Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3966


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At this moment, Chu Yan is completely shrouded and Divine Soul is isolated from the world.

Under the cover of mysterious feeling, Chu Yan’s six senses are closed and he can feel nothing.

“Tongbao, you are…”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking was a little confused, and asked.

But when he looked at the three-flower gathering tripod, his face instantly turned dark, and when he looked towards Daofeng Artifact Spirit, his face was full of grudges.

“Brother Hun, I am running out of time! Alas…”

Heavenspan let out a faint sigh, which made the atmosphere a little serious.


Huang Tian, ​​the Lord Cang’s expression became anxious, and he asked.

Know that this secret book is the Supreme Treasure of Huang Tian Hall. If this falls, the loss of Huang Tian Hall will be great.

“There is no way!? As long as you bring it up…”

Ling at the Heaven Ranking’s face became heavier and heavier, staring at each other closely, and asking.

“Brother Hun, my origin is already incomplete and beyond repair. You don’t have to be like this, everything has its own secrets!”

Speaking of this, Heavenspan Shu Ling smiled softly, and then continued

“For so many years, I have concentrated on the same, I have created that cultivation technique, and I have no regrets in this life!”

Li Mubing in the crowd heard this and immediately eyes shined.

cultivation technique! ?

Created! ?

The cultivation technique created by sealing the origin of the secret book even made it fall.

This cultivation technique is so terrifying! ?

“However, I can fall, but the Secret Book of the Taoist Seal is the treasure of the source, and cannot just fall, so…”

Speaking of this, his gaze turned and fell directly on Li Mubing.

At this time, all the big guys in the audience startedled together, and slowly turned their heads and looked towards Li Mubing.

What do you mean! ?

This Li Mubing has something to do with the life and death of Dao Feng’s Secret Book! ?

“Li Mubing!”

Heavenspan Shu Ling’s voice sounded, with incomparable solemnity.

“Would you like to let the Secret Book of Taoism be integrated with you, and carry this original treasure with your Divine Soul?”

As soon as this remark came out, it was like a thunderbolt, shocking the audience, everyone’s eyes changed sharply, and their faces were terrified.

This is… a sacrifice!

In Martial Dao World, it’s not that such a thing happened, but no cultivator in the world would be willing to sacrifice his fleshy body and Divine Soul in it.

Only when the fleshy body falls, will some repairers place their Divine Soul in the Taoist treasures, but that is forced by helplessness, and has been pursuing the reshaping of the fleshy body, and would not want to Trapped in Artifact Spirit for a lifetime.

In that case, it’s not an Artifact Spirit! ?


Li Mubing didn’t expect at all, Heavenspan Shuling would make such a request to him, so the whole person was stunned.

“Don’t worry too much, the Taoist Secret Book is the original treasure. Unlike the ordinary treasure, you can always pursue your own Martial Dao after your Fleshy body integrates it! It does not affect your cultivation! It will not be trapped It, as long as it does not fall, you will never fall!”

“The relationship between you is mutual growth!”

“It’s just that the sole purpose of the Taoist Secret Book is to create that cultivation technique!”

“After the inheritance of the cultivation technique is given to Su Yu, you must help him to create the cultivation technique completely so that he can turn it into his own Tao!”

As these sounds sounded, a piece of aura gushing out of the three-flower gathering tripod, slowly condensing into a silhouette.

This is a handsome young man with a pale face, like a white jade, without a trace of blood energy. There seems to be some Shenyue shadows and feelings in his silhouette and aura.

The moment his gaze appeared, the corner of his mouth was slightly raised and nodded when he swept across the Heaven Ranking spirit, and then fell directly on Li Mubing.

This eye looks over, like a sea of ​​stars.


He looked at and looked at the Heaven Ranking spirit, after a long period of silence, only a long sigh remained.

Heaven Ranking spirit here wants to say something and do something, but now, he can only respect the decisions of his old friends.

Even if this is his last old friend on the Divine Realm continent, but he can only respect his decision and goal.

“Li Mubing, are you willing!?”

Heavenspan Shu Ling spoke softly.

It’s a great thing for anyone!

“Senior, what I want to know is why you need me to help Su Yu inherit the cultivation technique you created!?”

Li Mubing began to ask about himself, which is what he cares most about.

“This matter…”

Heavenspan Shu Ling thought for a while, and when he was about to speak, suddenly, in front of him, Jade Talisman among the three-flower gathering tripod burst out a dazzling golden light.

Heavenspan Shu Ling hurriedly raised his eyes and saw that on top of Jade Talisman, Chu Yan was standing there, with three rays of light entangled in his body, exactly purple, black and white.

These three colors are like three giant dragons, coiling around Chu Yan’s body, making a loud roar.

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