Empress’ Divine Grade Star Card Master Chapter 285


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The body of White Lotus Sword continues to change until it finally becomes Orichimaru.

Orichimaru still smiled vainly, as if he was mocking each other, and said: “I said that I can’t kill, but I grabbed my head and grabbed me.”

Han Xiang’s eyes, with an irresistible anger, clenched his palms, perhaps too hard, with his nails deeply embedded in his hands.

Really, so annoying!

There was a perfect wave of fire, but his swordsman, so good, just died?

“How did he die, can you give an answer to let him understand more?” Han Xiang unable to bear asked.

Orichimaru smiled at him and said, “Tell you my skill mechanism? You are stupid.”

“Remember not to target me in the future, I can’t fight it.”

Han Xiang complexion ashen, he didn’t want to target Orichimaru either, but Orichimaru didn’t have much offensive power, but that substitute skill was really disgusting.

Although this kind of stand-in skill is not unseen, but when combined with that silver god, it is absolutely amazing.

expert is in the folk, the king is in platinum.

“The silver just now, wouldn’t it be the diamond gangster who opened the trumpet?”

Star card world, there is indeed something like open trumpet.

For example, if a diamond star card is killed, the star card system retains his consciousness, and then the Star Card master resurrects him with silver materials, and he becomes a silver card.

Yes, although he is silver, because he used to be a diamond card, some combat awareness and unique operations are still diamond-level.

Many people have done this before, but then it was discovered that this diamond is trumpeted, and it has the deterrent effect of frying fish in the Platinum and Gold Bureau and can be killed indiscriminately.

However, in the Bronze and Silver Bureau, it does not at all have enough deterrent power, but instead obtains an anti-effect.

For example, the diamond boss likes to prejudge the other party’s prejudgement, but the bronze and silver have no prejudgement at all.

For example, the diamond gangster likes to play tactics, such as a summon avatar. When chased by someone, he stays in place and the avatar desperately runs out.

This is actually playing a psychological game. Everyone definitely thinks that they are running themselves, and those who stay in place are avatars, so they will chase the one who runs.

However, Bronze and Silver don’t think so. Whether you are running a real body or a fake body, let’s say that you are still dead.

For example, the diamond boss will save his skills. If he can kill you with a general attack, he will never waste his skills.

Therefore, he also felt that the opposite side would think the same way, so he often escaped with blood.

But you don’t think so much about bronze and silver. Even if you have 10 blood left, you need to throw out all your skills. The firepower is full, the damage is full, and you don’t give the opponent any room for operation.

There will often be some star cards, diamond rounds, and bronze round Muggles.

【Rebirth Technique】: Limited skill. When Orichimaru is killed, it will lock a star card with the lowest HP on the field, reincarnated in someone else’s body, and get reborn.

“Three kills.”

Look at this scene, Luo Feng is secretly relaxed. Because of this skill, he is not afraid of Orichimaru being caught.

He just observed that the lowest HP on the field is the White Lotus Sword. After all, when he became a little paper man, he was beaten by the mother of Baqi and the mother did not know it, and it was extremely bleak.

between Heaven and Earth, there is silence.

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief and entered a state of coercion again.

What happened? !

It was just Han Xiang’s three star cards. He dragged Orichimaru into the little black house, and a wave of fire was set.

In the end, Han Xiang’s White Lotus Sword? !

Unimaginable, very scared.

“Fuck, why didn’t I understand this wave of operation, why is this so?”

“Why are there so many why? If you can understand it, you won’t even be a deacon.”

“Good boy, I lost three platinum cards all at once. I don’t know if Han Xiang brought a group resurrection star card. If he didn’t bring it, even if he won today, what star card would he use to fight Qin Ze?”


“Sir Commander, is this too strong?” Xia Qiuming stared blankly, her beautiful eyes trance. Luo Feng had defeated Yan Que before. In her opinion, it was because of the opportunity given by the latter.

However, today, Han Xiang is so stable, he was still chopped three star cards in a row. Now whoever doubts him, I am afraid he is really a fool.

“Pretty.” Qin Ze’s mouth slightly lifted, watching this scene with satisfaction, Han Xiang will lose one point for every platinum card he loses.

Luo Feng’s eyelid lifted slightly, looked towards Han Xiang, and said, “Han Xiang, do you want to fight?”

“Ahhh!” Han Xiang’s angry mind burst, he kept defending Juggernaut just because Juggernaut is the core star card of this competition.

