Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3898


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“hmph! It is not easy to wait for the ants to have a cultivation base. Say true body here, and I will give you one last chance!”

“Ant, retreat quickly!”

“Ki…Ki ants, get lost!”

“Bold, bold!”

As Chu Yan and Feng Bugao continued to move forward, the overwhelming voice continued to roar, but they lingered.

When Chu Yan flew over the three mountains, he had fully understood that he felt right.

This “true body” should be problematic.

The mechanism beast is a heavy treasure, its size is as huge as a mountain, all around it is endless. If the true body is there, it should be behind these three mountains.

So, when Chu Yan and Feng Bugao crossed the top of the mountain and looked towards the back of the mountain, they glanced over, and the whole person was stunned.

I saw a big rock behind the mountain. Behind the rock was a small beast the size of a cat. He was holding his throat and shouting “Majesty” and “Heavenly Thunder”.

The ants, who are still talking and shouting boldly, threaten.

But soon, the little beast felt something was wrong, and suddenly turned his head back, and immediately faced Chu Yan and Feng Bugao with six eyes.

At this moment, the whole air is quiet.

What a joke!

In other words, the expert who has been “true body true body” from beginning to end is just the cultivation base in front of him, but the little beast of God King Realm! ?

Feng Xiaoao is stupid, his face is as black as Tan.

I just bowed and bowed, calling the other person Senior, but didn’t expect, it turned out to be just a small animal outfit.

This…. too shameful!

Chu Yan also twitched the corners of his mouth, staring at the little beast, his face getting darker and darker.

“Meow meow meow…”

The little beast froze for a moment, and immediately reacted, his big eyes flickered, and he let out a weak, helpless and pitiful cry.

This time, Chu Yan and Feng Bu Gao are both bad at the same time.

“There is a kind! You little fellow is a real kind, you dare to deceive me!?” Feng Bu Gao said, aura billowing, gritted his teeth.


The little beast continues to be weak and helpless, his big eyes blinking, his face is pure.

This facial expression is obviously not going to admit it.

“Okay! There’s a kind! Just pretend, right!?” Feng Bu Gao didn’t even look at Chu Yan, and started rolling up his sleeves.

The face I lost, I find it back.

If it weren’t for Chu Yan just now, I’m afraid I’ve been scared away now, that would definitely become a stain on his life.

“hmph! Ant, dare you!”

Seeing that the little beast couldn’t pretend, he immediately changed his face.

“I can tell you that I belong to the Orc, if you dare to move me, I will shake people!”

While talking, the little beast slowly backed away, and at the same time glanced back, obviously looking at the direction of his retreat.

“Organization beast!?”

Hearing the words of the little beast, Chu Yan and Feng Bugao looked at each other, their eyes brightened at the same time.

“haha, this is good luck, Su Fellow Daoist, I just said, with me, luck is definitely lucky.”

“This mechanism beast, maybe it is the last mechanism beast in the world, it should be the offspring of Life Source when these three mechanism beasts fell!”

The more you say Feng Baogao, the redder your eyes become, and the whole person becomes excited.

“Hurry up, take it down first, Su Fellow Daoist, you should have a treasure of the beast type!?”

“It’s really a mechanical beast!?” Chu Yan stared at the cat-like and dog-like beast, sound transmission asked.

Not long ago, Chu Yan had this idea, thinking that if he could surrender a powerful Monster Beast and bring it back in Great Ancient Era, it would definitely be a good thing.

After all, the strength of the Monster Beast of later generations, after reaching the Supreme Realm, is basically not strong.

But Great Ancient Era is different. Among the Monster Beasts here, like the organ beast, it is almost impossible to reach by most Martial Artists.

Furthermore, the identity of this organ beast is extremely terrifying, and it is still a small beast.

“God King Realm!”

Chu Yan hesitated a little, this cultivation base is too weak, such a small beast, I don’t know how long it will take to grow to the Peak of the Lord Realm.

Moreover, the resources needed for this growth process are definitely astronomical.

I still have several decades in Great Ancient Era. In such a short time, let a little beast grow to the Peak of the Lord Realm…..

“little fellow, your courage is not small, I dared to deceive us. I should have killed you directly, but my brother thought you were a bloodline at the end of the institution beast. I decided to give you a way to survive. have eaten!”

Baobu Gao fell in front of the little beast, took out a treasure, and handed it to the little beast.

This treasure is a treasure of the beast, no matter how strong Monster Beast is, as long as you eat this treasure, you will naturally be conquered.

Although this little beast is a mechanical beast, after all, now the only cultivation base is God King Realm. It is not difficult to subdue it.

Feng Bu Gao held treasure with a smile on his face, as if he was handing a lollipop to a child.

However, without waiting for the little beast to react at all, the hand behind him was constantly squeezing the seal. A path of Qi overflowed from his fingertips, like a rope, wrapped around the little beast all around Heaven and Earth of the void.

Soon, a huge cage appeared, completely sealing the little beasts all around, and it was impossible to let a little beast of God King Realm escape.

“You follow me, I won’t let you suffer, including the future…”

Chu Yan also looked at the little beast and persuaded him.

However, before Chu Yan finished speaking, I saw the little beast sneeered and roared

“Bold, trifling Human Race, I want to accept Heavenly Beast, dreaming, even if I die, I won’t give in!”

While speaking, the little beast raised his head and held his chest straight, with a look of death.

“My sage, as the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, must not weaken the reputation of my clan!”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Yan and Feng Bugao both froze at the same time, and the Sea of ​​Consciousness buzzed.

“Holy…Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast!?”

At this moment, the two of them turned their heads and looked towards the three mountains, their gazes instantly became clear.

so that’s how it is!

Before, I was still wondering why the three organ beasts only gave birth to a small beast. It turned out that… Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast was born!

And this Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast actually has its own name…Halloween!

“It seems…”

At this moment, Chu Yan suddenly remembered that in the historical records that Bowang and King Ming told him, when the four great lords broke through to the blue master realm, there seemed to be a Monster Beast, which also broke through.

It turns out that the Monster Beast turned out to be…Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast!

It is said that this Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast is extremely lecherous, any daughter of the God Realm, as long as he meets him, there is almost no escape.

Judging from the current situation, this Ten Thousand Heavens Saint should be to continue the bloodline of the organ beast, so it is exclusively for the daughters of the powerhouse of the blue master realm.

But, it’s this little fellow in front of me! ?

Just now…meow meow!

“Yes, not bad, a bit of spine, if that’s the case, then kill it!” Feng Bugao smiled extraordinarily happy, and prepared to do it.

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