Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4026


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“There is no time, hurry up and refining!”

Chu Yan had a dark face, rushed to the ground, and began to refining these heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

At this time, the trust in Dao Realm mountain range spirit that I started to have is completely gone.

To let yourself be a person without a breakthrough in the realm of the Lord, to deal with ten cultivators, this is a human thing! ?

Although he gave himself time to refining these ancient treasures, but who knows how much time he gave, it is better as soon as possible.

“This Spirit Grass, start!”

Chu Yan rushed to the ground and saw a Spirit Grass exuding the original aura, grabbed it and swallowed it.


When a Spirit Grass fell down, first a icy aura surged, and then a large amount of aura melted within the body, surging like a big river.

The magical aura overflowed from the in the sky around Chu Yan, and a faint purple appeared on Chu Yan’s skin, in which extremely shallow Spirit Seal runes appeared.

The powerful pressure aura rushed out and swept all directions.

Boom… Rumble!

Chu Yan rushed out of a Profound Light and quickly merged with the void around him.

In a short time, Chu Yan opened his eyes, and his eyes suddenly burst into light. Two Spirit Seal runes flashed past his pupils. At this moment, Chu Yan had a new improvement in the law, the rules, and the origin. .

“yi!? A Heavenly Spirit Grass …. It’s so refining!?”

The old voice in the void couldn’t help being shocked, and his face was full of surprise.

He is staring at this kid here. From when he picks up the Spirit Grass to the completion of refining, there is less than ten breaths before and after. This speed is too fast! ?

If this is an ordinary repairer, there is no ten days, it is basically impossible.

This is the ancient heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and the treasures in the depths of the Dao Realm mountain range. I have been tempering for countless years, what a terrifying spiritual breath.

No matter what the Dao Realm mountain range spirit thought, Chu Yan at this time, no matter that many, continued to devour the heavenly materials and earthly treasures on the ground, without any stagnation at all.

And the Dao Realm mountain range spirit above the Sky Void, the more you look, the more frightened you are.

Every ancient heavenly materials and earthly treasures here, this kid refining, at most ten breaths time, this speed….World’s First.

To tell the truth, Dao Realm’s spirit started to release the ten peaks of the God Realm after two hours.

Looking at the current situation, these ancient heavenly materials and earthly treasures are all over the ground. In less than an hour, the kid will be able to refining them all.

This won’t work!

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit squatted above the sky void and fell into deep thinking.

On the ground below, Chu Yan didn’t care about these three seven twenty one. At this time, he was full of these ancient heavenly materials and earthly treasures, frantically refining, and didn’t waste any time.

Just refining so quickly, less than one hour, all the heavenly materials and earthly treasures, all the refining is completed.

Such refining is very unreasonable in theory. If this is in the ordinary Sect, I am afraid that Elder, even Sect Master, Sect Master have already jumped into the fryer.

This is too wasteful!

Moreover, the impact on the foundation of the repairer is too great, and it will affect the foundation.

However, these problems do not have any problems for Chu Yan at all. He is the only original body in the world. Any heavenly materials and earthly treasures will not only have no influence after the fusion of the original body, but they can also merge quickly.

But, even so, after Chu Yan finished refining these heavenly materials and earthly treasures, he consolidated a little bit, and his face was disappointed.

With so many heavenly materials and earthly treasures, it’s a pity that he still can’t let him break through to the Lord Realm.

“Yes! Young man, I am very optimistic about you. Your original body has matured, and it can swallow such a large amount of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. If so, then get ready to start!”

Dao Realm mountain range The voice of the spirit rang between Heaven and Earth, and there was no room for discussion.

When the voice falls, a blood light above the sky breaks open, falls to the ground, and splits into ten Monster Beast corpse at the same time.

The Monster Beast corpse, which was originally broken bones like rotten bones, suddenly lit up with two bright lights in the hollow eye sockets.

bang! bang! Boom….

a followed by a rush of aura’s horror, pulling a storm on the ground and sweeping it out.

The great earthquake trembled, the mountain range shook, and the horror aura of the Peak Monster Beast in the God Realm, not to mention the outbreak, even if it releases a breath, it is enough to change Heaven and Earth.

Not to mention, here is a one-time appearance of ten peaks of the God Realm.

“Ten people! Come on, fight!”

Chu Yan turned his head to look, blood boiled all over his body, and flames rose in his eyes.

“This kid can be ah! He is very energetic!”

Dao Realm mountain range The voice of the spirit sounded, obviously with a hint of appreciation.

In an instant, a Blue Lord Realm Peak had completely stood up, his eyes swept, and he stared directly at Chu Yan, raising his hand and blasting with a punch.

This fist, a punch after endless years, also contains endless rules might of Grand Dao.

At this time, Chu Yan, who had been prepared for a long time, rushed out and pointed directly at the peak powerhouse of the blue master realm who threw a punch.

The big sword in his hand is condensed, and when he raises his hand, it is cut out with a sword. The sword light is like thunder, and it gallops like a mad god.

Between Heaven and Earth in all directions, a path of loud sword whisper sounded, shuttled through the void, transforming this world into a void World of Sword Intent.

However, unlike before, every sword light now contains a hint of might of Grand Dao and Spirit Seal flickers.


a silhouette rushed from not far away, the second peak of the God Realm Peak Monster Beast, holding a giant stick, as if to smash the earth, moved towards Chu Yan fiercely and smashed it down.

An icy whistling sound came, and there was chill in Heaven and Earth everywhere.

The other person, with red flames rising all over his body, his eyes swept like death, like a terrifying giant beast crawling out of a volcanic crater.


Seeing this scene, Chu Yan couldn’t help but swear. It wasn’t because these Divine Master Realm Monster Beasts were so powerful, he was psychologically prepared for this.

The key is that after the previous round of attacks, among the ten Peak Monster Beasts, there is even a way to cooperate with the battle formation.

This is absolutely impossible, okay?

The method of battle formation, that can only be carried out with spirit wisdom, these dead bones that have decayed millions and millions of years, the spirit wisdom that comes, is basically impossible to cooperate with battle formation.

Furthermore, the stronger the battle formation, the higher the cultivation base, and the more terrifying the formidable power will be when combined with it.


It seems that in order to verify Chu Yan’s idea, a Monster Beast made a loud roar, even speaking human’s words.

With this roar, Chu Yan’s face turned black at the time, and his face twitched.

This is too fake! ?

“Okay! You are ruthless!”

Chu Yan raised his head and looked up to the sky. In his heart, he was the eighteenth generation who held Dao Realm’s spirit… Uh, he seems to have no eighteenth generation ancestors. Regardless of that many, Chu Yan took him in his heart A scolding meal is too annoying.

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