Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3894


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The hairy Chu Yan was staring at by Brother Hun, especially the smile, is not serious at all.

For this bullshit, Chu Yan is very clear that this is a super big scam that is even more scam than not being sealed.

This time the unsuccessful trial of the Heaven Ranking is not as abnormal as I am.

“Senior, what do you mean!?” Chu Yan asked.

“You told me how to enter the Bailing Tower, right? In the Netherworld River Valley, I was very happy to be able to talk to the Emperor Yuwen across the river, and let the Emperor Yuwen do you Demonic path Number One Person in the world!”

Miscellaneous Heaven Ranking continued to smile, but it made Chu Yan feel more hairy.

This guy knows everything! ?

“Senior, you have been monitoring me!?” Chu Yan brows slightly wrinkle.

Brother Hun! What about being a leader in the Heaven Ranking? It is absolutely unkind to do so. Chu Yan, who can’t bear it, can’t control it, but he absolutely can’t bear it, and there is no need to bear it.

“haha, don’t be angry, the Heaven Ranking was born from Heaven and Earth. This is part of the rules of Heaven and Earth, so as long as you enter the Heaven Ranking, almost all the Avatar will follow along, saying Surveillance is out of the question, it’s just limited by the rules! This, please understand!”

When Brother Hun said this, his face was big and he didn’t mean to blush at all.

It’s not that I want to stare at you, but the rules of Heaven and Earth make me stare at you. ?

Heaven and Earth rules are here. If you have the ability, you can find it to settle the account.

This is the logic of Brother Hun!

After all, over the past countless years, because this matter has had an opinion on him, it is not one or two anymore. He does not carry the pot, and just throws it on the head.

If you have any comments, don’t call me!

“So, as long as there is a ranked change, and when rewards are issued, they can appear immediately. For example, now, am I coming!? The rewards of this time, you are satisfied!”

Brother Hun has no fear, even if these cultivators are aiming for this reward, they can’t help themselves.

After all, you can eat people with short mouths.

“Senior, this reward is…” Chu Yan asked.

When Brother Hun heard this, he suddenly nodded and said with a smile

“According to my opinion…Uh, I understand that your demonic path cultivation technique is extremely overbearing. The original cultivation’s more than a dozen ways of asking questions seem to be restricted and suppressed by it, so the power cannot be fully exerted. Strength has some influence!”

Hearing this, Chu Yan’s eyes lit up instantly.

“Senior has a solution to this problem!?”

Leave aside the situation in later generations, it can be solved with Constant Antiquity Saint Physique, but in the long run, there are also problems that Ming Wang and Bowang worry about.

So this time, Chu Yan fought with the Avatar of Tian’s Will and found a solution.

Now if the Heaven Ranking spirits help out, the chance will be even greater.

Such rewards are exactly what I need most.

“Yes! I’m here to help you solve this problem, but you answer me one question first!”

Brother Hun looked at Chu Yan, his face closed, said resolutely

“Why does your demonic path cultivation technique and Yuwenhuang’s current cultivation technique have almost the same origin!? In the Netherworld River Valley before, you taught his other half the direction and thinking, deliberately!? “

As soon as these words came out, Chu Yan sucked in a breath of cold air in his heart.

This bastard is actually testing himself! ?

Is he curious, or confused by the Heaven Ranking, even the Heavenly Dao of the Great Ancient Era, is aware of it! ?

“Reporting back to Senior, this time I met Yuwenhuang in the Netherworld River Valley, which is also a kind of fate. Because his Dao Road is very similar to mine, I couldn’t help but remind him a few words , It’s not deliberately pointing!”

Of course, Chu Yan pushed two, five, six, all overthrew and pushed clean, impossible admitted.

“so that’s how it is!”

Brother Hun looked at Chu Yan and was nodded for a long time.

“In addition, your magic power is extremely heaven defying. In my opinion, it is only strong but not weak compared to Yuwenhuang. If this is the case, why not specialize in the demonic path, maybe you can really achieve this World’s First demonic in the future. The achievement of path! At that time, your battle strength must have been among the top three in the world. Isn’t that bad!?”

Hun brother then asked.

Hearing this, Chu Yan couldn’t help but shook his head and sighed.

I just left the gossip, and now there is a more gossip, and talk about a question, and now even the old one has to investigate.

“Senior, I don’t know how far this magic function goes!”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Yan didn’t say anything more, let him understand everything.

Of course the eternal gods and demons are powerful, otherwise the battle of the four great lords will come.

And not only the eternal gods and demon skills, the body of Constant Antiquity is also powerful, no worse than the eternal gods and demon skills, and later generations have found a way to merge the two.

But, after all, this is the path that others have walked.

You said they are strong, but the four great lords have fallen, or they will pretend to be dead for ten thousand years.

If you really want to be strong, it doesn’t stop there.

So, Chu Yan made up his mind to take his own way, others’ ways and ways, you can borrow reference, but will never replace your own way.

Looking back and waiting for the future generations, the golden body of Emperor Yuwen also needs to be refined. At that time, the battle strength will also increase, and then all the power of Emperor Yuwen will be subdued.

However, the demonic path cannot be trapped. It is only one of the avenues, not the only one.

“It seems that you kid, you will go a long way in the future!”

Mixed Heaven Ranking with a grin, no longer wondering what to ask.

“Start now!”

While speaking, with a wave of his hand, the void of all around disappeared, and the two reappeared in a new little World.

“Su Yu, I have carefully watched your previous battle. I won’t say much about your feelings, I will remind you a little!”

Hun brother has a righteous face at this time, and there is no more casual smile.

“You have to know that World is not something human can dominate from birth to destruction!”

As soon as this sentence came out, Chu Yan Divine Soul trembled again.

“So, the rule of man is not the rule of this World!”

Chu Yan frowned instantly, looking at Brother Hun with a puzzled look.

“After you break through to the Lord of the Sky, you will naturally understand that now I just need to tell you that the way of fusion you chose is not the right way!”

“This Heaven and Earth method is like thousands of roads. Although the final destination can be the same, it does not mean that everyone must combine all of them into a to reach the destination!”

“Since each has his own way, why not keep his own way!?”

While speaking, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking began to cast the seal, a starry sky was born in his hand, and then a new World was created in detail, the new world was born, then the majestic life developed to Peak, and then there was disaster, the destruction of World , Dissipated into nothingness.

But soon, just after Chu Yan’s stunned cultivation technique, that group of dissipated little World was bred again.

The new World is different from the original World, but the entire process of birth and destruction is exactly the same.

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