Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 282


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Angel Yan: “…”

This guy is poisonous. The half-blooded Orichimaru doesn’t want to ask him for a shield. This HP still has 99.9% of the guys. Why do they feel like they are dying?

“Can’t stand a piece of skin?” Lu Bu coldly snorted, said: “Why don’t you put a shield on this little thing, just suck it in your mouth and suck the blood out?”

Saint Zai brows slightly wrinkle, said: “How to suck?”

“Brother teaches you.” After all, Lu Bu came over, picked up Saint Zai’s broken finger, licked it out with his tongue out, then opened his mouth, contained it, and sucked it.

Saint Zai’s scalp is numb.

After the general sucking, the blood at the broken skin has disappeared, Lu Bu pats his shoulder, said: “Isn’t it alright?”

Saint Zai frowned, said: “Actually, it doesn’t mean the skin is broken here.”

“Which finger is broken?” Lu Bu said quite boldly: “I help you!”

Saint Zai gave him a strange look, and said, “Toes.”

Lu Bu: “.”

Saint Zai looked towards Angel Yan, said: “I want a shield.”

“Okay, here you are.” Angel Yan felt that if he didn’t give it, this guy would always ask for it, so Yuzhi twisted lightly and put a shield on him.

Audience: “…”

Is this guy so afraid of dying?

“It seems that I really put all my skills on defense.” Han Xiang’s mouth twitched: “mental illness.”

The piano girl was also awakened, and immediately curled one’s lip with disdain, saying: “Put a turtle shell, even if your defense is stronger, what can you do? No attack, after all, it’s just a bastard that’s all.”

“I’ll be fine if I don’t hit you.”

Luo Feng: “Saint Zai, can you bear it anyway? I can’t bear it anyway, you are angry, you are angry, I want to go and do her!”

Saint Zai said nothing, and said: “Then you go.”

Luo Feng: “.”

“So what do you want to do now?”

Saint Zai: “Wait.”

Luo Feng: “What are you waiting for?”

Saint Zai: “Wait 3 minutes, I can leave here.”

Luo Feng is a little speechless, saying: “Then what do you let Angelian do for you?”

Saint Zai: “Make sure that within 3 minutes, I will not die.”

Hearing this, the invisible Orichimaru suddenly had a look in his eyes and met a confidant.

Lu Bu said in a short while, “I am not necessarily a person, and Orichimaru is not necessarily a snake, but you are a real dog! (gou)”

Luo Feng rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Okay, I will leave you some materials later.”

Saint Zai: “No, I will exercise and upgrade myself.”

Luo Feng: “.”

He knows that this guy is not disobedient, but just steadily ill.

Luo Feng’s eyes flickered and said, “You let Angelian set you a shield, but you are afraid that the piano girl will kill you, so that you can’t leave the field alive.”

“But, if you take the lead, kill her and solve the problem from the root cause, then can’t she pose a threat to you?”

Saint Zai’s eyes lit up and said: “It makes sense.”

“As long as I kill all the enemies, can no one pose a threat to me?”

His voice fell, his legs stretched out slowly, his body leaned forward, his hands holding the platinum golden sword, and raised above his head.

Obviously, he is going to shoot.

“Huh, Tank still wants to output? Really responding to that sentence, rabbits will bite when they are anxious!”

The piano girl disdains curl one’s lip, trifling a piece of silver, and all the skills are on defense. What if he lies on the ground and lets him output? !

“Start the strongest defense form.” Han Xiang said.

The Qin girl heard this as if she had heard it wrong, saying, “What are you talking about?”

“Activate the note shield.” Han Xiang’s eyes flickered and said: “I always feel that things are not as simple as I imagined, and being stable is always no harm.”

be that as it may, but there is still not much pressure on his eyebrows.

“It’s okay.” Qin girl nodded her head, beautiful eyes staring at Saint Zai playfully, said: “Although you are all impossible to break my defense, but out of politeness, I’m still a symbolic defense!”

“Organ protection!”

The Qin girl fiddled with her piano, and suddenly there were Dao notes appearing around her, and soon she formed a note shield.

This is her strongest defense.


Under the countless lines of sight, Saint Zai’s silhouette, like lightning, appeared directly in front of the piano girl.

Then, holding the platinum golden sword with both hands, he raised it above his head.

“Atomic Slash!”

Under the countless line of sight, Saint Zai loudly shouted, the platinum golden sword in his hand, the Star qi of Assimilate between this Heaven and Earth frantically, and the sword edge, rippling with the power of terrifying.

A surprising wave of Star qi began to sweep away from him within the body.

A brilliant and unmatched sword light gathered above the sword body.

That sword is enough to break the mountain and the sea.


A magnificent sword light of about several feet suddenly emerged at this time, and then with an amazing momentum, slashed down at the piano girl below.

“Why does this move look so strong?!” Someone’s eyes widened, and the voice was horrified.

“It should be just special effects. After all, it is just a silver card. The basic attributes are not enough, and no matter how strong the skills are, it is difficult to play an advantage.” Another person said.

The Qin girl curled one’s lip disdainfully and said, “Silver is silver, and I always like to spend all these bells and whistles.”

So, under the countless shocking eyes, the crimson sword qi hit the note shield heavily.


In the moment of impact, the explosion of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering is resounded.

Ripples layer by layer, like a storm, moved towards all directions and raged away.

The other star cards on the field are all affected at the moment, all of them are spit a mouthful of blood, and their body shape retreats.

The crowd card expression is terrifying, and it will vomit blood only when it is affected. What terrible damage does the lyre-bearing piano girl bear?

hong long long …

Even the enchantment around the field is shaking violently and uncontrollably at the moment.

Then countless lines of sight, all converging on the collision place,

And then, those eyes, the pupils shrank suddenly.

Because they saw that the indestructible note shield had cracks on it, and then spread out at an amazing speed, and it instantly filled the entire shield.


The next moment, the shield exploded, revealing Qin Nu’s horrified face.


The sharp sword energy, back to school, carried the crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and fell on the body of the piano girl.

“Don’t… ah!”

Screamed sounded.

The Qin Nu’s blood strips disappeared as if they disappeared, and her body exploded instantaneously, turning into a soot.

The whole between Heaven and Earth is quiet now.

one after another stared at this scene in a daze, without a long time spirit slowly recovers, his face was horrified, terrified, as if he had seen a ghost.

Silver spiked platinum? !

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