Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 283


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It’s time for silence, silence, and global warming again. Everyone’s heart trembles. Unable to bear rubs his eyes.


Everyone’s eyes are wide, and their hearts are turned over and over, and it is difficult to calm down for a long time.

If you say that you have previously resisted a hard blow, you can still use all the skills to explain the defense, but now?

A sword kills the piano girl in seconds? !

They see very clearly. Qin girl not at all entrusts, but opens the defense skills. However, under such circumstances, he was actually killed by a sword. What does this mean?

For a time, everyone’s eyes were full of fear and scalp numbness.

“Hey, how could this be just a silver card?” Han Xiang twitched his lips. This time Luo Feng did not borrow the realm to play the pig to eat the tiger, but who can think of it, his star card actually started playing the pig to eat the tiger? !

This is the corporate culture? !


between Heaven and Earth, the silence lasted for a long while, and was eventually filled with cheers from the mountains and the sea.

This silver show platinum is so beautiful, it is amazing.

“Silver Slots Slots Silver Spike Platinum, My eyes are blind?!”

“hahaha My piano girl, I’m strong, I’m hit by silver hanging, I’m beaten by portraits, platinum star card blowing j8!”

“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“This realm is just superficial. I heard that some star cards can hide their information. What level of existence does this guy have? Platinum ☆☆? Platinum ☆☆☆?”

“The next time I watch Luo Feng’s game I have to bring an oxygen cylinder. This suffocating operation is too much!”

And in the cheers of the sky, the Star Card master in Howling County was dead, and his face was so ugly that Han Xiang had already killed two platinum cards. The situation was a bit bad.

“What a waste!”

In the forefront, Han Xiang complexion is gloomy like water, palms trembling slightly, obviously it is difficult to hide the anger in my heart.

Although I have known for a long time in my heart, this silver is not necessarily a simple silver, but is this too strong? !

“Awesome, it’s really not good, just amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.” Feeling the power of Saint Zai, Luo Feng was also amazed. Now Saint Zai, I am afraid that it is platinum ☆☆ started.

Han Xiang expression gloomy and uncertain, wondering whether to cast directly. After all, there is Saint Zai, a battle strength supermodel guy, and he can’t fight at all.

A sword and a platinum card, he takes the lead? !

“Five minutes are up and I’m off line.” Saint Zai looked towards Luo Feng, said: “This time I exposed the strength, the enemy must be prepared, so consider it steadily, and then I will secluded cultivation. “

“I beg you to die when I die in the next six months, will you?”

Luo Feng: “.”


You are powerful, you all depend on you.

The most basic requirement to develop feelings with star card is to not use it as a tool person and force it to do things it does not want to do.

There is no junk star card, only junk Star Card master.

In the eyes of some Star Card masters, if the quality of the star card is lagging behind, or if the skills are too poor, the strength is weak, you may be too lazy to care about it. It will keep it hidden forever and will always be placed in a corner.

But Luo Feng is different. He feels that every star card is life, and has feelings and consciousness. Since you made it yourself, you must be responsible for it.

Even if you can’t play, you won’t be isolated and left out in daily life.

For example, Luster Grass, although it is silver now, Luo Feng not at all dislikes it, every night, as always…sleeping on its jade legs.


In a flash of rays of light, Saint Zai’s figure disappeared, and Orichimaru, reappears were below the focal point of ten thousands.

Looking at this scene, Han Xiang was startled, and then, on the face, there was a ecstasy that was hard to conceal.

He is gone,

He is gone,

The man is gone!

“You can still play, you can still play,” Han Xiang said with a trembling voice, and he was crying with excitement, and he almost gave up just now.

“Three hits and four hits, how to fight?” said the berserker.

White Lotus Sword Saint: “for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long, or will you fight again next time?”

Shield Warrior: “Completely agree.”

Han Xiang’s lips are like that. This is the platinum card. It’s a pity that if you look at the situation, you don’t want to continue.

Unlike bronze and silver, stubborn unyielding, irreconcilable.

“Although three hits and four hits, don’t panic.” He hooked the head, pointing at Orichimaru, and said: “According to my observation, this man who looks insidious, although the life-saving skills are fancy, but the means of attack are extremely Scarce.”

“So don’t worry about what it will do to you. Just leave it alone.”

“This is what I teach you. For Gou’s star card, it’s best not to touch him.”

“Regardless of him?” White Lotus Sword Sheng wrinkled, “Wait for his skill, invite the silver god, and abuse us again?”

“No.” Han Xiang shook the head, said: “He is still the target we are going to target, but we are going to talk about it.”

“Let’s attack other people first, leave him alone for a while, and then wait for a sudden wave of fire at a critical moment to send him on the road.”

“His skill as a substitute for summon, according to my estimation, the cooling time is at least fifteen minutes, and now five minutes have passed, so we must complete a wave of fire within ten minutes and behead him.”

“Good.” Everyone is nodded.

Han Xiang glanced at Luo Feng’s star card. Since Luo Feng did not bring a nanny, the only SpongeBob that could return to the blood had sacrificed the sky at the start, so none of their lost HP was recovered.

At this moment, their HP is not too good, and after so long a battle, they have less than half their blood left.

Han Xiang looked towards White Lotus Sword Saint, said: “Jiansheng, there is not too much HP on the opposite side, just start the big move and harvest.”

White Lotus Sword nodded, said: “Plateau bloodline, open!”

【Plateau bloodline】: Limited skill, when the swordmaster opens this skill, the movement speed, attack speed, and attack power suddenly increase. At the same time, the attack has a blood-sucking effect for 10 minutes. Every time a star card is killed, let the The status is increased by ten minutes, and the cooldown of all common skills is refreshed at the same time.

Luo Feng knew this skill through Angel Yan’s prediction.

In his opinion, this skill is considered a harvesting skill. If the enemy star card is all residual blood, the swordmaster opens the plateau bloodline, and then he can reap oh la la for harvesting.

Although this only adds attributes, it should be known that the star card of the warrior close combat does not rely on skill to hurt, the most important thing is the general attack.

Under the plateau bloodline, the attack speed and attack power of the Juggernaut has greatly increased, so no one will be the enemy of the close attack.

Other people cut one knife per second, he cut three knives per second, and each knife is very powerful, so who can cut him?

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