Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 281


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So, after a tense matchup, Luo Feng and Orichimaru each killed a star card, and the two entered the 4v4 stage.

White Lotus Sword Saint vs Lu Bu.

Han Xin vs. Berserker.

Shield Warrior vs Angel Yan.

Piano Girl vsOrichimaru.

At the moment, the eyes of the audience are all on Orichimaru. They are all interested in this extremely insidious guy.

Luo Feng’s other star cards, they have all seen it more or less, but for Orichimaru, they have not seen its performance.

“Why don’t you want to move me?” Orichimaru eyes with silver wings, said with a smile yawningly: “I persuade you to change your goal, no matter how much you pay me, you can’t get a return.”

The piano girl hearing this, also started, said: “You mean, I can’t kill you?”

Orichimaru nodded and said, “It is really difficult from a scientific point of view.”

“Okay, okay.” Hearing this, the piano girl was extremely angry and smiled, saying: “Then I want to see today, you have several points of ability!”

The voice falls, the female finger of the piano touches the strings, the sound of the piano starts, and the notes beat like a thunder, grand and magnificent.

The sound of the piano pierced the eardrums, like a storm raging Heaven and Earth, everyone in the field buzzed, Divine Soul trembling!

In the next moment, she flicked her jade fingers and saw countless sound arrows, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, burst out!

bang bang bang!

Thousands of sound arrows exploded, and a storm-like offensive went straight to Orichimaru.

“3rd-layer Rashoumon!”

Orichimaru both hands forming seals, three ancient giant doors suddenly emerged, resisting the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses transformed by the notes.

Bang peng~ peng~!

The sound and arrows are endless, and under such a rapid attack, the first two giant doors collapsed quickly, leaving only the last door to struggle.

“It’s not a way to go on like this.” Orichimaru’s eyes flickered, and the piano girl was a remote mage, so she had to find a way to approach her.

“Lygen Snake Hand!”

Orichimaru hid behind Rashoumon, the right hand was facing down, and a small snake suddenly emerged from its cuff and burrowed into the ground.

And at this moment, there was a slight rustling sound on the ground behind the piano girl.

A little snake flew out, quickly wrapped around the body of Qin Nu, and hooped it loop by loop.

“Don’t.” The piano girl was tied up and jade hand couldn’t play the piano and stopped the offensive.

The little snake clasped its body tightly, the snake mouth opened, spitting a snake core at it, and then, a sharp silver sword spit out and penetrated into the body of the piano girl.

“Ah~” Qin Nu, with a slight rumble, turned into nothingness.

“Is this a fake?” Orichimaru’s eyelid trembles, heart startled, and says: “Oh, it’s a bad idea.”

oh la la.

At this moment, a Six Pointed Star Array suddenly appeared on the soles of its feet, a huge suction, spreading from it.

Suddenly, Orichimaru felt as if he was stuck in mud, he could no longer move his body!

[Six Pointed Star Array]: The piano girl played Six Pointed Star Array and assigned a star card to control for 3 minutes.

“Snake, you are still a little bit younger.” The body of the piano girl emerged. It gently stroked the strings and said:

“Sparse shadows are slanting, and the songs are full.”

The voice fell, and the eyes of the piano girl blinked at the rays of light. Then, everyone was shocked to see that there were four silhouettes around her!

And these four silhouettes, the appearance and imposing manner, are exactly the same as the piano girl, just like her incarnation!

Five piano girls!

They stood in different places, plucked their strings, and the notes of the sky flew out, outputting crazy towards Orichimaru.

Orichimaru is caught in Six Pointed Star Array and cannot get away.

Luo Feng’s other star cards are still being pinned down and can’t take care of it.

So, under constant attack, Orichimaru’s bloodline is getting lower and lower. The state is bleak.

Soon, 3 minutes is coming to an end, and the Six Pointed Star Array under the feet is getting dimmer.

Han Xiang brows slightly wrinkle, said: “Quick, take away with a wave.”

Orichimaru trembles and lifts the head, enduring the pain, looking towards the piano girl, saying: “Do I still have a chance?”

“Sorry, it should be gone.” Qin Nuo coldly said, stroking the strings, Star qi surging, the notes converged, as if it turned into a huge Three-legged Golden Crow.

Golden Crow is burning with flames, and the temperature of Heaven and Earth is increasing.


The next moment, Three-legged Golden Crow roared like a big sun falling, and it was terrifying.

Hiding the sky and covering the earth, Orichimaru lifts the head, looking at the three-legged Golden Crow that zoomed in sharply in the eyes, but there was no fear.

