Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3744


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With Chu Yan’s actions, among the antiquity ruins that just appeared, the sleeping Antiquity horror and Demon’s things all sensed something and all became agitated.

Chu Yan and the others flashed a different color, body flashed, directly into it.

next moment, I saw a great Antiquity World, appeared in front of me.

This is a Heaven and Earth World with thousands of 10,000 li. There are chaotic Primal Chaos Space above the sky. The power of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth Five Elements is transformed into various Heaven and Earth Might, in the sky Roaring on the roar, mighty amazing.

On the ground below, there are natural environments such as deserts, mountains, rivers, and forests, and they are full of vitality.

“This is the original World!?”

The Heavenly Dao ancestor and the others who followed immediately sensed the rich Source Power in this world, and his eyes were suddenly bright.

“Source Power, really mysterious!”

As an invincible environment powerhouse, who does not know the benefits of Source Power, living in Divine Realm continent for thousands of years, of course, has also looked for similar opportunities.

However, after Divine Realm continent experienced Great Ancient Era, after Antiquity era, Source Power can still find it there.

For the modern Divine Realm continent, where even the poles of Martial Dao have been suppressed to invincible, finding Source Power is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

“Everyone, this is the core of Artifact Spirit. Source Power here, let’s find and absorb together!”

The ultimate ancestor is the most practical. After one sentence, sit directly cross-legged and start the cultivation technique to communicate the Heaven and Earth rules.

Chu Yan and the others didn’t hesitate, they were all body flashed, suspended all over the sky, near the chaotic natural phenomenon, and began to sit cultivation.

After they refining Artifact Spirit, they can communicate with this small world by exploring divine runes and explore the origin of the world.

A group of powerhouses don’t waste a little time, they all start full cultivation.

This time cultivation is very important for the competition for the Land of Ten Thousand Months later.

Master Wanyuan Cang said that Chu Yan should be careful and be careful of the birth of the next Cang Lord, which means that Source Land is open, and a new Cang Lord Realm is very likely to appear.

This point is recognized by Chu Yan. After all, the invincible powerhouses on the Divine Realm continent have accumulated thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years of existence. What kind of horror has always been a lack of opportunity.

So, Chu Yan and Heavenly Dao ancestors are not surprised that a new powerhouse will appear.

The most important thing now is that I hope that this newly emerged powerhouse will be one of their invincible environments.

As a result, this era of Divine Realm continent is more grasping.

In a blink of an eye, three days have passed…

In every Powerhouse’s Sea of ​​Consciousness, there are storms rising. It is similar to the chaotic natural phenomenon in this small world, but to a degree, it is 108,000 li.

Their Divine Soul is also communicating with Source Power and is caught in a chaotic natural phenomenon.

It seems as if there is a huge endless grey world in front of me, with scattered auras and mysteries everywhere, it looks extremely mysterious.

In this central area of ​​the world, there is a grey lake, which is constantly overflowing from grey aura, flooding the Quartet.

And the grey matter in the lake water is not water at all. At first glance, it looks more like a flowing chalcedony.

This state, much like the Force of Eternal that Chu Yan got before, is also a chalcedony state.

What can appear in this form is definitely a good thing!

If there is nothing wrong, this grey chalcedony lake should be… Source Power!

Source Power, giving birth to Heavenly Dao rules, the spirit of Heaven and Earth, all things in nature, Golden Wood Five Elements, etc., everything is sourced by Source Power.

For the practitioners, Source Power is the root of all power. If you can refining a trace, you will make great progress.

A place like this is definitely a treasure in a treasure.


On the other side, Dao Realm mountain range is a top-secret place in Forbidden Land.

The beast emperor invincible and the evil demon invincible are two big demon, all with a dark face and full of anger.

“This time is such a good opportunity, Chu Yan is not willing to refining the golden body, and it will be impossible in the future!”

“He made up his mind to go to the inheritance of Wu’s system. If it is completely inherited, it will definitely affect my Lord!”

“Heisha, what did you say before, didn’t you say there is definitely a way!? Now, how about it?”

“If there is no way, don’t blame us for turning our faces!”

Two invincible demon, Demon’s air rolled over, roaring and roaring.

“Yes, although we don’t know what the layout is on the Lord, no matter how, Chu Yan’s current situation has affected the progress of the Lord’s reincarnation, which is by no means a good thing!”

Supreme Demon God also said, instead of questioning the Master like the two great demon, but really worried.

Heysha sat on the throne, tapping his fingers, smiling at the invincible growls with a smile on his face, and after a long time, they opened the mouth and said after they were a little calmer.

“You two, haven’t you found that the reincarnation of “Heaven” at this time appears, is it strange!?”

The beast emperor is invincible hearing this, but it is coldly snorted and said

“hmph! What’s so strange, I don’t care about those things, I only care about the Lord’s reincarnation, you quickly clarify to me, can you let Chu Yan refining the Lord’s golden body!”

The invincible thread is also nodded, said with a smile “Black sha, don’t talk about other things, everyone is smart, let’s focus on it!”

Hearing the words of the two demon invincible, Hei Sha is not surprised, still said with a smile

“Everyone has seen the process of this time! The reincarnation layout of “Heaven”, whether it is Changtianhe or Perilla, is the closest and important person around Chu Yan!”

“You don’t really think that this is a coincidence, or is it just a trivial matter?”

After hearing this, several of the invincibles present were complexion sank.

“Black Sha, you mean…”

Hei sha shook the head and said, “It doesn’t mean anything, just speculate, think about it, “Heaven” is one of the main opponents. His layout has a big influence on the main, or is that Chu Yan!? “

“Well, let’s think about it. If you are “Heaven”, what are you going to do for these two moves, and what is your purpose!?

The beast emperor invincible heard this, froze for a long time, and finally shook his head

“It’s not necessary to say, of course, to control the chess pieces for the purpose!”

“Not bad!” Hesha nodded.

“From Chu Yan’s attitude towards Chang Tianhe today, these two pieces are afraid that they might be used. When the time comes is affected, the consequences…”

He Sha said that the smile on his face disappeared and his pupils shrank.

“That Changtian River has been controlled, and the Emperor Xuantian is probably the main goal of “Heaven” now!”

“So, because of this, our opportunity is here! Even better than the last opportunity!”

After hearing this, several invincibles were shocked for a moment, followed by a few complexion greatly changed, cry out in surprise

“You…you want to join forces with “Heaven”!?”

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