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And, the most important thing is that the general attack does not consume Star qi value!

Can still return to the blood, getting stronger and stronger, unless it is instantaneous seconds, who can consume him?


After opening the plateau bloodline, I saw Jian Sheng 咻 ground, burst out, and went straight to Lu Bu.


It's too fast,

Like a ghost passing by, leaving behind traces.

"It's fast!" Lu Bu's pupils shrank, and the next moment, the White Lotus Sword sage came close to his face, and he subconsciously moved slightly, and the snakeskin moved.


A fist entwined with Star qi's light flow came fiercely from behind and flew past his chest.

However, just at the moment when the attack fell through, White Lotus Sword slammed his palm into a fist and slid it horizontally. Star qi slapped the air, and the powerful force made the air form a harsh air cannon.


The air cannon strikes on Lu Bu’s chest, causing his body to recede sharply, and there is a pain in his chest.

"Look when you can hide!" White Lotus Sword's eyes were cold, holding a sacred sword, his figure roared again, the offensive was as fierce as lightning, and he waved at Lu Bu.

xiu xiu xiu!

Jiansheng holds a sacred sword and stabs Lu Bu crazyly.

Lu Bu quickly raised his halberd to block it, but it couldn't be blocked!

Sacred sword If you roam the dragon, you stab it quickly, as if you have three arms dancing the sword at the same time.

sword edge appears three times, and the heroes are colorful.

sword shadow is chaotic, he even feels that the sword saint is not holding a sword, but two or even three!

bang bang bang!

On the field, two figures continuously chased, and the Juggernaut was like a medicine, a fierce offensive, wave after wave.

On the other hand, Lu Bu keeps evading and avoiding the edge.

Then, the sword sage approached, and Lu Bu retreated.

And his bloodline is also falling.

Orichimaru came to help Lu Bu and tried to harass the Juggernaut, but the Juggernaut was so fast that he could not be harassed simply.

The current Juggernaut is unstoppable!


Looking at Lu Bu, whose blood line is gradually declining, the red rabbit is unable to bear, his front hoof is raised, and he screams in the sky.

"Hey, trifling a horse, what to pretend here, you will die with your master later!" White Lotus Sword saint with a sneer.

Chitu stared at Lu Bu, a pair of horse pupils, faintly filled with anger, as if provoked by the king.


In the next moment, a beam of light rose into the sky and enveloped its body.

Few items,

The beam of light fades,

Many eyes are on.

I saw the appearance of Chitu... changing?

In the blinking of rays of light, the horse's head quickly became a rabbit's head.

However, more than one rabbit head, one, two, and finally, eight rabbit heads emerged.

The neck of each rabbit head is hung with a bright light of golden light.

This is, Baqi Rabbit!

Eight rabbit heads and eight pairs of eyes, all locked at the moment.

It has an indifferent look, and it seems to want to pretend to be a very fierce look, but that cute love head, it really is fierce does not raise.

"What a cute rabbit." White Lotus Sword Sheng looked at Baqi Rabbit and licked his lips, saying: "Bunny is so cute, why not cut it!"


In the next moment, White Lotus Sword's footsteps moved slightly, holding a lightsaber, his body shot sharply, and came straight to the Eight Qi Rabbit.

"Ah, Bunny is going to be hacked to death!"

"Yeah, its owner can't hack it, so what can it do with a Little Rabbit?"

Someone who loves rabbits feels sad, and squeezes sweat for the eight rabbits.

Looking at the flashing White Lotus Sword sage, Baqi Datu said: "hu la hula red rabbit."


In the next moment, the rabbit's head flicked, and eight golden rings exploded, smashing towards the swordmaster.

"I flash, I flash again!"

Jiansheng is unconscious, and his figure moves like lightning, hiding all those golden rings.

Big Qi Rabbit thought about it, and suddenly a golden halo flew out, moved towards the empty space in front of him and threw it away.

Everyone is started, and the Juggernaut is not there. Why throw it there?


And the next moment, the silhouette of the sword saint, happens to be instantaneously moving where the aperture is!

Baqi Datu: "Did you see it? This is called a king-level prediction."


The golden light circle fell on the sword saint’s neck, and then kept shrinking. Then, the sword saint was shocked to find that his body was changing...

Everyone turned their eyes, and saw the previously invincible Juggernaut, now turned into a little paper man? !

The little paper man is a little ignorant, not knowing what to do, what can I do? !

Han Xiang’s pupil shrank sharply and opened the White Lotus Sword of Plateau bloodline state. The most fearful thing is control!

After all, plateau bloodline has time, and it must continue killing before it ends before it can continue.

Now, this metamorphosis is simply Tianke!

After all, in the face of this kind of buff skills, the control is simply Tianke. As long as the buff time is over, the threat of Juggernaut will undoubtedly be greatly reduced!

However, Baqi Datu seems not at all just to make it simply a paper man. I saw the eight rabbit heads opened their mouths, the fierce Star qi surged, and then, the eight beams carried the fierce The force exploded and blasted at the little paper man.

bang bang bang!

The little paper man was frightened and ran all the way to become a paper man, which means that it is a paper man, not a sword sage, which means that in a short time, no skills are lost.

So everyone saw that a super rabbit like a prehistoric giant beast was chasing a little paper man and bombarded him crazy.

