Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3900


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Little Beast understood Chu Yan’s thoughts and thought about it for a long time.

“Then I will change the conditions. You can’t fight the idea of ​​these three bones. Help me find a top secret place and seal it up!”

Speaking of this, he still stared at Feng Gao, which meant that he was obviously most worried about this.

His face was green, because he could see it, which meant that he had to do it himself.

In other words, not only is he not good, he is also despised and has to work! ?


Chu Yan agreed directly.

“Then make the Heavenly Might vow first!” Little Beast said.

The character of this little beast is similar to that of Chu Yan, no nonsense, a man and a beast directly took the Heavenly Might vow, and then the little beast took the Thing of the Royal Beast, and the two Divine Soul instantly connected, giving birth to a spirit. Contract.

In this way, all the barriers between the two disappeared, replaced by complete trust.

“My name is Su Yu, this is the prediction method of cultivation, which is not high, then the three of us will be together!” Chu Yan said with a smile.

“It’s not high!? What’s this name!? The way of forecasting, which means that your forecasting skills are very bad!? Not high at all!?” The little beast directly began to froze.

“Asshole, who do you say is not high…Bah!? Who do you say is bad!?” Feng was angry at that time.

This can be tolerated, a little beast of God King Realm, dare to say so.

“hmph! A trifling Human Race is the ant that’s all in my eyes, you have a kind of pressing the cultivation base to God King Realm, try with me!?”

The little beast directly raised his middle finger, and shook it at Feng Bu Gao intentionally or unintentionally.

“Ha… this kid is very smart, he can excel!? Forget it, I don’t want to bully you! A finger is enough to deal with you, and you have to press some cultivation base. Isn’t it a waste of time, hehe…. “

“Su Yu, he said he would stab me to death with a finger!”


The two were noisy, Chu Yan didn’t care about it, but he was still busy arranging the space, preparing to collect the bones of the three organ beasts according to the agreed content.

After that, following the guidance of the little beast, the three of them flew all the way, moved towards the top secret place.

Soon, the little beast took the two to a top secret Forbidden Land and began to store the bones of the three organ beasts.

“Little Saint, what happened on the battlefield, why are there so many bones!?”

Feng Bu Gao said while working.

“Aren’t you the way to predict? You still have to ask me!? It really sucks…” Wan Tiansheng sneered.


“Forget it, let’s not talk about it, the things here are over, let’s go to Huang Tian Hall first!” Chu Yan interrupted.

As for what happened here, Chu Yan is also curious, but after all, the battle in Martial Dao World has never stopped. Life and death are bearish, so don’t care too much.

Now that Chu Yan has improved his will and mind, he no longer cares about these things.

Furthermore, being able to conquer Ten Thousand Heavens at this time is the biggest gain. If you continue, you will be greedy.

“Huang Tian Hall!? You are going to Huang Tian Hall!?”

Hearing Chu Yan’s words, Wan Tiansheng was obviously surprised.

After seeing Chu Yan nodded, the rays of light flashed in Wan Tiansheng’s eyes. According to his bloodline memory, this place is a good place to go.

Now you don’t need to speak by yourself, Chu Yan will take him, then very good.

“Let’s go!”

Chu Yan said, the three of them got up and moved towards the front and flew away.

When leaving the boundary of this mountain range, Saint Wantian turned his head, the light flashed in his eyes, and then disappeared.


A few hours later, the three of them reached the edge of the forest.


Feng Bu Gao and Chu Yan’s expression changed at the same time.

They felt something obvious in the void ahead.

“Is this the Great Array deployed by someone!? Explore the Great Array and watch people coming in and out from here!?” Divine Consciousness swept all around and started to explore other places.

The strange thing is that these hands and feet are too obvious, it is easy to spot, and other cultivators will probably walk around. What’s the point of this! ?

Chu Yan and Feng Bugao looked at each other, and suddenly remembered the previous… Soulfall!

These people have not left yet! ?

“Let’s avoid it!?” Feng Bugao asked Chu Yan.

“You can’t always avoid it. Do you want to challenge and consume the other three people!?” Chu Yan asked with a smile.

When I heard this, he startedled when he failed to seal up, then raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“If I said what I said before, it would be a little wasteful, but now…hehe!”

Feng Bu Gao’s body aura exploded, rushing all around like a layer of clouds.

“Su Yu, you are ready to challenge Soulfall now!?”

The rank of Soul Falling Sky is much higher, and there is a powerhouse nearby.

“Try it!”

After Chu Yan finished speaking, he flew forward and went straight through there to explore the void.

Continue to fly forward. After a short while, a tide rushed forward and swallowed the three directly.

Feng Bu Gao raised his hand with a wave, and a large Profound Light broke out, twisting all the clouds into dust.

“There are already people here, you guys get lost quickly!”

A silhouette rushed out, it was the madman daoist, staring straight at the two Chu Yan.

At this time, the little beast has turned into a cat-like body, sitting directly on Chu Yan’s shoulders, looking like an ordinary pet beast, completely unremarkable.

“en!? It turned out to be you two, who I thought it was! Didn’t expect the last time the soul fell to the sky and let you go, you dare to come back, sure enough!”

“How about, this time I just kowtow to beg for mercy, or want me to call Soulfall and them!? ha ha ha ….”

It seems that something interesting has happened, the lunatic daoist said with a smile loudly.

“hmph! Ants! Dare to desecrate the majesty of true body! Courting death!”

Wait for Chu Yan and Feng Bu Gao to speak, Xiao Beast spoke first.

However, when this sentence was exited, the madmen daoist, including Chu Yan and Feng Bugao, were all taken aback.

“ha ha ha, a little Divine King beast, dare to speak like that. It seems that you really came to court death this time!”

The voice fell to the ground, and the madman daoist shot directly, rushing towards Chu Yan like a lightning.

The monstrous Yin Fiend Qi gushes out crazily, and Ten Directions Heaven and Earth instantly turns into a whistling ghost.

“Who, hurry up and kill him!”

The little beast stood on Chu Yan’s shoulders, akimbo her fingers to make her way.


His mouth is crooked, this kid actually considers himself present…

“Aren’t you a true body? Why don’t you make a move, really…”

Although I was angry, but since I have made an appointment with Chu Yan, I will not talk nonsense if it is not high enough. I waved my hand to take out the Xuan Tian Ling and raised my hand to cover the Ten Directions.

“There is a kind of thing, it is really here to make trouble!” Seeing this scene, the mad daoist suddenly rushed with blood light in his eyes.

This is not a coincidence, it is obvious that these two people are here to avenge.

“A trifling mad fool, I want this Uncle to beg for mercy, a joke!” High-spirited and vigorous without a face.

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