Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3899


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Feng Bu Gao is also a fierce person, even if he talks a little bit, but the words are released, and the knife in his hand is also raised.

Furthermore, as soon as the sword appeared, without any hesitation, the head of the moved towards the little beast was directly chopped off.


Seeing the big knife fall towards him, the fur of the little beast exploded, the beast might surged up and down, and the mighty aura rushed out, protecting the whole body tightly.

Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast is an evolutionary version of the mechanism beast, even if he only has the God King Realm cultivation base now, but how many means of body protection are.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is more difficult to kill him than heavenly ascension.

Otherwise, this little beast would not suffocate his neck and would never die.

With a clang, the golden light surged wildly, and the unsealed sword was actually bounced back.

“Not bad!”

If it is not high or angered, the more powerful this little beast is, the more it can prove that he is the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast.

A little beast of God King Realm can actually block his invincible Peak’s blow. Although it is not high enough not at all, it cannot be blocked by God King Realm.

Apart from God King Realm, even the Supreme is impossible.


Regardless of whether the title is high or not and Chu Yan is surprised, Wan Tiansheng himself has blown up.

At this time, he also noticed that he wanted to escape alive today, for fear that he would use the power of feeding.


Just as he was about to break through, a palm seal fell above his head, directly sticking the whole person he suppressed to the ground.

“This little fellow has a bit of strength. It seems that I really don’t want to submit, Su Yu, what should I do now!?”

Feng Bugao was a little disappointed, but it was natural to let him kill the little beast.

Furthermore, this little beast is so dignified, it obviously also means the respect of Monster Beast, so its identity is more certain.

If it is an ordinary Monster Beast, it has long since returned, and even if God King Realm’s Monster Beast meets an invincible Peak powerhouse, those who want to subdue them will take the initiative to send it to the door, which requires deterrence.

Feng Bu Gao feels that this little beast has a very temperament towards him. I believe that Su Yu also likes this, so he asked, or he would just slap him to death.

“I am coming!”

Chu Yan nodded, walked to the front of the seal.

“Human Race, don’t dream anymore, if you dare to be tough, I will violent myself immediately!” The little beast looked up with a decisive expression.

The Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast must not be desecrated!

“Strong!? That is impossible!” Chu Yan shook the head, said with a smile

“You have to understand that we meet is fate, and I just give you a chance to follow me, not to be a slave beast, and I will not desecrate your reputation of the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast!”

“The mechanism beasts can breed a Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast. It is also extremely difficult to phase, but now this mechanism beasts is almost extinct. You are no more than the God King Realm cultivation base. It is extremely Difficult, let alone grow into a Peak cultivation base.”

“And if you follow me, all the resources you need will be provided by me, guaranteeing that you will surely rise to Peak in several decades! At that time, your reputation as a member of the beast clan will not be Is it revitalized in your hands!?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the little beast was stupid, and even if it was not high enough.


How could it not be tempted, the little beast dignified the strongest bloodline of a mechanism beast, but it was so confused that it had to rely on cheating to live.

Now a person suddenly appeared, saying that he would provide all his resources, which is more tempting than falling from the sky.

“Do you know how many resources I need!?” Little Beast asked tentatively.

“Since I said to provide, I won’t lie to you. I can take the Heavenly Dao vow! He can also testify!”

Chu Yan raised his hand and pointed, and the seal on the side was nodded.

Don’t say, this Chu Yan really wants to subdue this little beast. With his ability, he wants to cultivate him to the Peak state. It is difficult, but there is definitely hope.

“Invincible Peak!” The little beast looked towards the unsealed eyes, which flickered visibly.

This Human Race who wants to subdue himself can make an invincible Peak so obedient to him, and they are obviously not belonging to a power.

“hmph! I don’t believe it!” The little beast was coldly snorted, and his little mouth was immediately pouted, like a little child resisting the temptation of lollipops.

Hearing this, Chu Yan smiled suddenly.

The time when this little beast was born should be the time when these three organ beasts fell, that is to say, he only has a life of more than ten days at most.

If this can’t be fooled, Chu Yan has also come to the eternal age.

“If you don’t believe me, it’s right! That’s worth it for me to subdue you!” Chu Yan nodded smiled and glanced at Feng Xiaodao.

“Sacred Ten Thousand Heavens, right? Your Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast is scarce, not to mention you, the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, presumably these three should be the top powerhouses of the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast. If it were not for the birth of you, I am afraid. Will not fall together!”

“If this is the case, then we will make an agreement, if the Dao Realm mountain range appears, we can help you take revenge!”

As soon as these words came out, Wan Tiansheng’s eyes instantly brightened.

“The relationship between these three and you should be extremely close, and you should also want to avenge them!”

Hearing this, there was a painful look in Wantiansheng’s eyes.

He himself was conceived by three top-level organ beasts, naturally with bloodline memories, especially the memories of these three falling, which were almost integrated into his bone, making his entire Divine Soul tremble.

“I can only make such a condition, if you are unwilling, then forget it! Let’s go!”

Chu Yan waved his hand and prepared to turn around and leave without a high greeting.

For this little beast, Chu Yan is naturally very interested. It is so cool to have a Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast as a mount.

It’s just that Chu Yan needs comrades in arms, not the kind of existence that may betray at any time.

At this point, his personality is very similar to that of Celestial Emperor Wu, so he can only persuade, and absolutely will not have coercive means.

Although the opponent is just a little beast of God King Realm, if it is replaced by another cultivator, I am afraid it will never let it go.

“Really gone!?” Feng Bu Gaoxin was dripping blood.

This is a chance, heaven defying chance, just let it go! ?

“Wait a minute!”

The voice of Saint Wantian came from behind, he stared at Chu Yan and said seriously

“Human Race, your agreement can be considered!”

“However, you must take the Heavenly Might vow! You are never allowed to use that beast-repellent thing against me!”

Little Beast is young and immature, but he has bloodline memory after all.

“No way!” Chu Yan shook his head.

“Heavenly Might vows can be made, but this treasure must be used. If you don’t want to, I don’t want to leave any hidden dangers!”

Hearing this, the little beast immediately browses frowned, his face full of entanglement, and he plunges into deep thought.

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