Because of this, after the opening juggernaut was tortured by Lu Bu, he immediately sent the shield warrior to protect him.

He is not uncomfortable when the piano girl is dead, but he is not uncomfortable whoever is dead, but Jian Sheng died for no reason, directly letting his mind burst.

He brought a resurrection technique, but the resurrection technique was used on the Qin Nu, to protect the sword saint.

But, who would have thought that Qin Nu was not even able to use her limited skills, she was directly exploded by a silver hammer.

Explode, completely explode.

Although it is not impossible to fight next, he knows that it is difficult to win.

Furthermore, Luo Feng still has four star cards left, two of his own left, and four or two, so he will still die at least one star card or even two.

If this is the case, even if you win Luo Feng, what can you do?

His goal is to compete with Qin Ze’s Vice Pavilion Lord, and this Luo Feng is only a stumbling block during the transition period that’s all.

Even if this game wins Luo Feng, then what if you still have a platinum star card to deal with Qin Ze?

even more how, even if you give it a go, you may not win, and if you lose, it means that five star cards will be wiped out.

For Star Card masters like Card Master realm, every platinum material is extremely rare.

If you don’t have a platinum card, it is equivalent to losing your weapon. If Vice Commander below him pretends to be his commander and initiates a commandership battle against him, does he want to get a bunch of gold cards?

I am afraid that not only will I miss the position of Vice Pavilion Lord, but I am afraid that even the position of commander will be difficult to keep.

He stared blankly at the young man across from him, to find Luo Feng expression unsurprised, as if it should be the case today… What a strong confidence?

“that’s all.” Han Xiang sighed, he withdrew his star card, looked towards Luo Feng, and said, “I admit defeat.”


As soon as this statement came out, there was a sudden uproar in the sky, and Han Xiang actually voted directly?

“Okay, okay.” Qin Ze expression is faint, but his eyes are full of ecstasy that cannot be concealed. Today’s game not only eliminated Han Xiang’s battle for Vice Pavilion Lord, but also caused him to lose most of his star card. strength great injury, comfortable!

In this case, Han Xiang was afraid that he could not shake his position within half a year.

And half a year later, he may all become the Wind Pavilion Pavilion Lord, when trifling Han Xiang’s flow, how could he put his eyes on it?

Beyond Xingfeng Square, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and looked at it in disbelief.

Before the start of the game, they felt that in the late 4-star, five-platinum lineup of Han Xiang, Luo Feng’s win rate was slim, but who could have imagined that Luo Feng was slashing the opponent’s three star cards in a row Next, actually just paid a gold card as the price?

Han Xiang’s Howling County, the three Vice Commander’s eyes flickered and their minds were surging. Now Han Xiang strength great injury is a good opportunity to deal with him.

After all, who doesn’t want to climb up?

“Han Xiang, surrender early without losing so much.” Luo Feng smiled at him, and then Orichimaru performed the “Reincarnation” again to resurrect SpongeBob.

【Rebirth Technique】: Every time an enemy star card is killed on the field, Orichimaru collects their bodies, and for each dead body collected, a designated star card can be resurrected.

Han Xiang heard this, and then felt so much mocking eyes around him, and suddenly his heart was blocked.

A month ago, the public put down their rhetoric to compete for the position of Vice Pavilion Lord. Now, even Luo Feng has never challenged, which is really shameful.

He knows that from now on, he will become a fresh joke in the mouth of many Star Card masters of Wind Pavilion.

“It’s not over yet, it’s actually over, it’s really a boring battle.” Lu Bu put away Dualbladed Halberd, feeling a little uncomfortable, originally wanted to perform in front of Angel Yan today.

As a result, all the limelight was grabbed by Saint Zai.

“After entering Card Master, the battle is really getting easier.” Luo Feng smiled and sighed in his heart. He can win so neatly today, after all, thanks to Saint Zai.

If it’s not a second move, the piano girl is too shocked, Han Xiang may not mess up the rhythm, he desperately wants to target Orichimaru, and if he does not target Orichimaru, the Juggernaut will not die, the game situation, maybe There will also be a turn of events.

“Luo Feng, you did very well.” Qin Ze walked over and pats his shoulders, said with a slight smile: “From you, I saw my shadow at that time, I was young, promising, promising Period.”

