Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3967


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Under various natural phenomena, Heavenspan Shu Ling gently opened the mouth and said

“Yes, he really is not the ultimate chance!”

Hearing this, the Heaven Ranking spirit who stood on the side suddenly looked startled.

“Heavenspan, what do you mean!? You mean, he is not a chance one!?”

Not only is it mixed with the Heaven Ranking spirit, Huang Tian God also has a nervous look on his face, turning his head and looking over.

When Li Mubing heard this, he was more puzzled than them.

However, he has the lowest status here, not at all directly ask.

After a few breaths, Heavenspan Shuling reacted and took a deep breath before looking towards Li Mubing Road

“Brother Hun is a good person, I should have told you everything, I have to talk about this matter before my accident…”

“Back then, I, Brother Hun, and Huang Tiantang were all studying Martial Dao wholeheartedly, and even leading the Martial Dao practitioners in that area, all obsessed with the ultimate martial arts, the entire continental Martial Dao The speed of development has increased to the extreme. At that time, Martial Dao World was several times stronger than it is now.”

“I don’t know why, such Martial Dao World seems to have triggered some special rule force.”

“Lun Haori appeared at the place of my cultivation, shrouded in my valley, no matter what I used, I couldn’t force it back.”

“This horrible day is very peculiar, but it is the origin of Martial Dao World. Its appearance represents the development of Martial Dao to Peak, which is prosperous and declining. I have been meditation for many years, and I have sensed this, and it will continue. Decline and die.”

I heard this remark, Li Mubing’s complexion changed.

Martial Dao World…death! ?

This is impossible!

As for the rise or fall of Martial Dao World, all forces and practitioners have a common understanding.

You only need to look at the number of genius in Martial Dao World to judge the prosperity and decline.

In the current Martial Dao World, Tian, ​​Yuwenhuang, Ye Rongtian, and Wu have appeared, but since Martial Dao World, the strongest four genius.

Under such circumstances, Martial Dao World can only be Peak, how could it fail! ?

“Don’t believe it!? Normal!”

Heavenspan Shu Ling smiled, shook the head and said, “Even I didn’t believe it at the time, but when I realized the space-time long river, I discovered that no matter what, there is a beginning and an end. This is also the Grand Dao Rule, which is very prosperous and must decline!”

“Anyone, nothing can escape! It’s just that some people know, but most people don’t know it!”

“In the long river of Space-Time, I have also seen…my decline! Only by this can I know that my life essence will be exhausted!”

“Since then, I have spent all my time in cultivation retreat, wanting to fulfill my biggest dream, creating a cultivation technique, and finding opportunities to make this cultivation technique a Martial Dao cultivation technique, in the future It can reverse the universe and protect this continent Vault of Heaven!”

Speaking of this, the eyes of Heavenspan Shuling are shining.

At this moment, Li Mubing seemed to be infected by him, and his whole person instantly climbed up in an imposing manner.

Wu Chi!

Exactly like yourself!

It’s no wonder that I will become willing to integrate Dao Secret Book, didn’t expect it is the same kind.

“However, if heaven defying is good, there must be someone who can create heaven defying. The cultivation technique can be created, but no one can cultivation, so it needs to be improved, but my source has been exhausted, and there is no way to continue. Up!”

“This is a secret! It is also a chance! No human resources can do it!”

“Originally, if you want to perfect this cultivation technique, you need a person with the best chance, but I don’t have much time, so now Su Yu is the best!”

“Look at this Jade Talisman, if it is the most suitable person, its rays of light should be 9! But now Su Yu only triggered the five daos, which means that this Su Yu is not in line with a half!”

Heavenspan is bookish, looking at Jade Talisman’s rays of light, and there is a hint of thinking in his eyes.

“Heavenspan, why do you need this!? Now that you have Li Mubing, you don’t have to worry, I can accompany him slowly to find the chance, when the time comes, inherit this cultivation technique, at least eight times The above Jade Talisman rays of light, isn’t it better!?”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking also has some puzzled questions.

“Brother Hun, it’s not like this!?” Heavenspan Shuling chuckled and shook Yao Yao’s head.

“I am the Artifact Spirit of the Taoist Secret Book, so only I can sense when the chance will appear, but because my life essence is greatly depleted, I can’t accurately sense the time!”

“If I passed away! I am afraid it will be more difficult for you to find. This time point may be one year or ten thousand years! It is impossible to judge at all!”

“We can’t wait!”

Speaking of this, Heavenspan Shuling sighed softly, thought about it and said.

“However, after Su Yu, you can continue to look for it, and the cultivation technique can still be inherited! But for now, let this Su Yu prevail, and let him give my mission first!”

“After he grows up, you can also ask him to search with you, so maybe it’s more accurate!”

“However, don’t tell him these things explicitly! So as not to affect the degree of integration of his inheritance cultivation technique!”

Heavenspan Shuling said with a smile.

“What you said is reasonable, but it seems to be somewhat unkind to Su Yu!”

Mixed Heaven Ranking with a wry smile, shook the head.

“Senior, what’s not kind!?”

Suddenly, Chu Yan seemed to wake Cong Chi from the mysterious feeling. He heard the last two words and asked.

Heavenspan Shuling’s face was shocked, and he explained quickly

“Nothing, we are chatting that’s all!”

“Come, Su Yu, now you and Li Mubing are standing under this three-flower gathering tripod!”

Chu Yan and Li Mubing looked at each other and walked out together.

Li Mubing knew everything in his heart, but Chu Yan was a little strange. Why is there still Li Mubing now? Could it be that Heavenspan Shuling wanted to give him a chance! ?

When the two reached the Sanhua Juding and stood firmly in front of the Sanhua Juding, the Sanhua Juding seemed to have come alive, releasing a lot of spiritual energy, completely submerging them.

In front of Chu Yan and Chu Yan, a large amount of Profound Light was running, making them completely blurred.

At this moment, they are in a sea of ​​clouds, everywhere is shrouded in sunlight.

Heavenspan Shuling stood not far away, wearing an ancient robe of jade and Yunsi, looking at them two, couldn’t help but chuckle nodded.

“Li Mubing, from today, you are the spirit of the Taoist Secret Book!”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the words thundered, all around the void trembles, as if resonating, and they all responded.

“The spirit!?” Chu Yan complexion changed.

“Yes! Junior complies with the order!”

Li Mubing’s face was serious, and he bowed to accept the order, watching a Profound Light fall and hitting him, he quickly sat cross-legged and started cultivation.


all around the sea of ​​clouds rolled, pulling up the Heavenly Might, gathering around him all around, the tide is like a sea, surging all directions.

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