Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3897


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Huang Tian Hall is extremely far away from where the two of them are now, and they need to be crossed over the entire battlefield to reach.

“Now that I have decided, don’t waste time. I can’t wait to make the whole world tremble, ha ha ha ….”

The whole stone palace trembled without a high-handed laugh.

“That is, it is necessary…” Chu Yan also chuckled.

Immediately, the two left the stone palace and rushed to the outside world. After they left the stone palace space, a natural phenomenon suddenly appeared in front of them.

I saw that the lightning was overflowing above the sky, and a large cloud of spiritual clouds rolled, falling down a dazzling rays of light.

This a rays of light instantly transforms into countless spears of light and shadow, moving towards below like a spear forest.


Feng Bugao and Chu Yan complexion changed at the same time.

Either it is “Cang” or the soul is chasing by the sky…

No matter which possibility it is, it is not a good thing.

“Su Fellow Daoist, this situation is not right. It seems that this natural phenomenon is waiting for us here, do you want to check it out!?”

Fengbu expert pinched and turned out a few seals, but without any clue, he turned around and asked.


Chu Yan was nodded, and flew towards the front.

No matter who it is, if you want to fight now, then fight one!

“Wait…Wait for me, I’ll find some talisman first!” Feng Bu Gao didn’t expect Chu Yan so happy, he hurriedly started looking for his talisman.

Fortunately for other Martial Artists, this Cang and Soul Falling into the sky are not good masters.


5 minutes of time later, Chu Yan and Fengbu Gao were on a grassland.

This place has turned into a battlefield, with traces of battle everywhere, the earth is cracked, there are countless potholes, and the powerful pressure and aura fill the void, making people feel a powerful killing interest.

“Battlefield!? It takes about ten days to see this aura…”

Feng Bugao watched around carefully and said at the same time.

There are some bones scattered around all around. From the outside, aura not at all is completely scattered. There are also some realms. There should be invincible Great Accomplishment cultivation base before death.

There are also some Monster Beast and spiritual objects, and the cultivation base is similar.

I raised my eyes and looked towards a place farther away, and the two of them were sucking in a breath of cold air at the same time. Looking at the places they passed, there were more and more bones.

There is something wrong with this situation!

Even if it is Soulfall or Cang, there should be no such battle strength at present.

“The situation here is not so good! Aura is spilling too badly, I don’t think it is a good thing, or we should leave first!”

Feng Bugao is a little trembling. Based on his experience, if safety comes first, it is better to stay away from right and wrong.

At this time, he has completely forgotten the ambitions he had previously said to Chu Yan.

“There is something wrong with aura! These killing breaths are condensed and not dispersed! This is not right!”

Chu Yan has always been more sensitive to killing interest.

Turning his head and looking at the seal is not high, Chu Yan is full of disgust, this product is just a counsel…it is also a counseling on the list.

“It’s all over, what’s the danger? Even if I was fighting for some chance treasure, I’m afraid I would have taken it away. Let’s look ahead and say, the situation is not right, you can leave at any time!”

Chu Yan finished speaking, disinclined to pay attention to not high, and walked straight forward.

Going further, there are more and more bones, some of which are extremely huge, like mountains.


Suddenly the two of them grumbled and stopped.

I saw the three mountain-like bones in the front release dazzling rays of light, and the coercion contained in them formed clouds and waves, layered like a tsunami.

This Heaven and Earth void seems to be suppressing the three mountain-like bones, and the condensed Heaven and Earth power is also extremely strong.

Even if it’s Chu Yan and poor seal, Divine Soul is shaking.

“Machine Beasts!? Impossible… Actually there are Machine Beasts!?”

Feng Bu Gao’s face completely changed, and his eyes were filled with unbelievable colors.

“What is Machine Beasts!?” Chu Yan asked.

“It is said that this Machine Beasts is the powerhouse that created this piece of Heaven and Earth. It is a puppet Monster Beast created by the skill of the sky. It is not afraid of some power in the world, and it can also cultivation by itself. The longer the time, the cultivation base will continue. Upgrade, and eventually grow into the existence of God Realm Peak!”

“Of course this is just a legend. Just like the legendary Ancestral Dragon, it is said to be the ancestor of the Human Race, and it also has the strength of the God Realm Peak.”

“The Machine Beasts and Ancestral Dragon should be of equal strength. They are both Heaven and Earth. They didn’t expect that even if they are dead, there is such a powerful pressure!”

I can’t help but sigh, and the rays of light flashed in my eyes

Something is wrong here.

With a wave of his hand, he released aura, including the seal is not high, and Chu Yan pulled him forward.

“Bold ants!”

“The last chance, if you don’t go back, the true body will be shot!”

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