Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4029


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In this battle, if you lose the battle and be killed by these seven Peak Monster Beasts here, you may become one of all the broken bones in this Ancient Battlefield.

“No way! They must be separated, each and everyone kill!”

Chu Yan urged the original power, felt that it was very expensive, and immediately made up his mind.

After all, his current cultivation base is only in the invincible state, and the opponent is the Peak of the Lord Realm, and there are still seven.

Before, I went all out to kill three people. There was only one chance like that. The other party didn’t understand me. If the sneak attack succeeded, I wanted to do it again. It was as difficult as heavenly ascension.

“Vault of Heaven One Sword!”

Amidst the turmoil of Qi Gang, Chu Yan’s body and sword merged into a fierce sword light shuttling through the void, instantly appearing behind a monster Beast of the God Realm.

These seven Monster Beasts will be fooled. They knew how the three companions died before, so naturally they have been on guard.

After all, it was the Peak powerhouse of the Lord Realm before the fall. There have been countless battles in a lifetime, and the combat experience has been integrated into the bones and blood. Naturally, it will not be hit by Chu Yan this move.

The Monster Beast Lord roared, turned around and smashed it, and the silhouette in front of Peng Sound was smashed into dust, instantly flying around.


Even the Monster Beast of the Peak of the God Realm was suddenly started at this time.

It’s so easy to die! ?


It was almost the next breath. It woke up suddenly and was about to turn around again, but it was too late.

Behind it, Chu Yan’s Source Power broke out all over his body, and when he raised his hand, he burst out from the source.


The Monster Beast couldn’t react at all. Didn’t expect this Human Race’s repairer to be so cunning. After all, Chu Yan had always resisted frontally before and did not use any tactics at all. He didn’t expect this time Slick.

The most important thing is that Chu Yan uses the Vientiane Avatar, which incorporates his original aura, absolutely false and true, not to mention that it is a fallen monster Beast, even if it has not fallen, it is impossible to recognize it.

The Monster Beast was hit by this source of gang, centered on the vest, and the entire breastbone blasted a big hole. When it looked down with disbelief, the dry bones all over the body made a ka ka crack , Immediately blasted to pieces, turned into bone meal all over the sky, flying in all directions.

The fourth Peak Monster Beast of the God Realm, has fallen!

At this time, there are still six Peak Monster Beasts on the battlefield, all with an astonished expression.

If it was because of contempt and sneak attack the first time, then this time, it was a head-on battle, defeating the companion.

This time, the impact on their six Divine Souls was extremely huge, almost causing their originally small monster consciousness to tremble constantly.

No matter that many, Chu Yan didn’t have a trace of stagnation. Under the sword of Vault of Heaven, he instantly disappeared into the distant sky, and when he reappeared, he was already ten thousand steps away, looking at the six stiff petrified people from a distance.

This time, luck has taken up the bulk of it, and Chu Yan is also a gamble. If the opponent fails to win the game, he will fall.

After all, that is the range of the seven Monster Beasts. As long as one misses a hit, it must be seen through by the opponent, and the result is needless to say.

However, Chu Yan is not a gambling. He is betting that the opponent will become a puppet after the fall. He has no thorough spirit wisdom and combat experience at all. It is good to save up to 20%.

So, this kind of fighting technique should be useful, and, in Chu Yan’s view now, this may be his biggest hole card.

“This young man has great courage! Dare to fight and fight, not at all means to protect yourself, not bad!”

At this moment, the Dao Realm mountain range spirit praised Chu Yan even more.

His true body Dao Realm mountain range is here millions and millions years, and I have seen countless repairers genius. When most repairers encounter such impossible opponents and challenges, they basically protect their lives first, or It is to directly lose the will to fight, and it is impossible to do so.

Be timid before fighting, how can there be a result of victory! ?

“There are six more, let’s see if you can get the final victory!” Dao Realm mountain range spirit, said softly.

At this time, on the battlefield, because of the fall of a Peak Monster Beast, the demon power on the entire battlefield dropped by a large margin.

However, the coercion released by just the six Peak Monster Beasts of the God Realm is not something that Chu Yan can resist.

First, the realm is missing a whole Heaven and Earth Realm, and there is still a number of times the gap, which can not be smoothed by innate talent and hole cards.

Next moment, the six Peak Monster Beasts of the God Realm, roared and roared again, and their monsters were really surging like a volcano.

There is nothing more to say, kill!

Chu Yan turned into a sword, cast a Vault of Heaven sword into shatter void, and appeared in another direction. There happened to be a Monster Beast standing there.

This time, when Chu Yan appeared behind the opponent, the opponent startedled, but he didn’t attack, but subconsciously looked towards Chu Yan, trying to judge whether he was real or fake.

“The Demon Realm Ruwei!”

Under a light shout, the Demon God palace appeared behind him. The large demon army turned into a heavenly demon god, standing there holding a demon spear, fiercely speared out.

The Monster Beast saw this scene, and the demon soul immediately moved, subconsciously raising his hand to block it.

“It’s now!”

Chu Yan’s eyes were bright, and he raised his hand to fiercely explode the long-supplied source of origin.

The coming of Demon God is just an illusion. It is basically impossible to rush out of the palace of the Demon, but the Demon is real, and the power of the Demon is also real.

So, if the Monster Beast is flickering, I can’t tell that it’s just a trap. If you try to resist, it’s like giving Chu Yan a gap.

This time, Chu Yan wanted to bully these Monster Beast’s weaknesses in spirit wisdom and Sea of ​​Consciousness to death.

The weaknesses that are hard to find are impossible to use, and this is an unfair battle in itself, and Chu Yan will naturally not be polite to them.

bang! bang!

next moment, the war broke out again.

Chu Yan has now made up his mind to never meet force with these Monster Beasts in the Peak cultivation base of the God Realm. He has begun to use various combat techniques constantly, just pointing at them, who are brainless and desperate. .


The Fifth God Realm Peak Monster Beast, has fallen!

Looking at the bone meal scattered all over the sky, Chu Yan at this time even consumed a lot of Source Power, but his eyes sparkled.

Completely hit the feeling, at this time, Chu Yan has completely controlled the battle.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yan took advantage of the victory and turned from passive to active, moving towards the remaining five Heavenly Lord Realm Peak Monster Beast.

Soon, using the method of pulling a train, another Monster Beast was killed.

On the battlefield, there are only four Peak Monster Beasts of the God Realm, and all of them are traumatized.

“Kill another one, it will be easier”

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