Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3892


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If this little World is just an illusion, then Chu Yan is a little surprised.

“The sky is the end, the earth is the same!”

“The sky is gone, and the earth rises!”

“Reincarnation is permanence, all paths are disorderly, Heaven and Earth are furnaces, and all beings are dust!”

The silhouette of the sky continues to blur and dissipate, but the voice between Heaven and Earth still echoes, resounding through the void.

next moment, the ground under Chu Yan’s feet began to tremble and shook, and constantly cracked, and the powerful Gangwei rushed out from all directions, as if to tear everything up.

Chu Yan stood there, his whole body surging with magical breath, turning into a Demon Domain World, suppressing all directions.

bang! bang! bang!

A path of the sky thunderbolt exploded, thick dark clouds rolled up on the sky, and all light disappeared wherever it passed.

The endless wind whistling, sweeping across the earth, picking up large swaths of dust and even sand.

Blizzards, floods, and even volcanoes are erupting, the ground is shaking, the earth continues to crack, and all natural disasters are coming down at the same time in this brief moment.

For the forest in all directions, the Monster Beasts in the mountain range are roaring and roaring. The calm and tranquil atmosphere disappears in an instant. Instead, battles and killings, blood of various beasts and creatures, sway Earth.


In the sky above the sky, there was a sudden burst of flames, dropping from the sky, dropping like a waterfall, where everything was burned and turned into infinite ashes.

The flame did not stand still at all, or even weakened, and even became stronger and stronger, forming a fire sea.

The whole little World, in this brief moment, has become hell completely.

In an instant, Chu Yan stood there looking at the scene in front of him, and his whole person was a little sluggish.

World, is that so! ?

Mountain range, forests, rivers, and earth, everything becomes insignificant in front of the power of terror.

In the World at this time, there is no difference between a leaf and a mountain peak, both of them are dying out.

Chu Yan didn’t do anything, just watched quietly, a trace of clear comprehension appeared in his heart, filled with his whole piece of Sea of ​​Consciousness, as if in this brief moment, something lit up.

At this moment, he seemed to be in the sky, outside the Great Desolate of the universe, watching a World fall and collapse.

“Curious and wonderful destruction! so that’s how it is ….”

Chu Yan grasped the trace of clear comprehension tightly, and even directly sat down cross-legged, restrained all Divine Consciousness and will, and began to realize his whole body.

Time passed, Chu Yan seemed to be a huge boulder, suspended in this ever-destroying World.

The Annihilation Power surged, and when it came into contact with the Demon Domain around Chu Yan, it dissipated on its own and couldn’t make any further progress.

After a long time, Chu Yan’s body began to light up with the glow of talk, shining on the whole piece of Heaven and Earth World, like a star in the beginning, light and constant.

Chu Yan like this is completely incompatible with this ruining World, but in the endless destruction, this round is being bred in the stars, as if it is a kind of hope appearing.


The sound of flying wind appears in the Sea of ​​Consciousness…


Like electric light passing through the air, leaving a path of trajectory…

At this moment, Chu Yan’s eyes opened fiercely, and two starlight-like lights shot out in the sky, making him shine.


The roar of Chu Yan suppressed the heavens, and even the sound of the collapse of the little World was suppressed.

This a shout is like God’s Sanskrit sound, wherever it goes, everything is suppressed and all disappeared.

It’s like in the endless void and Space-Time, a ripple caused by a little, weak but with unimaginable penetrating power, moving towards all around continues to spread.

Next moment, the little World really collapsed and slowly disappeared.

What appeared in front of Chu Yan was the day when his smile finally disappeared, and his face was full of surprise.

Everything just now was so unreal, but it was witnessed by one’s own eyes.

“God! Thank you!”

The corner of Chu Yan’s mouth was raised lightly, looking towards the stiff Avatar in front of him.

I never thought that the battle with an Avatar of the Will would make myself a breakthrough.

The sudden enlightenment this time is more than ten times stronger than last time.

Now, he seems to have found a way to integrate the body of the Immortal Divine Magic and Constant Antiquity without affecting each other.

This is a road, a road that no one has ever walked and never appeared.

“Gong joyfully said friend!”

After a daze, he woke up immediately, the smile on his face was indifferent, it seemed that the loss just now was all clouds.

“Look forward to seeing each other in the future! I believe it should be, definitely…”

The volition Avatar began to crack, like a crystal shattered, cracking countless cracks, and falling continuously.

“Of course… will meet!”

Chu Yan laughed!

The chance is actually given to me by heaven, and it’s Interesting!

In any case, the confrontation between the two cannot be resolved by any strength or opportunity.

“Strange ah! Sue Fellow Daoist, you seem to be very special to this day!?”

Feng Bugao stood by, looked at Chu Yan curiously, and asked.

“Do you believe in heaven’s secrets!?”

Chu Yan glanced at the lack of sealing, a sentence that stunned the other party directly, subconsciously gently nodded.

cracking a joke!

I am the Number One Person of cultivation prediction. Someone will ask myself this kind of question.

If there is no secret, then his prediction method will be a joke.

“Then do you believe that the confrontation between me and the sky may be destined by heaven!?”

Chu Yan’s words completely stunned Feng Bu Gao.

“Uh…what’s the secret!?”

Feng Shui Gao was sluggish for a while, his eyes suddenly brightened, and he stared at Chu Yan tremblingly.

Heavenly secret!

As a genius of cultivation a, he has been pursuing the shadow of heaven all his life. The feeling that can be felt but invisible is the lifelong regret of every practitioner of the Tao of prediction.

Including his Master, who took him into this a by hand, but never came into contact with any heavenly guidance for life!

But now, the Su Yu in front of me said that he was guided by the secret! ?

“The secret of heaven… Don’t reveal it!”

Chu Yan grinned.

The whole body is tight, and the eyes are full of bloodshot seals. He almost spit out a mouthful of old blood when he heard this sentence.


Tell me this! ?

All the pants… just tell me this! ?

Feng Bu Gao has a feeling of madness, and the eyes looking towards Chu Yan are blood red.


I tried my best to keep calm and not sealed up, feeling very bad.

“By the way, I am going to retreat, what do you have to fight…yi!? Brother Feng…what are you!?” Chu Yan turned his head and saw Feng Zhong Gao’s appearance.

I’ll go, this is going to eat me! ?

“You… must be hiding something from me!” The unsound voice came almost from deep in the throat.

It looks like a wild beast who is extremely hungry, with a big chunk of meat in front of it.

“I will tell you a secret of mine, how about exchanging your secret with you?” Feng Gao began to throw his chips.

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