Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3956


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For the Longevity Lord, the rank and status of the Longsun Lord in Tianchengzong is not low, and this Su Yu killed his only son, so things will be difficult to handle.

If it’s other things, the Great Sun God will not hesitate at all, but now it’s a little troublesome.

However, this lawlessness is also of great significance to him.

At the same time, in the Huang Tian hall on the other side….

At this time, the valley was completely silent, terrifying quietly.

The huge monster-like Secret Book of Dao is suspended in the sky, releasing Heavenly Might Yan and aura, and the entire sky is still in a world of golden light.

At this time, nothing seems to have changed, but it feels obviously different again.

Li Mubing stood there, the whole person was blinded, and even the pain caused by the trauma on his body was completely unconscious.

What’s the situation now! ?

I… failed 1?

I haven’t experienced this feeling for a long time.

Just now, when I was almost about to succeed, that last eye, rune, seemed to burst out with a force I had never seen before, just like that.

“Senior, I…failed! I disappointed you. It seems that I am not the one who the Taoist Secret Book is looking for!”

Li Mubing is a genius after all. After a while, he reacted.

When he said this, his heart was full of misery and unwillingness.

In the previous Martial Dao conference 5th Layer test, I clearly came to the end.

Furthermore, how many years can there be a number of people who can motivate the Secret Booklet like myself! ?

Not to mention, it was approved by Dao’s Secret Book.

But even so, I failed in the end, and I was not the one who was looking for the chance to seal the secret book.

If you say so, then who is the chance to seal the secret book! ?

Because of this, Li Mubing is very unwilling, but he has to face such a result.

This sense of loss is the seed of Heart Demon in the future.

“Little friend, don’t worry, you have done a great job!”

The Huang Tian Lord reacted, shook his head slightly, and comforted opened the mouth and said “This matter should have nothing to do with you. The key is to seal the secret book!”

“Yes! Li Xiaoyou don’t need to care, your injury is serious, it is the business to recover quickly, don’t think too much about other things!”

A big boss spoke, and also offered comfort.


Li Mubing was nodded, and after bowing and saluting, he took out the medicine pill and sat cross-legged to recover.

At this moment, the sadness I couldn’t feel before, with a sense of loss and unwillingness, hit like a tide, almost completely submerging him.

Huang Tian, ​​the Lord and other big guys, felt that all the changes in Li Mubing’s aura, his face was dim, and he gently shook the head.

It’s not easy for anyone to fall on this matter.

Moreover, the feeling of loss of these big men in the heart is much stronger than that of Li Mubing.

They have waited until now, and they planned to wait so long, and finally ended up with such a result.

If they fail at first, they may not be so disappointed yet, but when there is hope, they fail at the last step. The greater the hope and the greater the disappointment, it’s really bad.

This time, Li Mubing, who they finally found, failed. If they continue, they have to start again.

But, how long will it be… before it is possible! ?

But now, because the Artifact Spirit of the Taoist Secret Book is blocked, it itself cannot refining the origin and spirit from Heaven and Earth in the sky, so it needs Huang Tiantang to continuously invest in heavenly materials, earthly treasures and resources.

Furthermore, with the use of the Secret Booklet during this period, this consumption has also doubled.

At present, most of the income of Huang Tian Hall is used to supply Dao Sealing Booklet. After a long time, with the foundation of Huang Tian Hall, I am afraid that it will not be able to support it.

Furthermore, it is not just a matter of resource expenditure. If the time is too long, the origin of the Taoist Secret Book will not be warmed for a long time, and it will also hurt the origin.

This is a more troublesome thing, and it might even drop the order.

But now, the only hope is so dashed.

A group of big guys, now they are completely at a loss and there is nothing to do.

For a while, the entire valley fell silent, and no one spoke again.

After a long time, Lord Huang Tian took out Jade Talisman gently, poured Divine Consciousness, and opened sound transmission.

“Brother Hun, are you still there!?”

Soon, the golden light flickered in Jade Talisman, and the voice of the Heaven Ranking spirit rang.

“Haha, did it succeed! Very good! I’ll be here soon!”

Hearing these words, the corner of Huang Tian’s eyes instantly twitched twice, and the corner of his mouth felt bitter.

“Brother Hun, you don’t actually use it… Li Mubing…failed!”

The Divine Consciousness message in the entire Jade Talisman trembled suddenly and fluctuated in an instant.

The Heaven Ranking spirit on the opposite side seemed to be taken aback by the news, and was stunned on the spot. There was no sound at all.

Before leaving with the Heaven Ranking spirit, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about it. On the contrary, he cares more about it than anyone else.

After ten breaths, Jade Talisman fluctuates again, and the sound comes out.

“hmph! Familiar, but if you use me to crack a joke, let’s see how I will clean up you later!”

Hearing this, Huang Tian shook the head with a wry smile again, not to mention that Brother Hun didn’t believe it, he himself didn’t believe it now.

“Brother Hun, how dare I crack a joke with you in this matter! Li Mubing…really failed! Alas…”

After this sigh, the Heaven Ranking spirit on the opposite side was completely furious.

“Fart! How is it possible! Li Mubing failed impossible, absolutely impossible, the 1st place of this Martial Dao conference is definitely the one who sealed the secret book, this is impossible! That is what it said personally.”

“Now, are you telling me this is a fake!? What is the point of it saying such a lie!?”

“After spending such a big price, it was finally motivated. Is it just to come out and tell a lie and lie to us to play!?”

“This is absolutely impossible!”

I said a lot in one breath, and the Heaven Ranking spirit felt that his aura was unstable.

This is so terribly wrong at all. If this news is told by others, it will be suspicious, but it is said by the Secret Book, how could it be false! ?

“Brother Hun, from the current situation, only this can explain it! It…really lied to us!”

Don’t say that the Heaven Ranking can’t figure it out, Huang Tian God himself also doesn’t understand, it deceives these people, what’s the point! ?

However, this is the case now, and there is no other explanation.


Heaven Ranking Ling is really angry this time!

I don’t know how many years have not been angry with the Heaven Ranking spirit, the whole person seems to be exploded.

“Dare to lie to Laozi, it doesn’t want to mix up. You are waiting there. I will go over immediately. I want to see if it doesn’t want to mix up. If I really dare to lie to Laozi, I will punch him out !”

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