Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3961


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In the current situation, both the Huge and Blazing Sky Lords are only the will body here, but the Juetian God is here as the true body.

In this way, even if the two great lords protect Chu Yan, it is impossible to block it.

The rest will depend on whether the time they arrive can last before Jueten Sect Master succeeds. This is a gambling probability.

And this probability is related to life and death!

On the other hand, even if the two great lords came here, this is Chengtian Lake. If it is the site of other people’s Tianchengzong, plus the Heavenly Lord is the Sect Master of Tianchengzong.

Now that his face is completely torn apart, if he summons the power of the whole family, he will definitely occupy the absolute top in a short time.

Even the Sect war broke out between the Tiger Leather and Blazing Sky Lords, but it still takes time, which is another question of probability.

Calculated in this way, regardless of whether the Huge and Blazing Sky Lords come to mention it, for Chu Yan, the right time and place are not good for him.

“Su Yu Fellow Daoist, don’t worry, I…find someone!” Feng Bugao also found that something was wrong, gritted his teeth and said.

Now, there is only one way, and that is to find his big brother… God!

Feng Butian is one of the four. As long as he appears, he can basically solve the problem.

“Chu Yan, there is another way. We can use the historical materials that Ming Wang and Bowang told us, and let the Tiger Leather and Blazing Heaven as rewards, to summon other powerhouses to help!” Heavenly Dao ancestor also thought of a way.

“Good!” Chu Yan nodded.

The trouble this time is quite big!

Maybe I and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao will be stuck here, so we must use all means to solve the trouble.

The method of repairing the Heavenly Dao ancestor is feasible. Anyway, many historical materials can’t be used by myself and the Heavenly Dao ancestor. As a resource, it is also a way to make the best use of.

Chu Yan Sea of ​​Consciousness flashed by, all kinds of historical materials about Great Ancient Era before.


At this moment, the Heavenly Lord had already made a move, he naturally knew the importance of time, and making a move was a killer move.

A thunderbolt is swept up by a powerful gang, just like God’s punishment, moved towards the will of the Lord Huge and the Lord Blazing.

The two great lords saw this move and at the same time the complexion changed, directly exploding the will body, and jointly contending.

In a crash, the war broke out!

At this brief moment, a majestic voice from the sky suddenly sounded.

The shout was like a Heavenly Thunder rolling, exploding above everyone’s heads, and immediately made everyone’s body and Divine Soul tremble at the same time.

“Absolutely, bold! Stop me now!”

Words like thunderbolt, call the audience!


Everyone present was shocked.

This might be so strong, it won’t be another powerhouse coming from the kingdom of the Lord! ?

“This kid, can actually call three lords!?”

The Lord Juetian’s heart chuckles, very surprised, didn’t expect this Su Yu, with such a big background.

“There are only three of the three. The treasures in the hands of the Lord Changsun, I must get them!”

The Juetian Lord groaned for a moment, then made up his mind without any wavering.

For that treasure, he took in the eldest grandson, and now he bet on the entire Sect. At this step, he will not be shaken by anything at all.

Furthermore, he had repeatedly rejected the Huge Lord and them twice before, but now he has changed his words, which is a bit embarrassing, after all, he is a Sect Master.

The most important thing is the treasure in the hands of the great grandson. As long as you get it, your strength will increase. When the time comes, no one is afraid.

You must know that Martial Dao cultivation base has reached the realm of the Lord, even if it is necessary to increase a little strength, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension. The increase of the strength of the corresponding Dao will also greatly improve the body and status.

“Stop!? Impossible! When is Tianchengzong where I am!? Dare to yell here, impudent, even if there are ten gods today, Su Yu must be dealt with by Lord Changsun! Who said that? No way!”

Zetian Lord shouted loudly.

“en!? Quite stiff!” The voice appeared again, with a hint of coldness.

As the sound appeared, a silhouette slowly floated above the void, showing his figure.

“Juten, are my words useless!?”

When the man appeared, his face was cold and his voice was soft.

“You are…”

Hearing this, Juetian Sect Master looked puzzled, and looked up, he was puzzled, didn’t expect someone on the Divine Realm continent to dare to talk to him like this.

I am a powerhouse in the realm of the Lord of the Darkness, a continent Martial Dao Peak exists, and I am also a Sect Master, which can be said to be above ten thousand people.

However, when he looked up and saw the silhouette that emerged, the entire pupil suddenly shrank.

“Hun…Hun the Heaven Ranking spirit!?”

Everyone present, except the water dragon invincible, saw this silhouette and they were all taken aback.

For a while, the longevity deputy Sect Master, the moon tiger Elder, a good man, looked of shock, completely stupid.

What’s the situation! ?

This is the real continent, how can the existence of the big bosses appear here.

“Juetian, I am here to take away Su Yu. What you just said was… against!?” Hun Heaven Ranking’s face was serious, still calm.

“For…Su Yu!?”

Hearing the words of the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking, all the people present were full of amazement, all of them looked astonished, and all turned their heads and looked towards Chu Yan.

Who is the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking! ?

That is the existence of equivalent to Supreme. Since I knew him, I have never heard of it. He has participated in the dispute of the continent power, and it is completely undisputed.

According to historical records, the Heaven Ranking Spirit has never made a single shot on the continent.

With this kind of existence, the little Su Yu, who is just invincible, can actually invite him to take action! ?

What is Su Yu’s background and background? This is too terrifying! ?

“Su Yu Fellow Daoist, you… are too unjust, you have such a backstage, and you are still hiding!? We are worried about this!?” Feng Bugao was unwilling.

But Chu Yan, his opponent, is confused and confused.

Mixing Heaven Ranking spirit! ?

This guy doesn’t seem to have any friendship except to cheat himself…

“Mixing Heaven Ranking Senior, no no, you have to take Su Yu away, absolutely no problem, Tian Chengzong and I will never stop him.”

The Lord Juetian was sweating, his face turned green, and he quickly replied.

cracking a joke!

No matter how good treasure is, life is important!

This is the spirit of the mixed Heaven Ranking, the continent is the absolute top, and it controls the existence of the mixed Heaven Ranking.

And what is the Heaven Ranking! ?

That’s the Supreme’s list. Every powerhouse kills murky heavens dark earth in order to be ranked on the Heaven Ranking.

For the Supreme Treasure of the eldest grandson, the God of Absolute Heaven can be an enemy of the entire world because he has a bottom line. As long as he gets this treasure, he will not fear other Gods in the future.

But now, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking has appeared. If he is an enemy, I am afraid that he will not even have the chance to see the Great Sun God. It can even be said that even if he sees it, he will refining the treasure. Also on this Divine Realm Continent, I can’t mix it anymore.

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