Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3896


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Feeling the increase in strength, Chu Yan tensed all over, clenching his fists.

He doesn’t know how much power has increased, but he knows very clearly that if he encounters Soulfall, as long as Feng Gao can help block the other two, he is sure to fight one.

“It should be fine if it is not high enough!”

Chu Yan breathes deeply, within the body’s powerful power burst out instantly, blasting all around the void into dust.

Not far away, a silhouette fell out of the broken in the sky, who was embarrassed and unable to seal up.

“Mixing the Heaven Ranking, what a jerk! You can just call it the jerk!”

Feng Bugao was angry and stood there constantly cursing, as if he was about to explode.

Chu Yan was stunned, then flashed over and asked “What’s the situation!? You won’t just finish the test just now!?”

Mixed the Heaven Ranking test, Chu Yan has experienced it, and he also knows that the ordinary mixed Heaven Ranking test is not complicated, in order to block the peak cultivation base, plus the benefits obtained in Bailinglou before, completely not a problem.

“Su Yu, you just came here, help me scold this guy, too jerk, too shameless!”

“Really, it was my first test. I don’t know what level the Heaven Ranking’s test is!?”

When Feng Bugao saw Chu Yan, he became even more angry and scolded louder.

“The Monster Beast that I encountered was just like a wave of water. It could not be killed at all… Besides, what three stages were my tests divided into. Those Monster Beasts with the same tide were the first stage!? “

Hearing this, Chu Yan suddenly gave a wry smile, shook the head.

There is no need to think about it at all, he knows that he might be messing up with the Heaven Ranking again, just like he did to himself.

“It’s okay! It’s okay, you continue!”

It’s not that Chu Yan doesn’t want to scold him for the Heaven Ranking, but he knows the character of the Heaven Ranking spirit. Knowing that it’s useless to scold him, it’s a waste of energy.

“hmph! Forget it…”

After staring for a long time, Feng Bu Gao finally stopped in anger.

“If it weren’t for the reward, it happened to be my prediction, I will never finish with him!”

Hearing this, Chu Yan asked curiously, “What is your rank on the Heaven Ranking now!?”

“haha, I am now ranked 37th, how about it, just a test, I was ranked more than 300, I will be able to rush into the top 200 immediately!”

Feng Bugao turned his face faster than a book. Hearing Chu Yan’s question, his face changed instantly and he was proud.

Chu Yan smiled and did not speak.

Anyway, the cultivation base that is not high is also Peak. Before one hit seven, the strength is definitely sufficient.

“The seal is not high, I am going to Huang Tian Hall for a visit, are you going?” Chu Yan asked directly.

Great Ancient Era, in addition to a few Great Influence, this Huang Tian hall is a well-known strong sect.

This force is different from other forces. The three top Gods have been specializing in Martial Dao Peak. Among the many giants of Great Ancient Era, they are the most curious and yearning for the realm above the realm.

Therefore, unlike other forces, the existence of Huang Tian Hall is mainly based on development and hegemony, but on the contrary is based on mastery of Martial Dao.

After endless years of accumulation, the various Martial Dao rules, methods of inquiry, martial skill and other information collected by Huang Tiantang have reached an extremely terrifying level.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it gathered Martial Dao data of most of the Great Ancient Era forces.

In addition, there are many elite disciples in Huang Tian Hall, all of them try various dangerous places and explore strange things mainly. For a long time, they collect various powerful treasures, which are more than other forces.

The most important thing is that Huang Tian Hall is completely open to the forces of the world and Martial Artists.

They have been implementing the rules of exchanging things for things and exchanging laws for laws, which is why they can collect so many Martial Dao cultivation techniques.

Powerhouse, there are innate talents, hardworking people, any Martial Artist who enters it, even if there is no peerless cultivation technique and Supreme Treasure in exchange, as long as they can pass the tests and prove that they are the strongest Martial Artist, they can get the same All Martial Dao information.

Under such rules, the strength of Huang Tian Hall has become a place of yearning for all Martial Artists in the world.

Bowang said that these rules of Huang Tiantang on the surface are second. The really powerful secret is supported by the Heaven Ranking.

So, Chu Yan is very interested in this Huang Tian hall.

At least in later generations, there has never been a power like Huang Tian Hall, whose goal and rule is the revitalization of Martial Dao in the world.

Even from this angle, it can be seen how common this Martial Dao from Great Ancient Era is.

Martial Artists of various philosophies and backgrounds have a way to go. As long as they persist, they will have the chance to reach the top of Martial Dao Peak.

And Chu Yan went to Huang Tian Hall this time, and the goal had already been set.

At present, Chu Yan has solved his biggest Martial Dao problem. Next, he needs to create his own way and take his own path of heaven defying.

Only in this way can he truly surpass Cang and the others.

It is so difficult to create a self-made a. It requires a lot of foundation as the foundation, including all the rules, all the martial skills and cultivation techniques, which must be used as a reference.

The general process of sand washing in the ocean requires the existence of the ocean.

In addition, according to the record of the Great Ancient Era major event recorded earlier, the ten-year Martial Dao Conference of Huang Tian Hall will begin.

Such a Martial Dao event is the best time for Chu Yan to learn about Great Ancient Era. If everything goes well, maybe he can be his own Sword Testing Stone.

“Huang Tian Hall!?”

Feng Bu Gao’s look towards Chu Yan changed instantly.

“Okay! Now that I have been on the list and have been practicing since I joined the world, it is time for the Tao of the day to regain my prestige! Brother Su, I will accompany you! Make a good break!”

At this moment, Feng Bao was inexplicably excited, as if there was a flame rising from his body.

This strange feeling came about for the first time. I don’t know if it is because he just joined the Heaven Ranking, or because of the eternally passionate Fellow Daoist in front of him.

However, this is not important anymore, Feng Bu Gao knows that from the day he met this Su Fellow Daoist, his own path was the real one.

Perhaps as the Master said at the time, my own path is to follow the way of other people’s heaven defying and achieve the path of heaven defying.

Go without the heaven defying of the predecessors, then the heaven defying will come! ?

If there is no contradiction, it is naturally impossible to achieve true prediction. At this point, my Master will be a lifelong regret until the day he dies.

Although the Master’s prediction method is much better than himself, it is a pity that he did not meet a Fellow Daoist who can walk along with the heaven defying method, so he can only regret it.

Now, my chance is right in front of my eyes. Of course I won’t miss it if I don’t seal it up.

“ha ha ha, happy!”

Feng Bu Gao looked up to the sky and smiled, madly breathing dry clouds in his heart.

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