Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3743


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Every Dao ancestor present, that person who was not a human being who has lived for thousands of years, seeing Chu Yan’s expression, he knows that he is obviously unhappy with Emperor Yu Wen’s golden body.

Before that, when Empress Xuantian awakened the reincarnation of Perilla, Chu Yan was extremely worried. Now, to him, of course, he is even more worried.

So, the ideas of Heixa and Supreme Demon God seem to conflict with Chu Yan’s ideas.

Like the previous Empress Xuantian, if the reincarnation awakened the memory of Perilla and was replaced, the consequences would be disastrous.

Chu Yan now has the will of the two great gods. Either party must act with caution, and no problems should occur, otherwise the consequences will be more serious than Emperor Xuantian.

Hearing the dispute between the two, Heavenly Dao ancestor thought for a while and persuaded

“Now when I say this, I don’t know when the time comes. I think Chu Yan needs to be promoted to Master Peak before talking about the breakthrough invincible environment. When the time comes, let’s talk again!”

“I see, it is better to discuss it first, how to use this Artifact Spirit!”

“Moreover, we now have two Artifact Spirits. If we discuss with other forces, we may be able to improve them!”

“How about Chu Yan, this thing?”

Hearing this remark, Chu Yan is slightly nodded.

“What Old Ancestor said exactly!”

What is Artifact Spirit, it is connected with the source, Source Power is a good thing, it is definitely the highest heavenly materials earthly treasures for breakthrough cultivation base realm.

Just, the nine-domain star map only needs this thing, which can also be used to awaken the nine-domain star map.

“Then start now!”

When several Taoists heard this, they were all eyes shined and looked towards Chu Yan.

Artifact Spirit is always easy to grab, if you say you are not interested, it is absolutely impossible.

Only now, since the Three Sects have just been proposed, then they are naturally headed by Chu Yan.

Now, Three Sects must be better than before, more united, and closer to Chu Yan, so that in the tide of this era of rising winds and scudding clouds, we can find the best opportunities.

“Lord, let’s think about it first. I will wait and prepare. Once there is a mission, I can’t wait!”

Hei Sha took Supreme Demon God and two invincible demon to get up and salute.

These people have ordinary faces, and they seem to see no signs of anger at all.


Chu Yan nodded, also raised his hands in return, and Hei Sha took the crowd and turned away.

“I’m gone too!”

When the Empress Xuantian saw them leave, she did not stay any longer and got up and left.

Before she left, she left her Artifact Spirit and placed it in the middle of the main hall.

“Chu Yan, let’s get started! First refine this one!”

Moyun Taoist looked towards Chu Yan, pointing to the Artifact Spirit left by Emperor Xuantian, and said.


Chu Yan didn’t say much. When he raised his hand, Spirit Transformation blazed out and wrapped it towards the Artifact Spirit.

Other Taoist ancestors have also shot out, with Fire Spirit using Fire Spirit, and without Fire Spirit using True Qi to urge fire power.

In an instant, the flame was obviously several times stronger, and the Artifact Spirit wrapped in flames began to tremble and struggle constantly.

This treasure of origin is somewhat spirit wisdom, and feels dangerous and resists constantly.

However, being suppressed by the group of people like Chu Yan, there is no chance at all.

After half stick of incense, Artifact Spirit is completely refined.

In Chu Yan’s heart, a special feeling rose, as if some auras of the Artifact Spirit just appeared in his Sea of ​​Consciousness and Divine Soul.

Next, Chu Yan shot with several Taoist ancestors and began to refining the second Artifact Spirit.

This time is a little longer, about 5 minutes of time, before the refining is completed, all around begins to appear a path of Spirit Mark divine talisman, blending with all around void.

And Chu Yan and several Taoist ancestors also appeared a path of Spirit Mark divine talisman at the same time, exactly the same as those in in the sky.

In this way, as long as Chu Yan and several of them perform simultaneously, they can use the power of Artifact Spirit.

These Spirit Mark divine talisman is the connection. If there is no one person, the divine runes will not work, and the formidable power will drop greatly.

“Everyone, I say a word, the situation in the world has changed a lot, and maybe one of us fell that day, when the time comes, the formidable power of these two Artifact Spirits is damaged, so must remember when the time Comes out of this divine runes before falling, don’t be taken by others!”

“The Divine runes of Artifact Spirit can only be reduced, not increased, which means that if any one of us quits, it will be divided equally among the others!”

The years of mortal ancestors have been longer and the thoughts are more detailed. He said that the few people present were nodded.

After falling, of course, cheap enemy, this reminder is important.

“Then give it a try!”

Several people can’t help but want to see the formidable power of this Artifact Spirit, and they start to run divine runes at the same time.

Chu Yan and the others aura launched again, Divine Consciousness poured out and merged with Artifact Spirit, and began to feel the mysterious and original rules of this Artifact Spirit.

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