Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3954


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The sky above Chengtian Lake is not at all too big for me, but Chu Yan’s Divine Consciousness has discovered that dozens of powerful auras are flying in secret beyond 10,000 li.

According to those aura’s points, it is exactly where I am.

If it’s just one or two auras, Chu Yan might think it was passing by, or the discipline of Tianchengzong.

But now, this is a large group of powerful auras, and the goal is right here, which is a bit unusual.

“There must be a problem!”

Chu Yan is not a newcomer to Martial Dao World. Without the slightest hesitation, aura broke out in an instant, turning into a mighty Heavenly Thunder power, soaring above the surface of the lake.

“Bold! Who…”

There was a sound of shouting above the lake, followed by a direct sentence “start!”

Without any nonsense, in an instant, more than 20 powers broke out, and a silhouette descended on the lake, all staring fiercely at Chu Yan.

“So many people!?”

Chu Yan pupil light condenses, and Divine Consciousness swept across.

Of these twenty-odd people, almost all are invincible cultivation bases, and five of them are still invincible peak cultivation bases.

The others are basically the cultivation base of the Small Accomplishment Realm in the invincible realm, which is considered to be a practitioner who has just stepped into the invincible realm.

“Sunset Universe Dafa!”

More than 20 people all shot together, and the hand seal that they had accumulated a long time ago was sold, and more than 20 Profound Lights were printed immediately covering Chu Yan.

In an instant, silk threads appeared behind them, entwining the void like a cord of lightning moved towards Chu Yan all around.


All the cables of electricity and light are connected, and the void is constantly trembling, as if to cut out this piece of void and completely isolate the whole piece of World.

next moment, large pieces of silk threads are connected together and turned into an inescapable net moved towards and shrouded below.

“Seal the Void!?”

Chu Yan’s eyes were slightly drenched, watching this scene, suddenly heart slightly startled.

Such a powerful Array is almost impossible to appear in later generations. According to the situation of later generations, the Great Array composed of more than twenty people can even support a period of time in front of the God Realm.

This is almost impossible in future generations. Even if it is a hundred invincible realm, it is extremely difficult to deal with a dark master realm.

Obviously, this group of people deliberately targeted themselves, and they were prepared.

Chu Yan looked towards the crowd, his gaze swept over these people, and found that he didn’t know them, I should have never seen them.

Using Chu Yan’s current Willpower amount, anyone who has met will basically have an impact.

“Are you from Tianchengzong?”

Chu Yan looked at these people and asked.

Here is Tiancheng Lake, which belongs to Tianchengzong. If they are not members of Tianchengzong, it is impossible to be so exciting, but it has no effect.

If it is really unaffected, then Chenghu Lake has become a battleground for all kinds of battles, and cultivation a fart.

“hmph! Su Yu, read that you are a genius on the Heaven Ranking, let you know today!”

The headed person is Elder Moon Tiger.

He didn’t need to act on this matter at all, but when he heard the words of the great grandson that there must be a reward, he was moved.

Thinking that I personally took this Su Yu and handed it over to the Lord Longsun, not equivalent to completing the reward of the Lord Longsun, all the resources of the Lord belonged to him.

For this result, all the people he contacted were his confidantes, and he also used Great Array, which can be said to be foolproof.

Even when Moon Tiger Elder first came here, for the sake of thoroughness, he didn’t say a word, so he used Great Array when he came up.

Now that the Great Array has been completed, and that Su Yu is trapped, there is no risk anymore. Elder Moon Tiger is so calm and unavoidable.

“I heard that you were in the Huang Tian Hall not long ago, and your reputation was shocking. You have a good future for Martial Dao. You don’t know how to cherish it. You have to do something that violates Heavenly Dao. Now I’m waiting to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, Come to judge you, this is called heaven’s net is wide, and none can escape its mesh, omission but not missing, ha ha ha ….”

Thinking of all the resources and wealth of the great grandson, Elder the Moon Tiger couldn’t help feeling ecstatic.

With these resources, with his Martial Dao savings for so many years, there is definitely a chance to attack the Lord Realm.

“Don’t think I’m talking nonsense, I’ll tell you, Heavenly Dao has its own rules, so the eldest grandson will become my friend at the time, and only then will you have today’s calamity! This is called heaven’s net is wide, and none can escape its mesh, understand!?”

When Chu Yan heard this, he finally understood that this matter was done by a man named Changsun.

“Longsun Blue Lord!? This name feels a bit familiar…” Chu Yan brows slightly wrinkle.

“He can’t cut Heavenly Dao, what is the name of the father who killed the last time!?”

Suddenly, Chu Yan thought of a little influence, and finally understood something.

“Su Yu, so brave, killed the only son of the eldest grandson Senior, and even dared to pretend not to know!?” Yuehu Elder scolded.

Hearing this, Chu Yan shook the head immediately.

That’s what it is, it’s for revenge.

This matter should be the previous introduction of the discipline Kong Fang, who recognized himself and told him the news.

So when he saw Kong Fang before, his eyes were strange.

“It’s a bit careless!”

Chu Yan groaned and shook the head. If he knew this, he would change his appearance and save trouble.

At that time, I had felt that Kong Fang was a little bit strange, and Chu Yan reported his real name directly, which led to this incident.

“Fellow Daoist, this child can only be hit hard, don’t kill him!” Elder ordered Yuehu.


The confidants responded together.


Next moment, everyone moved together simultaneously, and dozens of attacks swept out like a frenzy, like a river of killing intents, smashing the waves.

Chu Yan complexion slightly changed, the Demon Domain appeared, and it skyrocketed in an instant, covering the entire wave of attacks.

Next moment, the long sword took out in the hand, and the body flashed directly bypassed and appeared in the other direction.

“There are a lot of people!”

Chu Yan’s face is dark, looking at dozens of silhouettes over there.

This Great Array envelopes this void, I am afraid that if you hit it inside, you won’t feel anything outside.

It also restricted his range of activities, and dozens of people on the other side seemed to have discussed it, and they gathered together to continuously perform large-scale attacks. If this is the case, even consumption can drag him to death.


At this moment, a roar exploded, and the two of Heavenly Dao and Feng Bu Gao, Xiu Heavenly Dao, rushed together not far away.

Both of them had a Heavenly Might outbreak, and the speed was like electricity, like two stunned rainbows.

Their location is not far from Chu Yan cultivation place, just within the scope of this Great Array, so when the battle is over, they feel that they have come to support them quickly.

“Tianchengzong, you still have to have no shame, but we have Jade Talisman, you dare to start us!?”

Xiu Heavenly Dao sternly shouted at these people, feeling that Face is red.

According to the rules of Tianchengzong, all those who hold Tiancheng Jade Talisman’s cultivation are their Noble Guest.

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