Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3964


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For Huang Tian’s tension, the Heaven Ranking spirit is a little disdainful.

“What’s so nervous about this, what can be…”

Without waiting for him to finish saying a word, suddenly a ray of light rose up in the Secret Book of Dao in the distance.


Almost at the moment the rays of light rose, the wine glass in the hands of the Heaven Ranking spirit was instantly crushed by him, and the whole person stood up and looked into the distance.

I saw the aura that broke out in the secret book in the distance, and went straight to Yunxiao.

A large number of Spirit Seal runes are contained in it, and a huge Immortal Palace has evolved, which emerges above the sky.


Mixed with Heaven Ranking spirits and other big guys, their pupils shrink.

“Huang Tian, ​​Li Mubing caused this natural phenomenon at that time… how long was it!?”

The Heaven Ranking Spirit stared at the palace and asked without turning his head.

“I don’t remember very clearly, it seems to be eight days and four hours before the half stick of incense.” Huang Tian God replied.


With this drink, all the wine tables and wine bottles in front of the Heaven Ranking spirits turned into powder, flying in all directions.

At this moment, he couldn’t drink another drop of wine. He stood there, his whole body tense, staring straight at the palace, completely motionless, his face extremely solemn.

Huang Tian Cangzhu glanced at him, and the corners of his eyes twitched twice.

Time continues to pass….

The rest of the time, a group of big guys, including the Heaven Ranking spirit, just stared at this natural phenomenon so closely, without blinking their eyes.

Another day has passed….

The eyes of a group of big guys are bloodshot, and they even hold their breath.

At this moment, the elapsed time is only Nine Heavens, but the level of natural phenomenon has reached the level of natural phenomenon caused by Li Mubing in a month.

What level is this, it is totally more than three times the difference.

At this time, Chu Yan should have set foot on the ladder Li Mubing had stepped on before.

On the other hand, Li Mubing has been cultivating for nearly ten days, most of his injuries have recovered, and he slowly recovered from the cultivation.

“This…what happened!?”

The moment Li Mubing eyes opened, he thought he was still in a dream.

On the ladder that made me fail in my dream, there is a familiar silhouette standing in the middle of thousands of rays of light, just like God.

“Su…Su Yu!?”

This silhouette, he will not forget that he almost replaced him as the 1st place Su Yu at the Martial Dao conference.

By now, he will not forget even more, and may even remember it for life.

This is God-like silhouette, rays of light!

Even the palace where Li Mubing was defeated before, in front of the God-like silhouette, seems to have already acknowledged allegiance.

What’s the situation! ?

“He actually went up that ladder, could it be…”

Li Mubing, as the Number One Genius whom Huang Tiantang liked, was naturally not stupid, and instantly wanted to understand what had happened after his failure.

“No! I only used Nine Heavens…”

Suddenly, a consciousness flashed, and Li Mubing was shocked and froze on the spot, completely stupid.

Nine Heavens!

A step that he took a month to reach, he actually achieved it in Nine Heavens time! ?

“Mubing, how are you doing!? How do you feel!?”

Hun Tian-like noticed Li Mubing’s situation, so he turned his head and glanced at him, then asked.

“Many thanks Senior, care, it’s okay now!”

Li Mubing heard the voice of the Heaven Ranking spirit, and felt that his mouth was replied.

“That’s good!”

Mixed with Heaven Ranking spirit nodded, turned his head and looked towards the valley palace again, keeping his eyes on.

“That’s right! The reason why we called Su Yulai was that during the 5th Layer assessment, the spirit of the palace found this Su Yu, but he voluntarily gave up at the last step, so I re-checked him and caught him back for a try! “

Li Mubing suddenly eyes shrank when he heard the words of the Heaven Ranking spirit.

Give up! ?

putting it that way, the real 1st place of the Martial Dao conference is not yourself, it should be this…Su Yu!

His 1st place was actually given to himself after he gave up! ?

For a while, Li Mubing was hit again, standing there like a dead stone, and the Sea of ​​Consciousness was blank.

“I tell you this, what do you think!?”

Heaven Ranking Spirit looked at Li Mubing and asked, with a strange light in his eyes.

“Before…Senior, I just didn’t expect something like this to happen. There are countless Martial Dao World genius. I am not surprised that Su Yu is better than me. I just look forward to it! This way, the Martial Dao road will be more Interesting!”

It’s not that I don’t say that this Li Mubing is a real genius!

Those cultivators who are full of pride and regard the world as nothing, are basically impossible to achieve his Martial Dao innate talent and aptitude.

So, when the Heaven Ranking spirit asked him, although Sea of ​​Consciousness was blank, it was subconsciously replied.

“Very good!”

Mixed Heaven Ranking spirit can naturally see that Li Mubing’s answer is beyond his original intention, not deliberately.

In this way, this Li Mubing did not disappoint him.

“I don’t know the result yet, whether he is stronger or weaker than you, there will be a result soon! Let’s wait together!”

Mixed Heaven Ranking, Ling suddenly feels better. A Li Mubing and now Su Yu. This is a double harvest, not bad!

“Yes, Senior!”

In this moment of breath, Li Mubing’s mind returned to normal, and once again became calm as still water, which attracted the darkness of Heaven Ranking.

Time goes by…

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking, Huang Tian Lord, Li Mubing and a group of big guys, all waited quietly.

An hour later, Chu Yan stood in front of the palace gate.

At this time, Chu Yan could feel a familiar aura reappearing.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yan raised his hand again, triggering the palace gate to reveal a large number of Spirit Seal and rune.

Spirit Seal runes one after another, constantly being refined by him.

Because it has been refining once before, the speed this time is twice as fast as the last time.

In less than one hour, all the runes disappeared, and there was only a pause in front of the last rune.

It’s not because this rune is difficult, but Chu Yan is thinking about it, wait for the palace gate to open or not…

Will the Space-Time rule appear again! ?

While thinking about it, Chu Yan didn’t stop, and soon refining the last rune, turned and walked towards the palace gate.

At this moment, Li Mubing’s pupil suddenly shrinks, and aura is condensed.

Sure enough, this Su Yu is better than himself!

At this time, Huang Tian, ​​the God of Heaven and the mixed Heaven Ranking spirit and the others, his complexion became extremely nervous, and he looked at Chu Yan standing in front of the palace gate together.

Boom… Rumble!

Almost the moment Chu Yan raised his hand, a thunderbolt exploded above the sky, and the whole palace trembled suddenly, and it became blurred in an instant.

“What’s going on!? This is a failure!?”

Heaven and Earth resonate. This is what inspired Heavenly Might. Do you want to stop this? ?

Is this Chu Yan not the one who had the chance to seal the secret book, so he was prevented! ?

A group of big guys, their faces changed horribly in an instant, and all were dull.

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