Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4028


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Destroyed three Monster Beasts of the Divine Land Realm, but then had to face seven Monster Beasts of the Divine Land Realm, which made Chu Yan a little trembling.

Speaking of which is fast, killing three in one move, but the price is not small.

But now, there is no other way. There is no other way than hard enemies. Fortunately, I have refined a lot of heavenly materials and earthly treasures just now. Otherwise, there is no way to fight until now.


The seven monster Beast Peak powerhouse in the Divine Realm rushed forward at the same time. They saw clearly just now that the Outsider killed their three companions at once, which made them no longer have any contempt for Chu Yan Everyone broke out with all their strength, and murderous aura rolled over.

This time, the Seven Peak Monster Beasts of the Blue Lord Realm surrounded Chu Yan, and the terrifying demon power released just like the seven mountains, firmly suppressed Chu Yan.


With one word, seven Monster Beasts shot at the same time, the sky was full of demon light, seven different attacks, and they pressed Chu Yan at the same time.

“Not good!”

Chu Yan saw this scene, and suddenly the complexion changed.

These seven guys are not dead grandfather, right? They are so fierce all of a sudden, this is to kill themselves all of a sudden.

All the questioning methods of Chu Yan within the body are operating. Source Power rushes out like a tide without money. Under the outbreak of aura, the influence of all around is not too great.

bang! bang! bang! Boom…

Under the outbreak of the Demon Territory, endless demon army rushed in. The magnificent army with thousands of men and horses is on its way, murderous aura is all over the sky.

This time, Source Power plus the murderous aura of the magic army, under the mighty superposition, two auras collided again, like two thunderclouds colliding, exploding a series of thunderbolt sounds.

The air wave of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth is picked up like a world destroying storm, which will destroy everything.

“Heaven and Earth kill!”

Chu Yan once again urged Source Power and Demon Realm, incarnation Heaven and Earth ruled, ordered the world to control this world.

In an instant, the endless demon power suddenly stagnated, shaking slightly.

At this time, Chu Yan tried his best to resist the attack of the Seven Heavenly Master Realm Peak Monster Beast.

“Very good!”

Skyline, this is the Dao Realm mountain range. The voice of the spirit sounded, looking a little excited, and shouted aloud.

“With the strength of one’s own power, confront the seven celestial master realm Peak directly!”

“But then, you have to be careful!”

After these few words were exported, Chu Yan could be regarded as thoroughly understood, as if all this was under the control of this person, obviously he was in control.

“Heaven and Earth Elephant!”

Chu Yan’s figure clipped and disappeared on the spot. Even the seven Peak Monster Beasts of the Blue Lord Realm were covered in faces and looked at each other a few times, completely unaware that Chu Yan was there.


In less than a breath, a light sound echoed in the sky. It was Chu Yan holding the edict and lightly drinking the thunder.

Boom… Rumbling!

A small group of distorted Space-Time appeared. There were countless magical blades in the darkness and vortex. Under the rotation, there were continuous magical weapons rushing out, turning into a path of soldiers, shooting all around. Heaven and Earth void.

bang! bang! bang!

A violent blast exploded, and the entire void turned into a chaotic battlefield. There were outbreaks in Gangwei everywhere. Various unique skill murderous intentions collided, and Heaven and Earth became more violent.

“Heaven and Earth are one! It’s okay, but it’s useless for them!”

Dao Realm mountain range The voice of the spirit sounded. Although Chu Yan has been surprised by everything about Chu Yan now, he still has that interest in his heart. It’s best to be shocked.

Best, none of the genius on this continent can hold on for such a long time in the hands of the Monster Beast of the Seven God Realm Peak.

As soon as Chu Yan took the shot, the rich aura was exposed. These seven Peak Monster Beasts, who have spirit wisdom, turned their heads and looked at them instantly, and roared and killed.

“What are they going to do!?”

Chu Yan watched these Monster Beast rushing over while constantly attacking all around the void. That was not against his original light group at all.

“Not good! They want to destroy the original Heaven and Earth!”

Soon, Chu Yan discovered the purpose of these Monster Beasts, and they are so good that they will pretend to be like this!

I even pretended to be resisting my own black hole, but in fact I was secretly attacking the original Heaven and Earth, trying to break this piece of Heaven and Earth and increase the blood moon enforcement on them.

This group of dry bones does not even have a sea of ​​marrow, and the monkeys are so refined. If there are no people on it, it is a ghost.

“Heaven and Earth is a prison!”

Chu Yan yelled, aura soared again, and suddenly Heaven and Earth changed again.

The small twisted Space-Time light group that just condensed instantly zoomed in, spinning faster and faster, releasing not only Sword God soldiers, but also endless thunderstorms, which burst out at the same time.

In an instant, the entire film between Heaven and Earth is a blade light sword shadow, as well as thunderbolt, ice and snow, storms, and even a rune, attacking at the same time.


The Seven Heavenly Lords Peak Monster Beast suddenly became furious. Under the roar of roar, more monster qis were sent out. They wanted to resist these attacks, but within an instant, these spirit curses rune suppressed, not only the figure Speed ​​and strength aura are all a lot shorter.

ka ka …

The power of the blue master realm continued to explode, like a beast hitting the cause, but those cages couldn’t hold on at all. Under the collapse of ka ka, they burst open.

Next moment, all Monster Beast auras in the God Realm are becoming more and more violent, like a Heaven and Earth monster, moving towards Chu Yan like a Supreme Monster God.


The space-time light ball of the twisted original source collapsed, and Chu Yan suddenly figure trembled, opening his mouth to spout a big mouthful of blood mist.

This move fights, I lost!

The previous move killed the three Peak Monster Beasts of the Blue Lord Realm. However, under this move, he was defeated and the body was damaged.

1st move wins, 2nd move loses, and then…not over yet.

After breaking the sky, the seven heavenly monsters of Heaven and Earth, Monster Beast, were so angry that the things they planned were actually seen through by Outsider.

Otherwise, as long as they get the blood moon enforcement, their battle strength can be restored, and it will be much easier to kill this Outsider.

At this time, the seven Peak Monster Beasts of the Heavenly Lord Realm are still communicating with monsters and discussing countermeasures. Although there is no specific way to crack the original Heaven and Earth, it seems that they have been in each other’s domain. In combat, completely passive.

But they have already settled on one, no matter what, they must insist on the seven demon to join forces, and must not be scattered, or the results will be disastrous.

After all, they absolutely don’t want the situation to happen just now, so the Outsider kills three companions with one move, and the loss is huge.

The safest way now is to consume him, and consume him to death.

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