Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3951


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The mutation in the valley finally caused a shocking change.

I saw that various Spirit Seal runes are like volcanic eruptions, moving towards all around, and the void and the earth are spraying out.

Each Spirit Seal and rune that fall on the ground will transform into a plant of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, releasing mysterious spiritual breath, while some will turn into Divine Weapon, some will turn into mountains and lakes, and emerge above the void .

All this, as if a small World is being born, appeared in front of everyone.

“Something happened!?”

Huang Tian, ​​God and other big guys, each and everyone is full of joy.

One month, finally waited.

Now, these big guys still have their minds on cultivation, they all got up and looked towards the middle of the valley, Divine Soul tightened.

Now may be the critical time…..

Time passed, and three days passed in a blink of an eye.

The natural phenomenon of the valley has not stopped, and it will break out every few hours, making the all around illusory world more solid.

Now, the holy realm of Huang Tian Church is very different from the original.

bang! bang! bang!

Next moment, a torrent of Heavenly Might broke out, and the thunderbolt exploded, rolling like a tide.

The mighty aura is surging, like a world destroying tide, surging all directions.

Even Huang Tian Lord and the others, under the pressure of Heaven and Earth, were also Divine Soul trembling, which was greatly affected.

People like them are all in the Divine Master Realm. Although they are also strong and weak, they are also the existence at the top of the continent pyramid. It is extremely rare that they will be affected by the Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon.

“Almost! Almost…”

Huang Tian God and the others seemed a little excited.


tone barely fell to the ground, a loud noise exploded, among the countless divine lights, a huge monster-like secret book, moved towards the sky, instantly shrouded and covered the sky, as if covering the sky and the sun.

When the Dao Secret Booklet rose to Lingyun Sea, he finally stopped.

ka cha!

As if there was some power fiercely splitting the Dao Sealing Booklet, causing the Dao Sealing Booklet to tremble suddenly, and the cover page seemed to loosen.

This looseness was only a moment, but it was shocked by the induction of Huang Tian Lord and the others.

Such a scene was so rare for them to witness with their own eyes. At least he had seen it for the first time since he was the Hall Lord.

At the end, all the natural phenomena are disappearing.

In the end, it turned into a crystalline jade staircase, straight up to the blue clouds, and at the end of the staircase stood a young man with a jade face and blue hair, eyes closed as if Heavenly Might gathered on him, and it would burst out at any time.

This ladder is not long, but it looks extremely ordinary, as if it is no different from an ordinary ladder.

At the end of the stairs is a palace, calm as water, the whole palace is densely covered with various Spirit Seal runes, and various Five Elements images are concurrently connected, forming various wonderful arrays.


Huang Tian’s face was full of astonishment, and the whole body was trembling.

It feels… so familiar!

This aura, this imposing manner, and this Divine Consciousness made his long-lasting memory instantly emerge, which he felt once when he first took over as the Lord of Heaven Hall Hall.

This is… the aura of Artifact Spirit.

Huang Tian God clearly feels that in that palace, there is an Artifact Spirit of the secret book.

At this moment, the whole World seems to be completely silent, falling into a dead silence.

At this moment, the Chu Yan entire group on the other side has just reached the eighteenth domain.

This day is destined to be an extraordinary day. For the Divine Realm continent and the entire Martial Dao World, it will be a day when Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes.


The eighteenth domain.

After Chu Yan and the others arrived, without any pause, they moved towards the inheritance lake directly.

The power that controls the inheritance lake, named Tianchengzong, is currently one of the ten Grand Dao Sects on the Divine Realm continent.

The ancestor of Heavenly Dao took out a few Jade Talisman and entered the will, and soon a discipline of Heavenly Dao flew over from a distance.

“You are polite!” The azure robe disciple said in a polite manner.

This discipline is politely saluting, while looking at Chu Yan and the group of four people, with weird eyes.

“There are four Jade Talisman, please take us in.”

Xiu Heavenly Dao ancestor showed four inheritance Jade Talisman and said to this azure robe disciple.


The discipline with only the cultivation base took over Jade Talisman, with a smile on his face, and said, “Four seniors, in the lower Kong side, it is an Inner Sect disciple of Tianchengzong!”

After introducing himself, he started to check Jade Talisman. After entering a Divine Consciousness, Jade Talisman flashed a Spirit Seal at the same time.

“Seniors, these four inheritance Jade Talisman are Level 3 Jade Talisman, so in the next year, if you have any questions or needs, you can contact me!”

Hearing this, Chu Yan was nodded by the four.

The Jade Talisman of this inheritance lake is divided into Level 4, from Level 1 to Level 4, the higher the level, the more precious.

The four Jade Talisman obtained by the ancestor of Heavenly Dao are Level 3 Jade Talisman, which can be regarded as the more precious inheritance Jade Talisman.

The more precious Jade Talisman is, the harder it is to obtain, and of course it is better to get treatment.

Kong Fang went on to say, “Four Seniors, according to my Tianchengzong rules, Jade Talisman above Level 3 must register with his real name after entering the inheritance lake. Please forgive me for the four Seniors!”

Feng Bu Gao was a little unhappy when he heard this, but he still opened the mouth and said “It’s so troublesome. My name is Feng Bu Gao, Loose Cultivator!”

“Sage of All Heavens, Disperse Demons!”

“Xiutian, Loose Cultivator!”

“Su Yu, Loose Cultivator!”

Fortunately, when Chu Yan announced his name, Kong Fang’s pupils shrank noticeably.

It seems that he has some special knowledge of Su Yu’s name, and his gaze has not escaped Chu Yan’s gaze.

“Something!?” Chu Yan secretly said in one’s heart.

Although this Kong Fang is deliberately hiding, but the gap in the cultivation base is here, and Chu Yan has been training on the continent for so long, the defensiveness of people is not impossible.

But, Chu Yan not at all thinks too much, the most is that he doesn’t care about it.

“Four seniors, follow me!”

The expression of Kong Fang was normal in an instant, and he bowed to each other, and his attitude was normal and polite.

After that, Chu Yan followed Kong Fang and left Cheng Tian City and flew forward.

After less than half stick of incense time, a golden lake appeared on the distant horizon.

The practitioners of Divine Realm Continent, no matter who it is, those who have never been here think that Chengtian Lake is really a lake, but they will understand when they see it with their own eyes.

This Chengtian Lake, boundless, is not worse than a piece of Sea Territory.

However, when you get closer, you can also find that Chengtian Lake is really different from the sea. The tidal waves of the sea are not at all, but the water-scaled surface of the lake.

This is obviously the feeling of a lake, and it may also be the origin of Chengtian Lake.

“Four seniors, let me introduce you a little bit. When Chengtian Lake first started, it was really only the size of the lake surface, but with the passage of time, the area of ​​the lake surface has also become larger and larger. Now, this is the case. The scale of the project. Thanks to its relationship with Heaven and Earth Source Power.”

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