He secretly whispered: “This wave of offensive is a bit fierce. If I make a hard connection, it hurts a bit.”

“You have to find someone to help me block it.”

He rested his chin on his hand, gently rubbed his head, and fell into contemplation, saying: “Fahai is a good person, but it is a good choice.”

【Standby Ninjutsu】: Orichimaru summon out a star card from the Star Card master’s card pool to fight for a stand-in for five minutes.

During the stand-in battle, Orichimaru was invisible, unattackable, or under attack. When five minutes later or the stand-in died, Orichimaru returned to the arena.


next moment, with countless shocking eyes, Three-legged Golden Crow roared down and crashed into Orichimaru, where the violent Star qi raged.

Under that fierce offensive, the surrounding ground collapsed instantaneously, messy.

Flame filled, resisting its figure.

All Star Card masters are staring at the flames. Is Luo Feng the first to die in the second star card?

Sure enough, Han Xiang is still the top!


However, at a time when everyone was suspicious, the Golden Crow fell, and suddenly there was a wave of invisible light sweeping away.

The light wave pointed directly at the piano girl, and then everyone was shocked to see that the previous piano girl was out of shape at the moment, and finally fiercely fell to the ground.


spit a mouthful of blood, it stared with horror at the burning flame, with a hint of fear in its eyes, saying: “You, who are you?!”

She has tasted the taste of Orichimaru, and naturally knows that this attack does not belong to it!

The sudden change made everyone look at each other in blank dismay. What happened? !

Who is the piano girl talking about? !

Luo Feng’s other star cards haven’t been moved in place, but where is the flame explosion, not Orichimaru?


At this very moment, a striking beam of light rose sharply into the sky from the curtain of the blood mist.


Smoke and dust dissipated.

Many eyes are on,

I saw there is no silhouette of Orichimaru,


A young man.

1.8 meters big man,

Wearing armor,

Hand holding a sword,

Long bangs covered half of his face,

Of course,

The most attractive,

The eyes that look like fan-shaped statistics,

Somewhat depressed,


And, 99 points with caution!

It’s Luo Feng’s first character card…Saint Zai!

Luster Grass is a plant card.

“This is?”

Suddenly, the Qin girl was also started, but when he saw the mark on Saint Zai’s shoulder, he suddenly exhaled a long time, and his smile gradually impudent.

Under the sun, the silver logo is so dazzling and eye-catching.

“Lying trough, silver? Why did a silver card suddenly appear? What about the original platinum card?”

“This should be the skill of a star card in a summon card pool, similar to a stand-in attack, but I understand the truth, why is there a silver in summon?”

“haha I understand, I am sure this summon is random, and I love Luo Feng…”

“This fuck, I’m so mad, summon what is the use of a silver, isn’t it a waste of a skill?”


The discussion of covering the mountains and plains sounded, many Star Card master taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune looked at Luo Feng. The SpongeBob of the previous gold card was taken away by a set, and now comes a silver card, Isn’t it more white?

” Such a big battle, fancy, frightens me.” Han Xiang looked at Saint Zai, his eyes showing a strong contempt, tone of play: “I thought it was a diamond.”

“Oh, damn it.” Saint Zai looked at the surrounding battlefield and probably understood what happened to the mage, coldly said: “You have to be pulled out to block the gun before you are on the field. This guy is really serious.”

Luo Feng tried to find information about Saint Zai.

“Unable to detect!”

Luo Feng: “?????”

It seems that there is an invisible lock that locks Saint Zai’s message.

His mouth is slightly ripped, is this a passive skill? !

“long time no see, Saint Zai.” Luo Feng smiled at Saint Zai and said, “Can you be right?”

Saint Zai: “Why do you summon me? Can’t you just treat me as dead?”

Luo Feng looked at him innocently and said, “What do you think of him in Orichimaru summon, has anything to do with Luo Feng?”

Saint Zai coldly said: “Orichimaru said that he originally wanted summon, the one called Hey, you made him change his mind.”

Luo Feng’s face appeared a little awkward, and brace oneself shifted the topic and said: “Fa Hey, well said, he is really hey when fighting.”

“Saint Zai, you come here, just one shot?”

“Putting everyone else on and creating a good output environment for me.” Saint Zai said, holding the platinum golden sword in his hand, staring at the violin girl with vigilance, like an enemy.

“Yo, what big brother do you pretend to be here, and what can you do?” Qin girl jade hand flicked her forehead and said: “If I were you, hurry down, not even dare to be here with gold impudent, you a trifling silver, it’s not good to say, it really doesn’t even qualify me for the shot.”

