Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3953


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Yuehu Elder said politely, but in fact he knew very well that if this Kong Fang didn’t have any difficulties, he would use his temperament to divide this opportunity with himself.

However, this is not important!

The important thing is that if you want to get the benefits, you can take care of it.

Who doesn’t know who! ?

“Elder Daen, that Su Yu is now in the Level 3 area, and he was taking him there just now, you can be sure!”

Kong Fang said quickly.

Elder Moon Tiger has already made a contract before, and he is not afraid of turning back.

“en!? The Level 3 area of ​​Tiancheng Lake!?”

Elder the moon tiger was taken aback.

For a moment, he pondered. Although he knew that Kong Fang would not lie, Moon Tiger Elder thought about it for a while and felt that the probability was still great.

“This Su Yu, but Heaven Hall has no way to go. He has to break into our Heavenly Chengzong. It is no wonder that we are! ha ha ha …”

Without hesitation, he took out a piece of Jade Talisman and sent a Consciousness directly.

In less than 3 breaths time, a powerful consciousness directly ignited during the transmission of Jade Talisman, and the powerful consciousness directly emerged in the sky as a silhouette.

The general communication of Jade Talisman is voice communication. When the communication of Jade Talisman in the God Realm is encountered, when an emergency occurs, the original will can be exploded and the will body will come directly.

And now, the volitional body of the Great Sun God rushed out of the transmission of Jade Talisman, which is what the Great Sun God thought was an emergency.

“Yuehu, is what you just said is true!?”

The eldest grandson’s will body rushed out, without even saying anything, he asked in a hurry.

“Eldest grandson Senior, this is absolutely true!”

Elder the moon tiger quickly stood up and bowed and replied.

“ha ha ha, good! Very good! I have been looking for him for a long time, and I missed it in Huang Tian ancient city before, didn’t expect him to be here. Fortunately, you are here!”

The Lord Changsun was full of ecstasy, and the entire great hall was shaking for a while.

“Lord Sun, do you need my help!?”

Yuehu Elder asked. In fact, this is just a kind word. With the knowledge of the great grandson, he knew that the moon tiger Elder belongs to the Tianchengzong, and here is the place of the Tianchengzong. It is impossible to let him do it .

“My true body is still in Huang Tian ancient city, and I have already set off now. If the speed is fast, it will take half a day to a day! Yuehu, you can help me. In my name, some friends now put this child in a heavy wound and locked up. After I arrive, I will torture him personally!”

Speaking of this, the killing intent in the eyes of the Great Sun God almost turned into substance, making the Moon Tiger Elder and Kong Fang present complexion stiffened together.

“Yes! Let’s do it now!” Yuehu didn’t dare to neglect.

“Okay! After it is done, I will thank you very much!”

After the Lord Changsun finished speaking, nodded disappeared in the sky.

As he disappeared, Moon Tiger Elder and Kong Fang looked overjoyed at the same time.

Thanks a lot!

The powerhouse of the God Realm can be regarded as a gift, and it will not disappoint.

So, Moon Tiger Elder was full of surprise, and quickly took out Jade Talisman to start sound transmission.

“Everyone, I have one thing…”


At this time, in the holy realm of Huang Tian Hall on the other side, in the valley where the Dao Sealing Secret Book is located.

The whole piece of Heaven and Earth is in silence, as if Heaven and Earth have become a whole, completely solidified.

Huang Tian, ​​Cangzhu and other big guys, at this time, all of them are tight, their pupils are condensed, and they even hold their breath.

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the front, looking at the valley, they dare not breathe.

Now, the most important time has come.

Above the stage, Li Mubing’s body broke apart at this time, walked to the end of the stairs, and stood in front of the palace gate.

Now, as long as he can break through this palace gate, he is considered a success.

At this time, Li Mubing’s mind was completely immersed, and there was no big thing in his mind. The entire Divine Consciousness and will were all gathered on the palace gate in front.

This palace gate is composed of Spirit Seal rune, with a touch of breath, it seems that the will of Heaven and Earth origin is contained in it.

Li Mubing raised his hand and pressed it on the palace gate, and all the Spirit Seal rune suddenly appeared.

Li Mubing had a feeling in the heart, holding hands to each and everyone Spirit Seal rune.

He can clearly feel that these Spirit Seal runes are the key to breaking the palace gate, and each of them is of great benefit to his Martial Dao.

Li Mubing browses slightly wrinkle, this feeling is very strange, it seems to make him have a mysterious feeling.

“Almost there!”

Huang Tian, ​​the God of Heaven and other big guys, watching Li Mubing stand in front of the palace gate, all of them are heartbeat accelerating.

Li Mubing neither fast nor slow, refining these Spirit Seal runes one by one.

Soon… disappear one by one.

At the end, only one rune appeared in front of Li Mubing.

This rune is an eye-shaped rune, with a hint of mighty majesty, it seems to be the rune of the way of the emperor.

Li Mubing didn’t hesitate and raised his hand to grab it.

However, the moment he grabbed his hand on the eye rune, the mutation suddenly occurred.


Li Mubing suddenly eyes shrank, and instinctively felt something wrong in his heart.

This rune is obviously different from the that many rune refining before, but it is the last rune, and some abnormalities are normal.

Li Mubing stopped, and after careful consideration, he shrank his aura to one place, gathered it on his palm, and continued to grasp the rune.


Only heard the sound of the sky-shattering loud explosion, the entire palace was stunned, and the rainbow light burst into the sky.

The whole World was instantly shrouded by rays of light, and I couldn’t see what was happening at all.

A full 3 breaths time passed, after the valley stabilized, and then looked up, Huang Tian God and other big guys were all stupid.

I saw that the palace had been restored as before, but the Spirit Seal rune above the palace gate had all been restored, and Li Mubing stood under the stairs with a dull face.

It felt like he was driven down by the palace.

“This…what happened!?”

The complexions of several big guys suddenly changed, simultaneously shua shua white, while running within the body cultivation technique, Divine Consciousness and pupil power all moved towards the stairs.

However, their Divine Consciousness and pupil power can only reach the palace stairs, they can’t make any further progress.

Several big guys startedled and quickly explored Li Mubing together. After a breath, the big guys’ complexions turned dark.

At this time, there was no more aura on Li Mubing’s body.

“Lost…. Failed!?”


On the other side, the eighteenth domain, in Chengtian Lake.

In an underwater palace, Chu Yan sits cross-legged, constantly refining various golden and dark golden auras in the water.

The cultivation in this lake made Chu Yan very surprised.

Let Chu Yan feel as if he was immersed in the spiritual breath of Heaven and Earth, and the whole body felt warm.

According to this situation, it will not take a year at all, and he will be able to break through to the Peak cultivation base in the invincible state at most six months.


Chu Yan clearly felt a strong aura on the water and suddenly appeared.

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