Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3901


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The mad devil daoist made a long roar, and the yin and evil breath of his body became heavier, rushing to the sky.

“haha, let me have a good fight with you today and compete for being ranked on the Heaven Ranking!”

Feng Bu Gao is not an arrogant person. On the contrary, according to Chu Yan’s prediction, he is still a very persuasive person.

So, he dared to rush to the madman daoist alone. In this case, not to mention that he can absolutely kill the madman daoist, at least there will be no danger.

Because as long as it is dangerous, it will be said if the seal is not high

“Su Yu, this place is unknown, let’s withdraw first!”

“Su Yu, safety first, or let’s leave first.”

“Su Yu, I can’t do it alone…”


According to Chu Yan, I discussed with Feng Gao before. This time is mainly because Chu Yan will lose his soul for a while, so Zhan Wuji, the mad daoist and the ironman will all be handed over to him for dragging. .

Now First Stage, dealing with a madman daoist one-on-one, for him, is also a warm-up.

Above the sky, Xuantianlu was inspired by the low-level seal, constantly vying for the control of the void with the madman daoist. The two powerful fields collided with each other and stirred up the sound of violent thunder.

At the same time, he flipped his hand and took out his big knife, one blade after another hacked at the opposite madman daoist.

At this moment, Feng Bu Gao no longer has the appearance of a worldly expert, and his whole body is murderous.


The mad daoist was originally in the realm where he urged him wholeheartedly, and wanted to suppress the opponent’s Xuantian Lu, but he didn’t expect that the opponent would still have enough power, so the big knife stomped over.

After being stabbed twice, the face of the lunatic daoist turned green and it hurts so much.

This is not right ah!

How can he be attentive and able to perform martial skills when he is fighting against himself in the realm? ?

Furthermore, his martial skill is obviously not the same way as the domain, it is definitely not a matching strategy.

“hmph! I looked down on you before!”

At this time, the face of the mad daoist finally changed. Without any hesitation, Divine Consciousness sound transmission came out.

Originally, he wanted to clean up these two guys directly, carrying the corpse back, and now it seems that if he continues, he will eventually become the corpse, I am afraid it is himself.

Within less than a break, three auras rose behind him, flying like lightning.

“Crazy devil, a trifling invincible Peak, a Great Accomplishment, but you still want us to come!? Is it for us to see your majesty!?”

A faint voice followed the silhouette of the person, and instantly came to my eyes.

The soul fell into the sky, Zhan Wuji, and the three railwaymen flew in the air.

And it was Soul Falling Heaven who spoke!

“yi!? It’s you guys…”

When I got closer, my face changed color when Soul Luotian.

These two guys were going to kill themselves before. They didn’t expect to be disturbed by the Aura of the Great Dream, but now they meet again.

“Su Yu, this…person…seems to be a bit strong!”

The little beast ducked behind Chu Yan’s neck, and said in a trembling voice.

As the cub of the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, he can naturally sense the strength of the enemy. This feeling is not a demon detection, but a pure instinct.

“He is very strong! In the current Taikoo World, there are more than 200 ranked, but now, I also let you see how strong you follow me!”

Speaking of this, Chu Yan looked up towards Hun Luotian and spoke.

“The soul falls to the sky, we are very destined ah!”

While speaking, Chu Yan strode forward, moved towards Soul Luotian, and each step walked out, the aura on his body was changing.

“hmph! I let you go because of the Great Dream Lord before, don’t think I am really jealous of you.”

The Great Dream Lord! ?

When Chu Yan heard this, he immediately understood.

It turns out that Soul Falling Heaven did not chase and kill him because of this reason.

“If it is what you said, then I can tell you that there is no relationship between me and the Lord of the Dream, you can rest assured!”

After finishing speaking, Chu Yan a light shout, within the body aura is fully operational, the whole void is roaring.


At the next breath, Chu Yan’s will power burst out, condensing the sword of will, moved towards Soul Falling Heaven, raising his hand is a sword cut.

“en!? Quite cruel!”

Soul Luotian didn’t expect the other party, he would shoot directly after saying a word. It seemed that he had planned it in advance and wanted to fight himself.

putting it that way, the other party came prepared, not really met by a daoist.

In this way, you must never be underestimated.

Besides, Zhan Wuji, the railroad people are all stunned.

“Boy, two people dare to come courting death!”

The railway man laughed grinningly, took out a small flag, and waved his hand up.

“Yo! The Way of Bad Luck…haha Interesting Oh, come here, let’s fight!”

Above the sky, the seal that had been dragged by the Xuantian Spirit General daoist was not high, and overjoyed, he waved his hand and pulled the small flag forcibly over.

The pull of strength caused the railroad man who was about to attack Chu Yan to bend his body and his neck almost flashed.

“Xuantian Baoji!”

a light shout, the moment the black flag flew into the realm of Xuantian domain, there was a loud scream, and a jade light was shot on Xuantian record, blasting on the flag, and the railroad man who was dragged over immediately spit it out on the spot. A mouthful of blood.

“Good boy, deliberately…”

At this time, the railway people naturally understood.

My own Life Source Dao device is not an ordinary Dao treasure. No matter how strong the opponent is, if you want to hurt yourself with a single attack, that is definitely a trump card.

When you meet at the 1st move, you will start your hole cards. This guy definitely has a plan and purpose.

“Yes! But…what do you do with me, ha ha ha!” Feng Bugao laughed wildly.

Before he was a little worried. He dealt with the three Heaven Ranking powerhouses alone, and wondered if he could stand it.

But now, as soon as I took the shot, I hadn’t even used the Jade Compass, and I had already dragged the two of them.

Didn’t expect this time, it’s really kind to mix the Heaven Ranking spirit. After the rewards are enforced on the Xuantian Record, the formidable power has increased by at least 50%.

In this way, as long as Chu Yan doesn’t fight with Soul Luotian for three days and three nights, he will basically be fine.

“Not bad! In just a few months, my strength has improved so much!”

Hun Luotian looked at Chu Yan, and at the same time found the other side of the battlefield. He couldn’t help but his face was slightly darkened in that frantic smile.

At this moment, Soul Luotian didn’t dare to neglect any more, and began to continuously destroy the power of Yin Shao within the body.

The demon roar of all around in the sky is getting stronger and stronger, and the entire void seems to be turned into Demon Realm hell, about to swallow and sink this world completely.

At this time, the little beast that hugged Chu Yan’s neck tightly, the whole body of the beast’s hair was exploded, scared the little soul to fly.

In this World, one thing constrains one thing. If he is still afraid of Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, it can only be the power of the demonic path, and the damage to him is much greater than the others. .

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