Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3963


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Hearing this sentence, Chu Yan suddenly reacted, glanced at the valley in the distance, gave a wry smile, replied

“Senior, there is a last resort, so…sorry!”

Hearing this, the whole face of the Heaven Ranking Ling became purple, staring at Chu Yan with a cannibal expression.

“It’s really true! You brat …. Great! I almost got scammed by you!”

The spirit of mixing Heaven Ranking really didn’t expect. I also had this day, so I almost got it here.

His face turned green with anger, but he couldn’t help Chu Yan and kept blowing his beard and staring.

“Little friend Su, please come back this time, there is a very important thing, please see…”

Huang Tian Cangzhu said with a solemn expression.

Following the direction of Huang Tian’s finger, Chu Yan just saw Li Mubing not far away, sitting there cross-legged, a wound, blood-stained long robe, although the blood stopped, but that body was severely injured His body is still very clear.

“This is…The Secret Book of Taoism!?”

Although Chu Yan can probably guess, when he sees it with his own eyes, he still has a look of shock.

The kind of special aura appeared in his Sea of ​​Consciousness, surging in his body, making him unnaturally yearning for this book, as if he had obtained it, and he was able to treat everything in the world. Know everything.

Heaven Ranking Spirit and Huang Tian looked at each other, and there was a slight color in their eyes.

Next, Huang Tian God opened the mouth and said “Little friend, this book is the Supreme Treasure of Imperial Heaven Sect. You have already met during the 5th Layer assessment, but you didn’t know it at the time. !”

When Huang Tian said this, he glanced at Li Mubing, and told Chu Yan in detail about his contact with the secret book.

“So, you guys called me here to…”

After listening to Huang Tian’s words, Chu Yan has already understood in his heart.

“Yes, Li Mubing did his best, only the last step, but still failed. This shows that he is not the one who is looking for the opportunity in the Daofeng Secret Book. We learned from the Artifact Spirit of Daofeng Palace, You gave up on the 1st place deliberately, so we speculate that you are the one who has chance!”

Huang Tian God opened the mouth and said “This matter is of great importance. We hope you can help us to get rid of the Artifact Spirit of the Taoist Secret Book.”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking also looked at Chu Yan and said, “Boy, the benefits are indispensable to you. I will give you a great opportunity after it’s done.”

As for this, Chu Yan hesitated at the time and thought about it.

“Seniors, the Dao Sealing Secret Book is of great importance. It is extremely important to the Martial Dao practitioners of the entire Divine Realm continent. Junior can help, so naturally there is nothing to say, but I don’t know what I should do!?”

Chu Yan asked, Ling Ling of Heaven Ranking suddenly smiled, and nodded said “Yes! Very knowledgeable, you just need to get close to him!”

Chu Yan hearing this, nodded, moved towards the valley with your foot up.

A few steps flashed, he fell in the middle of the valley to the road of the secret book, and looked up.

All the inductions in the Secret Book of Dao, the masterpiece of rays of light, were shot out of a aura overflow, wrapped in Chu Yan, and instantly swallowed Chu Yan.

“That’s it, just wait a month and you will know the result!”

Huang Tian, ​​the long and relaxed Lord of the Sky, regardless of whether it is successful or not, at least everything is going well so far.

Compared to the feeling that hopes were completely cut off before, this is much better.

So, Huang Tian Cangzhu sat cross-legged and began to move and cultivation.

I can still sink my heart now.

“What I’m afraid of for a month is just a few glasses of wine. Go get some good wine and wait while drinking…”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking is also sitting cross-legged with a smile on his face.

“Brother Hun! You are not leaving!?” Huang Tian, ​​the God of Heaven and a group of big guys were a little surprised, and looked up at the same time.

This confidant of the Heaven Ranking spirit left directly before and would not wait here at all.

“It’s up to this kid if this is going to happen or not. I’m still staring at it, so I’m more assured!”

Have an experience, nodded.

At the time of Li Mubing, he thought that there was no problem at all, but a big mess happened.

Furthermore, this Su Yu ran to Tianchengzong, if it weren’t for himself, he would rely on Huang Tian God to rush there, fearing that Su Yu would have been destroyed by Tianchengzong by the time he arrived.

Under such circumstances, can he rest assured! ? Still staring at it.

“By the way, you!”

The Huntian Lord is idle now, turning his head and looking towards the Palace Artifact Spirit, which is still waiting carefully.

“Do you know that because you concealed it, this kid is in a dangerous situation. If I go one step late, the consequences will be disastrous. You can’t afford to die a hundred times!”

As soon as this word came out, the Palace Artifact Spirit trembled all over, and Mao was so frightened.

Run quickly….

Apart from anything else, I originally wanted to mess with the Heaven Ranking Spirit Senior, and the set is close. This is not the right situation. Let’s run now.

The scene is quiet, time is slowly passing by…

In the eighteenth domain, Wan Tian Sheng and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, because of Chu Yan’s relationship, are now completely honored guests of Tian Chengzong, just like the three top tycoons. , There is no such thing as Tiancheng Lake’s graded entry.

Now their three people, when Tianchengzong wants to go there, no one can control what they are doing.

Compared with the previous treatment, that is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Furthermore, on the 2nd day, Tianchengzong issued an announcement, expelling the long-sun Cangzhu from Tianchengzong, after which he has nothing to do with him.

When this happened, as soon as the long-sun Lord rushed back to Tianchengzong, he found that he was locked out of Sect, and he was stupid.

Next is the moon tiger Elder and the water dragon invincible who have also been driven out. The Lord Changsun asked them what happened.

The two of them blushed with suffocation, and in the end they could only shake their heads and sigh, without saying anything… dare not say anything.

The grandson Cangzhu’s whole person is shaking….

No matter what, that Su Yu, there is nothing at all, he is alive and well.

And I was kicked out of Tianchengzong, how could this be the result! ?

Of course, the eldest grandson God knows that there must be some major event in the middle. Anyway, it is not good for him.

Time goes by, one day passes in a blink of an eye….

In the sacred realm of Huang Tian Church, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking is holding a glass of wine, looking at the distant scenery with a special taste, and glances at the huge book of calm and tranquil from time to time, with a calm expression on his face.

“haha, old emperor, your aura is still a little weaker, and the taste of this wine is not as good as before! Or, look back and change the place to make wine, I have a good place, I promise…”

For the words of the Heaven Ranking spirit, the Huang Tian God who has been staring at the Taoist Secret Book, turned his head, a pair of bloodshot eyes fiercely glared at the Heaven Ranking spirit.

When is it all? There is still time to care whether the wine is good or not. What kind of wine is brewed? Is it time to say whether the wine is good or not?

At this time, Huang Tian God, that is forced to drink with you because of helplessness, no matter how good the wine is in your mouth, it will be like white water, tasteless.

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