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roar roar roar!

The battle formation has been completed. After arriving at the other Peak Monster Beasts, they were not in a hurry to shoot. Their eyes flickered, standing there with their hands in their arms and watching, like a Senior was examining the fight of the younger generation. competition in general.

This is too humane! ?

This is what a dry bone can do! ?

Obviously, it is not a two. These ten Peak and Withered Monster Beasts have spirit wisdom.

Rotten bones of millions and millions of years stood up, and there was spirit wisdom. How did this happen? Chu Yan could think of it with his eyes closed.

However, in this way, Chu Yan is relaxed.

Fortunately, fortunately here, if this rushes all at once, it will not be able to withstand it.

“If you have a conscience, or else… I’ll leave it here!”

Chu Yan was talking while urging his whole body aura. A magic cloud like a billowing black cloud surged out, and the imposing manner of the whole person changed into Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The imposing manner of the whole person, like a volcanic eruption, constantly rushes upwards, as if to breakthrough this piece of Heaven and Earth.

The eternal gods and magic skills, run at full force!

At this moment, an illusory Demon World appeared behind Chu Yan. This scene was stronger than what Yuwen Emperor had previously displayed on the battlefield of the Lord of God.

In the demon realm, black clouds are rolling, and when you see nothing, you can hear the roar of endless demons, and the rumble sound of a galloping earthquake, like a path of Thunder sounded in the sky.

At this moment, Chu Yan’s body is full of devilish breath, and the whole body is rolling with black clouds, like a Demon God standing in the air.

At this moment, Chu Yan took advantage of the dark cloud and led the magic army of the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses behind him, moved towards a monster Beast in the realm of the heavens, and went straight.

The body of the Monster Beast of the God Realm instantly turned into a cloud of smoke, dissipating in the sky, as if there was no body.

Moreover, there was a starlight flickering above his head, and among them there was the sound of military horse roar. When it collided with the magic cloud, it was an outbreak of war.

At this moment, the battlefield is recovering, and murderous auras are scattered in the sky, making people feel the rich and incomparable killing aura.


Chu Yan waved his hands to the sky, starlight flickered in the endless magical realm, and when he pushed out his hands, a path of magic light rushed out, completely shattering the smoke cloud and starry sky, and the heaven and earth void of all around instantly recovered as before.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Seeing that Monster Beast Peak’s nebula illusion was broken, the three Monster Beasts standing not far away suddenly roared, rushing towards the Grand Dao Rule, moving towards Chu Yan and rushing away.

“Come on, come all! War will fight!”

Chu Yan let out a roar. Under the operation of the body of origin, all the bodies of origin are in operation, completely controlling this side of Heaven and Earth.

At this time, after Chu Yan strength control became stronger, the blood energy of these Monster Beasts was immediately suppressed, and the strength became weaker.

In the void of Heaven and Earth in all directions, the endless source aura gushes out, like the return of ten thousand rivers, moving towards Chu Yan’s body gathers.

At this time, Chu Yan, whose origin is the body, the devil’s domain is the god, and the powerful pressure is surging out, like a god of Heaven and Earth invincible War God, standing between Heaven and Earth.

This time the opponent is the Peak Powerhouse of Ten Heavenly Lords, and he can no longer have any reservations, and directly break out the strongest battle strength state.

“The Gang of Origin!”

Chu Yan roared, and the majestic Source Power contained magic power and burst out.


The entire Ancient Battlefield shook, and under the ground collapsed, a layer of stratum waves moved towards all around and spread.

This fist blasted out, and all the attacks from all directions on all sides were resolved. The broken bones on the three Peak Monster Beasts instantly dimmed, and the blood light in his eyes also weakened.

This time, the few Peak powerhouses who were all around watching the excitement before, couldn’t stand anymore, roared, and strode out.

Ten gods of the God Realm Peak and withered bone Monster Beast stepped forward, surrounded by all directions, the mighty demon power was like a tide, and Chu Yan was surrounded like an iron bucket.

“I just found out now, you guys…it’s too late!”

Chu Yan gave a cold whistle, and the imposing manner continued to improve and became stronger.

“It’s now!”

The goal of Chu Yan is the three who have just been bombarded by him. First solve these three and then deal with the others.

These three have been injured, and the broken bones within the body are loose, which is a good opportunity to kill them.

“Vault of Heaven One Sword!”

Chu Yan screamed, turned into a sharp sword, and shot out like a stream of light. Before all around the Lords could react, they appeared in the three wounded Lords realm who were about to turn and escape.

These three are not stupid. Since they have spirit wisdom, of course they know that their state is not good, so they are ready to turn around and run.

Just, what kind of player Chu Yan is! ?

Of course, when you are sick and killing you, how can you miss this opportunity?

At this time, Chu Yan, within the body, all the ways of asking the question are all operating, and various wills are also exploding together, turning into a tall peak shadow, moving towards the three-sovereign realm Monster Beast and smashing it away.

This time, Chu Yan focused on speed and transferred half of the Source Power to the movement art. The purpose was to prevent other Blue Lords from reacting, and at the same time, to let these three Lords from Monster Beast react. .


Extremely fast!

The moment the meteor flashed past, Fengying had fallen.

bang! bang! bang!

Amidst the violent sound of heaven shaking earth shattering, the three tall monster Beasts in the kingdom of the Lord were hit by the giant peak in the middle, and the dry bones all over the body were cracked and exploded with a bang, turning into bone dust on the ground. .

Chu Yan didn’t stand still at all, his figure retreated. After 10,000 zhang, he regained his footing, within the body qi and blood surging, and his whole body sang ka ka.

With excessive force, Chu Yan was also affected.

If it weren’t for his original body, the entire Fleshy body would have been impossible to withstand such speed and strength, and it would probably collapse directly.

“Not bad! I defeated three at once!”

At this moment, Chu Yan was overjoyed and calmed down. He had just tried his best, and didn’t expect the effect was good.

“It seems that the main thing is that!”

Chu Yan looked up towards the blood moon in the sky. Although he was obscured by his own twisted Space-Time, he was still enforcing the Peak Monster Beast in these monsters.

As long as they can cut off this kind of force enforcement, their strength will be greatly reduced.

At that moment, Chu Yan could clearly feel that the power on them had weakened a lot, so with a single blow, they directly killed the three.

If this doesn’t distort Space-Time to obscure the blood moon in the sky, without the blood moon enforcement that controlled them before, don’t say smashing three statues at once, even if it is a impossible

“Three statues!? There should be some strength of this young man!”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit looked down at the silhouette, pondered then said in his heart, and at the same time a pair of spirit eyes became brighter.

This young man is very interesting!

It made him more interested in everything about this young man.

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