiftly sealed, saying: “In my name, summon Fire Phoenix!”

The rolling clouds in the sky were suddenly agitated, as if there was something terrifying, about to come.

Everyone’s eyelids tremble, their hearts tremble inexplicably, unable to bear lifts the head, moved towards the void to see.

At the next moment, everyone sees that after 9 days, a young phoenix quickly condensed and formed.

Elementalist within the body’s Star qi, continuously injected towards Fire Phoenix, and under such infusion, Fire Phoenix’s figure enlarged dramatically.

Soon, it traverses the void, covering the sky.

“I went to really strong attack, it is worthy of being an elementist, and the most important thing is the ultimate strength of Element!”

“This trick is familiar to me. When Han Xiang competed for the position of leader in the past, he 4-star Early-Stage used this move to instantly star the opponent’s 4-star later star card!”

“As soon as this move comes out, the Luo Feng star card will definitely be downsized, and now it is 5 to 4 and if another one is killed, Luo Feng is afraid that it will crash directly!”

“… “

And while everyone was discussing, Luo Feng looked at the Fire Phoenix, and there was a lot of fear and shock in his eyes, saying: “Lu Bu, what is he doing, let’s interrupt it and cast a spell!”

Lu Bu was stunned for a moment, and then his hands struck the knot with lightning, as if he were playing a certain skill.

Han Xiang’s eyes narrowed slightly, staring at Lu Bu quietly.

“He’s about to interrupt. Do I want to use the skill [sneering] him?” said the Shield Warrior.

General skills and release skills are instantaneous.

Skills that take a long time to cast spells are most interrupted.

There are two types of interruption, Fleshy Body Interruption and Skill Interruption.

When fleshy body is interrupted, it means that the star card rushes directly to attack the star card that displays its skills, so that it cannot continue to print.

For example, I rushed over and chopped your hand directly, can you continue printing?

The skill interruption, once released, can directly invalidate the spell-casting skills.

Therefore, skill interruption is undoubtedly the most daunting. After all, fleshy body interruption, as long as you let other star cards contain it, you can.

The Shield Warrior knew that the reason why Han Xiang let himself wait for [sneering] when the cooldown time had expired was to hold it in his hand, just for now, to deal with star cards with interruption skills.

Right now, Lu Bu’s one-handed seal should be brewing interruption skills.

Han Xiang was silent, and looked at Luo Feng’s other star cards. Then, he found that Han Xin seemed to be fighting the mad fighters frontally, and his left hand was quietly placed behind him… seemed to be sealing? !

His pupils shrank sharply, and he suddenly lost his voice: “Mocking the one with the gun!”

The Shield Warrior immediately locked Han Xin’s eyes and launched the skill [Taunt]. Suddenly, Han Xin was forced to attack it.

“Want to blow me up?” Han Xiang chuckled and looked at Luo Feng with disdain, and said: “Your man with a halberd, simply did not interrupt the skills?”

“It sounds like I’m cheating my star card skills, and then let your star card with a gun interrupt the elementalist’s skills?”

“I still shouted it out, fearing I wouldn’t hear it, huh…” His lips twitched, “I am lacking hatred and enmity with your lord, why should I rub my IQ on the ground?”

Luo Feng said nothing.

“Your Divine Physique is strong? I don’t believe it.” The elementalist looked at Angel Yan from a distance, and said, “My Fire Phoenix is ​​about to take shape. Are you ready to go?”

However, at the next moment, the elementalist’s eyes were stagnant, because it was shocked to find that the Star qi within the body at this moment, the speed of operation, suddenly slowed down, just like the speed of the turtle.

“Me, what about my Star qi?!”

The element master’s face changed suddenly, Fire Phoenix has not yet formed, and the Star qi within the body has been sealed, which means that his own big move has been interrupted in disguise!

“What’s the matter?!” Han Xiang’s complexion changed suddenly. Who made this seal, did he mock the wrong person?

Is it really Lu Bu? !

He looked towards Lu Bu, but found that his Star qi value, not at all consumed, shows that it is not the skill it exerts.

Similarly, there is Angel Yan.

And Han Xin is in a mocking state, then there is only one truth…

His gaze fell on Orichimaru, but when he saw the corner of the latter’s mouth, a faint smile appeared, and its Star qi also dropped.

“It’s you…” Han Xiang’s mentality burst, he was actually played by Luo Feng?

He thought that he had seen such insignificant ability of Luo Feng, but as a result, he was only on the 2nd floor? !

At this moment, the people who eat melons are also staring at the stadium.