Saint Zai: “Don’t get me wrong, I just want to take you to the mountain.”

Piano Girl: “?”

“Lion beats the rabbit with all his strength, although he is silver, but don’t be too big, night long dreams, just take one move away.” Han Xiang said.

“Yes, then I will put a few sound arrows, meaning it.” Qin Nu said indifferently.

Han Xiang shook the head, said: “No, just release the magic wheel heaven drop.”

“Magic Wheel Heavenly Fall?!” Qin Nu heard this and looked at him incredulously, saying: “This powerful skill is used on a silver card, and you can’t afford to look at him too! “

“Today’s game is very important to me, so don’t be greedy, don’t think about saving skills, and don’t give him any room to operate.” Han Xiang said, if it’s Yan Que, maybe he might not be willing to let it go. Skills, to trifling a silver card, and he is not.

“Okay.” The piano girl did not talk nonsense again. Jade fingers caressed the strings. In him all within the body, the powerful Star qi was released like a storm, and the amazing pressure was pervading.

“Magic Wheel!”

With its sound falling, I saw Star qi surging and turned into a giant magic wheel, crushing against Saint Zai.

The magic wheel rolls across the sky, leaving a dark mark, exuding a terrifying wave of Star qi.


Outside the Starwind Plaza, countless Star Card masters made an uproar and looked moving, dealing with a silver card of trifling, and actually used such a powerful trick of formidable power… This piano girl is really too stable.

Such a fierce offensive, even if it is the same star platinum card, I am afraid not to dare to shake its edge, even more how trifling Saint Zai? !


The huge magic wheel exudes rolling demonic energy, screaming, flashing across the void like lightning, striking the Battle Armor of Saint Zai, and suddenly a crack emerges, and then the spider web breaks apart.

Looking at the ruined Battle Armor, the piano girl nodded with satisfaction, mocking with disdain: “Silver is silver.”

“However, since the Battle Armor is broken, why is its HP not reduced?” Han Xiang stared at Saint Zai with a staring look. It looked like the Battle Armor shattered and was hit hard, but the HP dropped only a little. !

Why? !

Saint Zai stared at the Battle Armor on his body, brows slightly wrinkle, and said: “It’s actually broken, this Battle Armor quality is not enough.”

“However, fortunately I have backed up a lot of copies.”


The Battle Armor on the surface shattered, and a brand new Battle Armor appeared under many eyes.

“Below Battle Armor or Battle Armor?!” Qin Nu stared staringly, her mouth unable to bear, that is to say, its magic wheel fell, only smashing a layer of Battle Armor in Saint Zai ?

If you don’t smash all of his Battle Armor, it means that he hasn’t broken his defense, and naturally will not cause damage to him.

Yes, under Battle Armor is Battle Armor, under Battle Armor is Battle Armor, who knows how many layers of Battle Armor it wears?

Luo Feng is also started, amused, and continues to try to find information about Saint Zai. This time it is better, I can see the skills, but there is only one, just the one that was just released!

[Stable]: Saint Zai’s new awakening skills after evolution. Saint Zai comes with three layers of Battle Armor, one worn on the body, one for backup, and one for backup. At the same time, a pair will be generated every ten minutes. The new Battle Armor.

“Evolution?” He was not surprised by this. He was curious as to what rank is Saint Zai today?

Han Xiang expression gloomy and uncertain, this multi-battle armor should be one of Saint Zai’s skills, but this defensive skill is too strong? !


When Saint Zai appeared unscathed in those many sights, there was a series of uproar outside the Starwind Plaza, and countless Star Card masters were stunned. Obviously this result was unexpected.

Who would have thought that Qin Nu’s fierce blow not only failed to destroy Saint Zai, but also looked at it, it seemed that it did not pose any threat at all.

“How could this be…”

“Damn 嘞, isn’t this a silver card, the silver card is so top?”

“No, although this blow may not kill him, but the defense has not been broken, is this too nonsense?”

“Is his skill points all on defense?”

“It is possible, but since the skills are all defensive, there is no attacking power at all, and it is of no use in the entire game.”

The discussion of covering the mountains and plains has not stopped for a long time, all because of this sudden appearance of Saint Zai, which was deeply shocked.

And when everyone exclaimed, Saint Zai looked towards Angel Yan, with an urgent expression on his face: “Hurry, give me a shield.”

Angel Yan froze for a moment, looked at its nearly full blood strip, and said: “You are unscathed, you need a shield?”

“Who said it was unscathed?” Saint Zai frowned raised his finger and said cautiously: “Look…”

“It’s all scratched!!!”

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