That scene was extremely funny.

Han Xiang is a little ignorant. Luo Feng's sao operation is too much. Originally, the swordmaster had to hack Lu Bu to death. As a result, Lu Bu's mount came out, ending the swordmaster?

It turns out that this rabbit is the main body. That summon beast is the one holding the halberd?


After about a few minutes, the control time is up, and the little paper man has once again become the White Lotus Sword Saint.

"It's finally changed back." White Lotus Sword was horrified, looking at Baqi Rabbit with horror, whoever said the rabbit was cute in the future, he would be anxious!

Han Xiang’s heart glowed with cold glow and said, “It’s now, gather fire Orichimaru!”

The shield warrior raised his shield and pointed it directly at Orichimaru.

Skill [Shield Hero Space] launched!

【shield space】: Limited skill, the designated star card is absorbed into the space in the shield, other star cards of the enemy cannot enter this space, all the star cards of your own can enter, and last for ten minutes.

It is true that this skill can pull an enemy’s star card into the small black room, and then let all your own star cards siege them. In this case, the star card will almost die.

Han Xiang’s eyes flash, this skill, it can be said that the enemy will definitely kill a star card.

Divine Item is an open group.

For this reason, he dare not use this skill indiscriminately. If it is used on a star card with a dead language skill, or a relatively unimportant star card, it is undoubtedly a blood loss.

Now, although I don’t know if Orichimaru is the core or not, the skill of [Ninjutsu] has given him a reason to die.

Otherwise, the silver god summon will come out later, slashing, and still playing snakes?


On the shield, a black dot appeared. The black dot continued to rotate and became faster and faster. In the end, a vortex was formed.

The vortex seems to have a magical power, like a giant beast with his mouth open, deep and unmeasurable, making people tremble.


A huge suction burst out from the shield and enveloped towards Orichimaru.

Under that terrifying suction, Orichimaru complexion slightly changed, and it was difficult to break free. In the end, it was sucked straight into the shield.

The other star cards of Han Xiang: Berserker, Shield Warrior, White Lotus Sword Saint are all disappeared at this moment, and they are transformed into a stream of light and integrated into the shield.

At the top of the arena, there is an Independent Space with Orichimaru and three other star cards from Han Xiang.

Through Angel Yan’s prediction, Luo Feng already knew the mechanics of this skill, so he didn’t care anymore, just watched quietly.

"A sword cuts light!"

The lightsaber was raised in the sword saint's hand, and Star qi continuously poured into it, violently cleaving towards Orichimaru.

"Wu Form." The Shield Warrior also started to use his skills, and saw a drop of red blood, which emerged from his palm and then landed on the body of the Shield Warrior.

【Wu Form】: Shield Warrior switches from a defense-based shield form to an attack-based war form.


The Yin Hong blood seems to possess life force, and it creeps on the surface of the shield warrior, which is extremely strange.

At the same time, the body of the warrior holding the shield expands at the speed visible to the naked eye. In just a few ten breaths, it expands to about ten zhang.

The root thorns protrude from its surface, showing off one's ability, which makes people palpitate.

A large knife slowly emerged from his palm.

So, White Lotus Sword Saint, Shield Warrior, Berserker, all opened the strongest combat form, outputting crazy against Orichimaru.

They all know that this guy is a restless bomb, and he must beheaded before his avatar skill is refreshed.

Dang dang dang!

Facing the mad bombing of three people. Orichimaru has no choice, and he doesn't seem to have any skills to stop.

Although he has a skill [Eight-Branched Giant Snake], but he thought about it, in the face of the siege of three people, even if he became Eight-Branched Giant Snake, it would be useless and simply give up struggling and lie directly Off the ground.

bang bang bang!

Under this intensive and fierce offensive, Orichimaru was finally unbearable, and his body burst directly!

"This Yin Sector thing is dead."

Han Xiang sighed in relief. In this case, the score was even again, and it was 2 to 2.

However, at this moment, the White Lotus Sword Saint's eyes were stagnant, his expression stiffened, and his eyes gradually became hollow.

"Jiansheng?" Han Xiang brows slightly wrinkle, somehow, an indescribable uneasiness rushed from his heart.

The next moment, a ghost emerged from the head of White Lotus Sword Saint, the soul of the sword saint!


Jiansheng's soul bursts instantly.

And at this moment, a stream of light penetrated into his body, and the stiff expression of White Lotus Sword Saint was restored to life again, but his expression was a bit wrong.

The previous Juggernaut was a bit sloppy.

Jiansheng now, with a yawning smile on the corner of his mouth, his temperament seems extremely incompatible.

oh la la.

"Didn't expect?" White Lotus Sword looked at him with dignified eyes, his figure gradually changed, and then, it turned into Orichimaru!


One after another the sound of exclamation sounded, and everyone looked at this scene in disbelief. Wasn't Orichimaru cut off just now, how could it be resurrected?

It’s okay to be resurrected... Question How did the swordsman die?

Dove accounts for magpie nest, reincarnated in someone else's body?

"My tm...splitting!" Han Xiang's angry state burst, his eyes flushed, and there was just a perfect wave of fire. In the end, the death was White Lotus Sword? !

Three platinum cards!

Broken, the mentality collapsed!

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