Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3960


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The Huge Lord who appeared before only appeared with the will body, but now when the powerhouse appears, it is directly the true body.

In this way, might be quite different.

“pay respects to Sect Master!”

Shuilong and Yuehu Elder and the others, when they saw the visitors, their faces were overjoyed, and they quickly paid respects to say.

This old man with blue hair and azure robe is the current Sect Master of Tianchengzong, the Heavenly God!

With his current strength and status, he is on an equal footing with the Lord of the Tiger Leather.


Tian Jue Cangzhu’s eyes swept across the audience, after slightly nodded, looked towards Huge Cangzhu and Chu Yan, opened the mouth and said

“Huge, there has never been an old grudge between your Tiger Star Mansion and my Tianchengzong. Therefore, if you trespass into the power of my sect without permission, I will not care about it, you can leave!”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Yan and Feng Gao’s expression changed.

In this situation, it is obvious that there has been preparation. It seems that the eldest grandson has guessed that Chu Yan has support. After all, the Huge has announced on the entire Divine Realm continent that the relationship between Su Yu and him, in this way, The Lord Longsun invited out Sect Master Juetian to counterbalance Tiger Leather.

Sect Master’s presence will no longer be a personal grievance. It may become a matter between Sects, which will trigger a Sect war at any time.

In that case, the consequences will be serious!

This is equivalent to pushing the Tiger Leather Lord to the point where he put his Sect and influence on the bargaining chip.

“Juetian, you want to help the eldest grandson!?” Huge said.

“Huge, I have already said, there is nothing to say, you leave immediately!”

This time, Juetian God’s tone was clearly sharpened.

“ha ha ha, Interesting!”

Suddenly, without waiting for the Lord of Tiger Leather to answer, another Great Desolate aura burst out from Chu Yan, accompanied by laughter, a silhouette emerged.

As soon as this person appeared, he stood beside the Great Lord Huge and looked at the opposite Heaven Lord.

“It’s the Lord again!?”

All the powerhouses present, at this time, their hearts fiercely twitched, and the Sea of ​​Consciousness shook. Everyone did not expect that there would be another powerhouse of the Lord Realm.

“en!? Blazing sky!?” The face of Juetian Lord suddenly sank.

“Absolutely God, we used to have a good relationship. That grandson was just a lowly me from Heavenly Dao. Sect was damaged, but he retreated all over his body. You still expect him to be wholehearted for you. Tianchengzong!?”

The Lord Blazing Sky while speaking, with a smile on his face.

“You two, must protect this Su Yu!?” The Heavenly Lord asked.

“What this said, you have come to me and Huge! Of course, he must be well-kept, this matter is well known to everyone, this child and I both attach great importance to it, it is better to sell We both save face, so don’t involve too much about Junior’s affairs. From now on, Hu Ge and I will come to thank you!”

The Blazing God said with a smile.

After this sentence, there was a moment of silence.

The Absolute Heaven Lord browses tightly knit, thinking and weighing secretly in his heart. Now the other party is two great influences, and they are also Two Great Influences. Tiger Star Mansion and Blazing Star Building are not resources like his Heavenly Chengzong Sect. comparable.

Although the Great Sun Lord has brought out a lot of benefits, he always feels that it is not worthwhile now.

Huge and Chi Tianquan continent announced that they would protect this Su Yu. This is something that all the cultivators are well known. If they help the Great Sun Lord kill Su Yu in front of them, then It is equal to irreconcilable relationship.

In this way, Tian Chengzong faces great pressure, it is very likely…


At this moment, Jade Talisman, the messenger of the Heavenly Lord, trembled suddenly, and a message came. When the Heavenly Lord looked at it, his eyes suddenly brightened after a few breaths.

Obviously, the water dragon invincible has been passing on the situation at the scene to the eldest grandson in time.

Because of this, seeing Jue Tian Sect Master hesitated, the Great Sun directly took out the heavy treasure, instantly making Jue Tian Divine Lord firm again.

“Didn’t expect, the eldest grandson even took out this!”

Sect Master also knows what the Blazing Heavenly Lord said is true. When the sword Heavenly Dao was overthrown, the eldest grandson Heavenly Dao had little power and was completely self-protected, so he could retreat without any injuries. .

But now, in the hands of the eldest grandson, there is a treasure that he desperately needs.

Therefore, the reason why he included the Great Sun Lord into the Heavenly Chengzong Sect was not because the Heavenly Lord thought he wanted to rely on him to increase Sect’s strength, but from the beginning to the end, it was for the Lord Great Sun’s hand. Heavy treasure.

What I didn’t expect now was that for the sake of an invincible descendant, the eldest grandson actually took it out.

“Two of you, the eldest grandson has already joined my Tianchengzong, so naturally I have to fully support him, you two should leave, don’t let the result become too bad!” Sect Master opened the mouth and said .


Huge Lord and Blazing Heavenly Lord, both complexion slightly changed at the same time, and looked at each other.

It seems that the precious treasure in the hands of the Great Sun Lord has already promised to Juetian, otherwise he wouldn’t work so hard, and it was obvious that he had already been moved by Chitian.

The precious treasure in the hands of the grandson, the two of them have also heard of it, and now it seems that it should be real.

This Sect Master is quite nonsense, but he is talking about devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

Divine Realm continent There are only so many gods, who doesn’t know who! ? Especially veteran blue masters like the Tiger Leather and Blazing Heaven have lived for endless years.

“Juetian, I won’t say more nonsense. Today I still said that, whoever touched Su Yu on Divine Realm continent is to talk to me and Chi Tian, ​​irreconcilable, including your entire Tianchengzong!”

The Lord of the Tiger Leather spoke directly, an aura broke out, and a wave of air surged all directions.

The same is true for the Blazing Heavenly Lord, his body’s energy exploded, and the Heavenly Lord’s might swept out, instantly sweeping the entire piece of Heaven and Earth.

In an instant, the whole scene became extremely terrifying, and under the outbreak of various God’s auras, it seemed that it was about to destroy the Heavens and exterminating the Earth.

“Su Yu, don’t worry, Chi Tian and I are coming at full speed. You will be safe!”

Huge Lord Huge glanced at Chu Yan, and while speaking, he looked towards Tianchengzong behind Juetian Sect Master. The meaning couldn’t be more clear.

Killing Su Yu alone will destroy your whole family!

“Many thanks, two Seniors!” Chu Yan thanked him.

“What a big tone! Huge, Blazing Sky, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” Juetian Lord face turned cold, the Lord Aura on his body broke out, and the entire Tiancheng Lake below was shaking.

All the practitioners who cultivation in Tianchenghu wake up together with shocked faces.

They have never encountered such a situation before. In the Tiancheng Lake cultivation, everything was normal. Today, all of the spiritual breath and spiritual source suddenly disappeared.

The Heavenly Lord mobilized the origin of the entire Tiancheng Lake, and as a result, his strength skyrocketed.

“Chu Yan, this is a problem!”

Xiu Heavenly Dao saw that the situation was not right, and his face was tight, and the sound transmission said to Chu Yan.

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