Luo Feng nodded and said, “Vice Pavilion Lord, I think…”

“Well, what do you want?” Qin Ze looked at him curiously and said, “What do you want, although tell me, I will try my best to satisfy you.”

Luo Feng stared at him and pondered for a moment, saying: “Thanks to the Vice Pavilion Lord for raising love, my generation has been striving to move forward, trying to move forward, so…”

“I want to start the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord!”


As soon as this remark came out, there was a sudden thunder, and suddenly burst into the ears of everyone.

The sounds of one after another shouted, everyone looked at this scene in disbelief. This Luo Feng, actually took advantage of the situation to launch the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord?

However, when I think about it, he has defeated Han Xiang, and even Han Xiang wants to challenge, then he is naturally more qualified.

Qin Ze hearing this is also startled. His eyes are narrowed and his mood is a bit complicated. This Luo Feng is really an unfamiliar dog.

He also wanted to train and develop into a left arm and a right arm, but this guy wanted to replace it directly?

Qin Zedao: “According to the rules, if you want to start the Battle of Vice Pavilion Lord, you have to defeat other leaders, and you have defeated Han Xiang, then you only need to defeat Lu Xiaowan.”

Lv Xiaowan said with a smile: “I’m not as good as Han Xiang in terms of strength, and even Han Xiang has lost in his hands, then I naturally don’t have the need for a game, I take the initiative to admit defeat.”

Han Xiang is beaten like this by him, how dare she?

“Soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers. Youngster’s ambition is a good thing.” Qin Ze said with a smile, expressing his appreciation, saying: “Then you should be well prepared this month, and you should not let it come. I am disappointed.”

“If you can really defeat me, even if you are the Vice Pavilion Lord, I am willing.”

Although there are some waves in his heart, he didn’t care too much. But if he wants to compete with the Pavilion Lord, if he can’t even meet the challenge of Luo Feng, he doesn’t need to compete in the position of Pavilion Lord.

Luo Feng is not simple, and may become Vice Pavilion Lord. Is he an easy generation?

“Yes, last time you and your party in Martial King City won the star source festival, and then the star source festival is about to open, but be prepared.” Qin Ze voice paused, said: “As the leader of Wind Pavilion, go to You have to compete with all the other leaders of the Four Pavilions, but you have to perform well, so you don’t miss my reputation.”

“Don’t humiliate the mission,” Luo Feng said.

Qin Ze nodded and said nothing more. Before leaving, Yu Guang glanced at Han Xiang, secretly said in one’s heart: “In the end, even Luo Feng didn’t consume a platinum card. Useless waste.”

The voice fell, he went away with the sword, and soon disappeared under many eyes.

Luo Feng gently rubbed the star ring, withdrew the star card, looked at where Qin Ze disappeared, and fell into contemplation.

My realm is less than 4-star, while Qin Ze is a five-star card master.

According to his estimation, he can cross 1-star, which is already the limit.

If the two stars are exceeded, the risk is too great.

So, he will seize the opportunity in the next Xingyuan Festival, have a breakthrough, and strive for a breakthrough of four Star Card masters. The gap with Qin Ze’s realm will be reduced to within 1-star.

“It’s not easy to get this quota, I hope the next Xingyuan Festival, don’t let me down.” Luo Feng shook the head, moved towards Fufeng County Commander’s Mansion.

Walking, a silhouette in front of him blocked his way.

Luo Feng was stunned, and his eyes turned. It was a red-clothed attack, with a mighty radiance, just like the True Phoenix that is not down to earth.

It is Flame Sovereign.

“I have seen Flame Sovereign.” Luo Feng suddenly showed his respect, and at the same time was curious, Flame Sovereign usually waited for him at home. How did he turn him on the road this time?

Zhuo Ying turned around, beautiful eyes looked at him shiningly, saying:

“Martial King City, is it fun?”

“Not good to play.” Luo Feng frowned, said: “There are many in the backcountry, and there are many snakes. I am afraid of snakes.”

“And how much Han Xiang touched nt, attracted the Medusa siege, I almost can’t see Flame Sovereign.”

“Really?” Flame Sovereign’s eyelashes flickered slightly, like a wave of limpid autumn water cut, faint smile: “How do I feel that you don’t want to come back?”

Luo Feng looked at her seriously and said, “Really!”

“Well, I believe.” Flame Sovereign jade foot stepped out and walked in front of him, and then stretched out his slender jade fingers, gently picked up the bag hanging around his neck, smiled and said: “This is What?”

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