“The element master’s big trick is coming to the show…Luo Feng is about to interrupt!”

“Han Xiang saw Luo Feng’s strategy, mocked the gunman, and failed to interrupt!”

“The elementalist is about to complete the spellcasting, wait…how can the elementalist’s Star qi all disappear?”

“Lying trough lying trough, the skill was interrupted. It turns out that the long haired man is the star card that can interrupt the skill!”

“I said, it looks very yin, it really is an old Yin-Yin.”

After another cry of exclamation sounded, Luo Feng showed their face with this wave of operation.

“How could this be?” The elementalist’s eyes were stagnant, the bear was gone, the big move was interrupted, and Star qi was sealed. Next, it was a whiteboard super soldier!

No, it’s a mage with low blood defense, it’s not as good as a super soldier!

And at this moment, Angel Yan’s body shape, ghost-like appeared, and the slender jade legs, carrying the terrifying Star qi, a roundabout kick, like a meteorite descending, heavy on the element master’s body.

“Ah, no!”


Elementalist Star qi was blocked and could not escape at all. His body flew out directly, and fiercely fell into the ground, smashing a deep hole.

Angel Yan incited her wings, Ling Ling, looked down at the Elementalist, and said, “Why are you waiting for your Fire Phoenix to take shape? If you interrupt it directly, wouldn’t it be more neat?”

“Next… it’s my turn.”

“Thunder 10000 Jun!”

In his palm, the violent Star qi converged frantically, and even above the head, there was even a dark cloud gathering.

A throbbing violent wave emanated from it.

At the next moment, the endless thunder and lightning burst down, carrying the power of terror, and bombarded the area where the element division was located.

Bang bang bang!

The bright lightning soon overwhelmed the elementalist’s figure.

Everyone was trembling. At this moment, the elemental master, Star qi was sealed, and now it has become a turtle in the urn.


lightning faded,

Many eyes were cast, and I saw that the Elementalist lived up to expectations and was the first to go out!

Silence, silence.

Everyone looked at this in disbelief, and they were all a little sighed. After SpongeBob was instantaneously seconds before, they felt that Luo Feng was going to be in a state of stress.

But, who can think of it, in a short time, the yin and yang reversal, in the case of 4 and 5, Luo Feng actually pulling strongly against a crazy tide, beheading the elemental division of Han Xiang and equalizing the score? !

Han Xiang’s face was a bit ugly, and his heart turned over the river, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.

It is uncomfortable to be forcibly flattened by others with an almost crushing advantage.

Moreover, the most important thing is that Luo Feng lost only a gold card, and he is platinum!


There are only 6 platinum cards in his hand. It can be said that each one is Supreme Treasure, and now…

“But what about that, even so, it just barely levelled the record that’s all.” Han Xiang took a deep breath. At this time, his mentality can’t collapse, as long as he can win the game and lose a platinum card, what can and how can it be? !

His gaze turned to Orichimaru, with an indistinct rage on his face, saying: “This guy who looks sinister looks really sinister.”

According to the analysis, the most important reason why the Elementalist just died is that when releasing the big move, the key skills were interrupted by Orichimaru.

If that skill is played out and fights with Angel Yan, then at least both sides suffer and even kill Angel Angel alone!

“No, you have to kill him first.” After a short thought, Han Xiang decided to target Orichimaru next.

Otherwise, when the cooldown time of the sealing technique is over, it will be another time bomb.

“Jiansheng, are you in a better state?” Han Xiang looked towards Jiansheng.

“Uh huh.” Juggernaut ordered nodded, just because there was always a shield warrior to carry him, his condition was much better.

“Okay, warrior with shield, you can deal with that angel, just hold it down. She has just experienced a wave of wars, and her condition is not very good.”

“Jiansheng, you continue to deal with Lu Bu. After playing for so long, you should have some experience. Don’t fight hard, just pin down.”

White Lotus Sword Holy: “Trust me, I can kill alone.”

“No, I don’t believe it.” Han Xiang shook the head, said: “Today’s game, we must not lose, so we must act steadily, absolutely cannot be overwhelmed.”

“Brazil, you continue to fight bayonets with Han Xin.”

Han Xiang’s gaze finally fell on Qin Nu, and said: “Qin Nu, next, it’s up to you to open the breakthrough mouth.”

He looked towards Orichimaru, exposing his white teeth, and said, “The man looked at something like Yin Sector and sent me back to Yin Sector!”

“Okay.” Qin Nuo caressed the strings, said: “Relax, see how I killed it!”

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