Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 3969


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For the attitude of being confused with the Heaven Ranking spirit, Heavenspan Shuling is not only not angry, but rather nodded with gratitude

“many thanks!”

Huang Tian saw this scene and said again

“Lingyue Senior, please rest assured, my Huang Tian hall will definitely go all out, it is the key to the entire Divine Realm continent, my Huang Tian hall at all costs, absolutely guarantee its stability!”

“Okay, many thanks!” Heavenspan Shu Ling continued to thank.

Today, this is his most important day, and it is also his best day.

On this day, his mission will be completed.

So to everyone, I smile and thank you all the time.

“Is the time up!?”

Ling with the Heaven Ranking’s face is deep.

“en! Brother Hun, don’t be sad…” Heavenspan Shu Ling looked over and the pupil light flashed slightly.

“hmph! Ghosts will be sad for you!” Coldly snorted in the Heaven Ranking.

“Anyway, you are going to get out, come on, let’s have a drink! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

While speaking, the spirit of the Heaven Ranking waved his hand, and two wine glasses appeared in front of him, the spirit wine was lightly fragrant.

“Okay, have a drink!”

Heavenspan Shu Ling did not hesitate, and for the first time in his life raised a wine glass.

“haha, come!”

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking laughed and toasted.

Heavenspan Yueling also smiled, drank the wine in her hand, and suddenly felt a pungent throat. The taste of this wine…It’s not very good!

“I’m leaving!”

Putting down the wine glass, Heavenspan Shuling’s whole body began to become extremely gray, and a little black fragments continued to peel off from him.

A group of big guys stood there, watching quietly, silently.

At this time, in Xiayun Little World….

A shocking transformation occurred in Li Mubing’s body.

While Chu Yan is on the side, the aura on his body is equally amazing.

A piece of darkness in the Sea of ​​Consciousness World, rays of light, the golden Divine Consciousness body keeps advancing, and keeps coming from the dark world.


Chu Yan looked at the golden silhouette and asked.

The golden silhouette walked to the front and stood still, the pupil light stared at Chu Yan and said, “The heavens are impermanent, the earth’s spirit has no reins, and the eternity is within the realm. There is no life and no perseverance, only the eternal law, and all the law is From vain, meditation and insight must be aware of it!

“Open your heart with Divine Eyes, and you must see Heaven and Earth. Follow closely, it is the law of creation, without a thousand ambitions!”

“The cultivator has his own way. When there is no sink, he will ignore or inspect it!”

“My cultivation technique is passed on to you. It is necessary to observe carefully and observe how I guide the Qi method!”

“Everything must be carefully observed, calmly felt, where the true law is its own, and it must belong to your Divine Soul!”

After the word landed, the void in front of me changed, and everything was different.

Chu Yan and the golden silhouette disappeared in front of you at the same time. There is a clear world in front of you. All directions are a world of cultivators. There are spiritual mountain treasures everywhere. The great cultivator flies in the sky, and there are countless cities below. And Sect forces, and the ancient city of Dynasty.

After that, Chu Yan saw aura circulating in the heaven and earth void, as time goes by ….

The Sect forces below, the ancient capitals of the dynasty have also changed, multiplying and changing.

There are disasters, wars, plagues, and the rise of stars, genius soaring, all directions of the void World, green hills and clear water, the four seasons change, forests spread, and rivers divert.

In this scene, there seems to be some inexplicable relationship between nature and human changes.

Weekly, one day and one year, like a cycle.

“What is eternity!?”

golden silhouette speaks, words like thunder.

“Force of Eternal is intangible and intangible, but it is the strongest power. There is no rest, and it will not end. Rules, Dharma, attributes, everything, Ever-changing, have nothing common with each other, everyone has himself But only by finding this eternal starting point can you truly step into this Great Dao of Eternal!”

This sound rang in Chu Yan Sea of ​​Consciousness, making Chu Yan’s heart clear comprehension like a thunderbolt.

“Eternal starting point!?”

This may not be that shocking to others, but Chu Yan is different. His later generations have cultivated “Wu”‘s Constant Antiquity.

So, when this sentence sounded, Chu Yan instantly thought of the Constant Antiquity way.

Golden silhouette Regardless of Chu Yan in the clear comprehension, with a big wave of his hand, the two transform into a virtual aura, rushing into the mundane world below, experiencing all the various things in the world.

Family affection, friendship, love, suffering, horror, etc., when outsiders look at it, they will resonate with the emotions in the heart at first, but after seeing too much, gradually there is no more feeling. Completely ignored.

The more I watched, and the more I experienced, Chu Yan felt more and more strange about these complexities, constantly coiling around in his Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Gradually, Chu Yan seemed to have discovered something during many observations, as if all of this had one thing in common, which made him feel.

Next, Chu Yan got slower and slower, and even stopped in the end, just watching it quietly.

And the golden silhouette stood beside him without saying a word, but the aura released from his body, like a golden brilliance covering all directions.

The void is silent, time freezes….

In a blink of an eye, three months have passed. Among them, there have been several major events in the continent. There was an outbreak of war between Sects, and the various dynasties were also fighting for the hegemony of the continent.

These powerhouses on top of the summit have caused considerable damage to the continent, nature, and the World. A large amount of void aura fluctuates, and the Heaven and Earth Vault of Heaven cannot be calmed for a long time.

Moreover, those void fluctuations continue to spread all around, and the scope of influence is getting bigger and bigger, like a tide that lasts for a long time.

Looking at these, Chu Yan kept standing for a long time, his mind changed.

At this time, Huang Tian Hall is completely in a calm state, but the entire Divine Realm continent is rising winds, scudding clouds.

I don’t know if it was due to the influence of Dao Sealing Secret Book. During these three months, the four emperors including Yuwen Huang appeared at the same time, stirring up the storm on the continent and stirring up storms.

A direct battle broke out between Tian and Wu. A few days later, Ye Yuantian fought against Tian again, completely unaware of the process and results.

And the bigwigs of one party have also appeared before the world.

History is like a flood, rolling on, seemingly unaffected, and flowing endlessly.

In addition, during this period of time, Li Mubing took the lead in becoming an inheritance, completely becoming the heir of the Taoist Secret Book.

Just as Heavenspan Shuling said, after he dissipated, the origin of the Taoist Secret Book began to collapse in a large amount, and the speed of dissipation increased several times.

Mixed Heaven Ranking spirits and Huang Tian lords, have long been prepared to continuously invest a large amount of heavenly materials, earthly treasures and resources in them, in order to stabilize the passive consumption of the Taoist secret book.

Li Mubing also gradually found the sense, and began to operate the secret book in a small range, trying to move from being connected with the origin of the continent to self-operating.

At the same time, Li Mubing himself is constantly studying this book of heaven defying.

Like Chu Yan, he also got the inheritance of the cultivation technique created by Heavenspan Yueling.

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