Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3968


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This is the beginning of an inheritance!

Never, but in the ordinary repair world, it happens often.

But no one knows now that a vital inheritance of Martial Dao World that can affect the entire Divine Realm continent has already begun.

“Su Yu, for so many years, I am not really sealed here, but I am here to create a cultivation technique with all my strength. This cultivation technique requires a chance to cultivation, and you are my choice. Chance one!”

Heavenspan Shu Ling looked at Chu Yan and spoke very slowly, as if he was afraid that Chu Yan could not hear him clearly.

“Now, are you willing to cultivation this cultivation technique!?”

Hearing this, Chu Yan’s face slightly startled.

“cultivation technique!?”

He didn’t expect that this Heavenspan Book Spirit actually gave himself such a huge opportunity.

Chu Yan has already noticed that this Heavenspan Shuling and the Heaven Ranking Spirit are probably a sort of existence.

It is the kind of original Taobao level of Kunlun Xianshan. This kind of existence is conceived by Primordial Heaven and Earth, and has an extremely terrifying origin and mission.

Now that he chooses himself, that must be a great opportunity beyond imagination.

And this Heavenspan book spirit consumes huge original power and sealed himself here for countless years, just to create a cultivation technique! ?

“Senior, I…”

Chu Yan bowed his hands quickly.

Regardless of cultivation or not, this recognition and kindness is immense.

“Su Yu, I tell you that this cultivation technique is not free, I have a few conditions! I can tell you in advance”

“First of all, you must be responsible for thoroughly perfecting this cultivation technique, so that it is absolutely suitable for genius Martial Artist cultivation, and there must be no cultivation. I will let Li Mubing help you in this matter. The two are absolutely foolproof!”

Li Mubing and Su Yu, who have passed five rounds of assessments by Huang Tiantang, can definitely represent the top genius of Divine Realm continent.

If one is not insured, then two are really foolproof.

After all, this cultivation technique cost a huge price. The Heavenspan book spirit and the Heaven Ranking spirit don’t want it to have problems. If there is really no genius suitable for cultivation, then the trouble will be big.

After all, this cultivation technique was created by Heavenspan Shuling alone in retreat. There has never been a cultivation by a cultivator, and there are all kinds of probabilities.

Cultivation technique does not mean that you can create a cultivation that can be perfect and without blemish. The more top-notch cultivation technique, the more careful you need to improve it, and there must be no such things as cultivation deviation.

“Secondly, after you cultivation this cultivation technique, you must assume the responsibility for the prosperity of the Divine Realm continent Martial Dao World with your own ability, and you must not let it decline! If there is any catastrophe, you must try your best to change it. ! Maintain Martial Dao World!”

“Finally, I hope this cultivation technique, when you encounter someone who can trigger the Jade Talisman, 9 rays of light in the future, you can teach this cultivation technique to him and let it continue to inherit. Go down!”

Speaking of this, Heavenspan Shu Ling stopped for a while and looked at Chu Yan quietly, as if giving Chu Yan time.

After 3 breaths, Heavenspan Shuling opened the mouth and said again

“Su Yu, are you willing!?”

Chu Yan stood there, slightly startled, pondering in his heart.

In fact, these requirements and conditions sound difficult, but in fact, not at all practical content can be said to be very easy.

According to a cultivator of temperament, these are all normal things.

Improve the cultivation technique, maintain Martial Dao, and inherit the cultivation technique!

Many practitioners have been doing these three things all their lives. They are nothing more than ordinary things.

This is nothing to Chu Yan.

As for the cultivation technique inheritance, Chu Yan is naturally willing.

“Su Yu, you are the only one who has been approved by the Taoist Secret Book for thousands of years. I don’t have much life essence now, and I don’t have time to wait any longer, so I can only rely on you for this matter. Please help me by mistake!”

Heavenspan Shuling’s tone became extremely sincere and eloquent.

“Senior, you are polite!”

Chu Yan quickly replied “For me, Senior passed my cultivation technique, which is a great kindness to me. For me, I should follow your request!”

Chu Yan bowed his hands again and said, “With these three requirements, I will definitely make an all-out effort, and now I will take the Heavenly Might vow!”

Not waiting for him to finish, Heavenspan Shu Ling shook his face, saying “No need!” with a smile on his face.

“You are the one by chance, as long as you agree, this is more trustworthy than any oath!”

“Su Yu, this cultivation technique has just been created. I hope it suits you and can play a role in your Martial Dao. Originally, with your innate talent and aptitude, even without this cultivation technique, you will be the best in the continent. It’s just a matter of time!”

Speaking of this, Heavenspan Shu Ling smiled slightly and glanced at Li Mubing.

“Then you and my descendants, start cultivation!”

Chu Yan nodded, sitting cross-legged with Li Mubing, Heavenspan Shuling waved his hand, and two wisps of light fell between the two eyebrows.

As these two streams disappeared between the two of them within the body, no one would have thought that the fate of the entire Divine Realm continent and the entire Martial Dao World began to move.

On the other side, in the Holy Land…

Mixed Heaven Ranking Spirit and Huang Tian God and a group of big guys are waiting anxiously, looking towards the great hall from time to time, the three different flowers in the middle, especially the Jade Talisman on it, flashing sun and moon Guanghua.

At this time, all the big guys suddenly trembled and looked towards Tiantian, seeming to feel their hearts.

On the sky, countless thunderbolts appeared above the sea of ​​clouds, and above the 10,000 zhang Vault of Heaven, there was a natural phenomenon of spiritual light, revealing turbulent resources.

The huge Taoist Secret Booklet suspended in the valley, at this time, the pages of the writing are turned, and every time it is turned, a large natural phenomenon in the sky will evolve.

A special unspeakable aura, from the void between the sky, and it seems to gush from the depths of the Vault of Heaven, covering the whole piece of Heaven and Earth.

At this moment, the Heaven Ranking spirits and other bigwigs knew that Heavenspan Shuling had begun.



next moment, the silhouette of the Heavenspan book spirit emerges from the three flowers, standing in the void.

At this time, his jade robe is bleak, his face pale, with a touch of azure.

This is a sign of the depletion of the origin. Without the support of the origin, the origin Artifact Spirits are impossible to survive in the world.

But at this time, the Heavenspan Book Spirit, not at all, any emotions surfaced in his expression and eyes, as always calm and calm, as if all this had nothing to do with him.

“The Taoist Secret Book has a new heir, Li Mubing, and Su Yu, the chance one, has also appeared. When the inheritance began, because of the relationship between the two inheritance at the same time, the Taoist Secret Book was weak and might not be able to bear it. I hope everyone will take action to help me stabilize the secret book!”

Speaking, Heavenspan Shu Ling bowed his hands in a humble manner.

“hmph! Stop talking nonsense with me! What do you think we are!? Do you still need to talk about this kind of thing!? Also use you to waste the source and run out to inform us!? Who do you think I am!?”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking doesn’t know why, but is so angry that coldly snorted makes a sound.

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