Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3950


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Saint Martial Pavilion 1st Layer ….

The seal is not high, and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao and Heavenly Dao are all here waiting for Chu Yan.

Seeing Chu Yan coming out, Xiao Beast quickly asked, “Su Yu, how about it, will you have a harvest in a month!?”

Chu Yan clicked, said with a smile “Good harvest!”

Feng Bugao immediately eyes shined and said, “You got the cultivation technique out!?”

Hearing this, Chu Yan’s eyes twitched twice, and he said, “That’s so simple, one month’s time, not even comprehend a secret book, let alone his own cultivation technique!” /p>

Speaking, Chu Yan thought for a while and said, “Tell you one thing.”

“Do you want to stay here!?” Xiu Heavenly Dao Zu suddenly reacted, said with a smile.

“Not bad!”

Chu Yan nodded glanced at the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, and said, “I want to create my own cultivation technique, so I stay here for a while.”

“The Saint Martial Pavilion of Huang Tian Church is really a good place!”

The Tibetan pavilion of Huang Tian Hall is open to the public, so in addition to the rewards of the Martial Dao conference, the repairers in the city can also exchange for the permission to enter the Tibetan pavilion through various tasks.

So, Chu Yan is going to be like these cultivators and strive to earn more time.

“Su Yu, if you want to create your own cultivation technique, you don’t have to stay in the Huang Tian hall all the time, it’s in this place, it’s too boring!”

Wan Tian Sheng was born less than a year ago, his nature is so, I naturally hope to follow Chu Yan to see this unseen World, and for it, there is no need for secret book and cultivation technique, just need to experience more Things, everything in bloodline inheritance.

So, he naturally doesn’t want to stay in one place.

“Su Yu Fellow Daoist, my current cultivation base is on bottleneck, and I need to find a breakthrough, so I can’t stay with you here!”

Xiu Heavenly Dao said.

“In addition, in my opinion, you’d better not stay here. You and Fellow Daoist, Fellow Daoist Wan, both urgently need to upgrade their cultivation base and lay a solid foundation for others!”

“Your current cultivation base is only invincible. It’s still a long way from invincible Peak. It’s better to raise your cultivation base first and wait for invincible Peak, whether you are a comprehend secret book or your own cultivation technique is much more convenient!”

“In this way, even if the Lord’s battlefield begins, you can go directly to participate!”

Hearing this remark of the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, Chu Yan groaned a little, and suddenly felt reasonable.

This Huang Tian hall’s Tibetan pavilion is here anyway, and I can’t escape, and I just got the secret book of the Nine Doors God, and it takes time to digest the comprehend.

It’s better to take advantage of this time to improve the cultivation base.

When everything is over, if you come here and study your own cultivation technique by yourself, you can also concentrate on it without any distractions.

Seeing the expression of Chu Yan, the ancestor of Heavenly Dao said, “Little friend Su, I got a few inheritance jade by chance when I was practicing. In this way, a few of us can go in for inheritance practice together. Half a year.”

When Feng Bugao heard this, he immediately said, “Friend Xiu Heavenly Dao, what you said, but the eighteenth domain’s inheritance lake!?”

“Not bad!” Xiu Heavenly Dao said with a smile.

At this moment, the unsealed eyes lit up instantly.

The most famous of the Eighteen Realms is this inheritance lake. The repairers of the entire God Realm continent are known to everyone.

The origin of this inheritance lake, no one can tell, it is said that when Heaven and Earth was born, an extremely powerful Sect force was born, which was later destroyed by Heavenly Dao and turned into a huge sinkhole All resources and heavenly materials and earthly treasures in Sect are all turned into spiritual liquid, and they are accumulated in this sinkhole, forming a lake, which is the current inheritance lake.

The Heaven and Earth spiritual source, Heavenly Dao will, pure spiritual aura, etc. contained in it are of great benefit to the cultivation base realm breakthrough.

In addition, this inheritance lake factor has its special origin, which makes it have a trace of connection with the origin of Heaven and Earth of these eighteen domains. After how many years, it has not decreased a bit, but has continued to grow stronger.

This inheritance lake is a cultivation Holy Land for any cultivator.

It’s just that it’s not that anyone wants to enter it. Its natural seal and boundary can only be entered with inheritance Jade Talisman.

Furthermore, you must have a cultivation base under the Lord before you can enter.

Presumably, this inheritance lake should be able to bear it under the realm of the Lord, otherwise, it may not be able to bear it, which will cause its Source Power to weaken.

The current inheritance lake, controlled by a Great Influence, is said to have a great relationship with this inheritance lake.

According to the guess of the continent repairers, this force may be the inheritance force of the destroyed Sect force, so it can be recognized by this inheritance lake.

Any cultivator who wants to enter it must get the inheritance Jade Talisman issued by this force.

There is no absolute strength and relationship, and it is impossible to get inheritance Jade Talisman into the inheritance lake.

“haha, Old Ancestor is definitely a good person, the best person above this continent, ah!”

Feng Xiao Gao’s eyes were full of golden light, so I quickly took a flattery shot.

However, it is also worth it. After all, the ancestor of Heavenly Dao is willing to share it with others. This is a very generous behavior.

If you change to a repairer, don’t say to take out a few at a time, even one is impossible.

So, Feng Bugao hurried to shoot flattery, for fear that the ancestor of Heavenly Dao would regret it.

At this time, he really recognized the ancestor of Heavenly Dao. When he first met, he only said that he was an old friend of Chu Yan, but he didn’t care too much.

I found out now that this ancestor of Heavenly Dao… is definitely a good person!

“Su Yu, let’s take a look together. If you reach Peak in the invincible state, it won’t take more than half a year!”

Feng Bu Gao quickly nodded and said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Chu Yan glanced at the crowd. Since they all think so, it’s okay.

“Okay, let’s go there!”

After making up their minds, the four moved quickly and moved towards the eighteenth domain.


At this time, Huang Tian Hall, a secret place.

The Huang Tian God and a group of Huang Tian hall high-levels are all sitting in the valley, aura like sinking, like a rock.

This month, the valley kept shaking.

The valley was originally extremely quiet, but at this time it was rays of light 10,000 zhang, covering a radius of 100 li. From a distance, it seemed as if the valley was a piece of land, a natural phenomenon of gods and demons.

Mysterious aura overflows, as if the sun shrouds all directions, flooding the entire Heaven and Earth void.

It can be said that Heaven and Earth World where this valley is located has completely become a piece of Holy Land, as if there is a peerless treasure about to be born. Just these natural phenomenon aura can improve the cultivation base of the practitioner.


Suddenly, Huang Tian, ​​who was originally cultivation, waited for a group of big guys, and at the same time suddenly eyes opened.

Boom… Rumbling!

I saw a large area of ​​Spirit Seal rune rise in the valley ahead, bringing up a torrent of Heavenly Might.

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