Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4030


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There is no need to think about anything. Chu Yan has already played his own rhythm, and the weaknesses of the other four Supreme Realm Peak Monster Beasts are fixed by Chu Yan, making them more and more passive.

“dao chart, broken!”

The dao chart that has been saved up to the present finally has a place to use it. With a single move, it instantly kills a damaged Peak Monster Beast in the God Realm.

These Monster Beasts have fought for a long time, and they were originally the ghost puppets resurrected from the dead bones. No matter how long they are without the enforcement of the blood moon, their strength will become weaker and weaker.

Moreover, Monster Beast’s instinct is to fight downwind. When the battle is at an advantage, the battle strength is amazing, but once it is downwind, Monster Beast’s instinct will be revealed, and the whole body is full of timid thoughts of wanting to escape. Nothing else.

Heavenly Dao is constant, maybe this is the reason why Monster Beast is much more difficult than Human Race cultivators after reaching the realm.

bang! bang! bang!

Chu Yan runs Dao Fa and constantly strikes the void, and the whole piece of Heaven and Earth is trembling.

“Three more!? So fast!?”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit was a little surprised, with a look of astonishment on his face. He didn’t expect that Chu Yan was still at a disadvantage just now, and how long it has been, he has completely turned the tide of the battle.

“Almost there, let’s solve the three together!”

Chu Yan looked at the bleak three-dimensional Peak Monster Beast of Monster Fire in the eye sockets in front of him. The aura of the whole body began to soar, and the body of the original source appeared.

“Heaven and Earth are one!”

With a violent shout, Chu Yan’s aura rushed around and instantly merged with all around Heaven and Earth.

Now, there is only the true body Peak Monster Beast of the God Realm. Their three monsters can no longer threaten and suppress Chu Yan. Now Chu Yan is higher, and these three Monster Beasts are weaker.

At this moment, the battle situation is completely controlled by Chu Yan.

“This kid, want to solve three at once!? Hehe…”

Dao Realm mountain range Ben Ling smiled lightly, with smiles in his eyes. Originally, after watching for so long, he thought Chu Yan was very good, and didn’t expect it to be a little bigger.

This is the Peak Monster Beast of the three gods, not the three-headed invincible Monster Beast.

“Let’s see, how much is your strongest strength?”

The spirit of Dao Realm mountain range is the same as the spirit of Dao Realm mountain range. It can be said that the spirit of Dao Realm mountain range is a spiritual wisdom Avatar derived from him, just like the seed of a big tree.

So, generally speaking, the Dao Realm mountain range spirit and Dao Realm spirit’s temperament are very similar, and both are so curious.

Because of this, before the Dao Realm spirit began to agree to Chu Yan’s arrival, he was also curious about the strength of Chu Yan’s strongest, and specifically put forward the conditions.

Now, Dao Realm mountain range spirit is also with the same curiosity.

Next, a violent wind erupted above the sky, a horrible aura surging faintly between Heaven and Earth, as if there was no thunderbolt exploded, and the stealth was in the void and would burst out at any time.

At this time, under One with the World, the whole piece of Heaven and Earth is like Chu Yan’s true body, completely fuse together.

“Heaven and Earth is a prison!”

This move is re-displayed, and the imposing manner is obviously better than before.

In the void, a large group of original light groups appeared, just like the light group that trapped Heaven Sealing and the three Monster Beasts before. A large number of magical blades flew out from the original Space-Time and flooded. The whole piece of Heaven and Earth.

bang! bang! bang!

Various forces are exploding in the sky, and endless power collides with the demon powers of the three Monster Beasts in the sky, like an island surrounded by the sea, making the demon powers of the three Monster Beasts smaller and smaller. Eventually turned into an island.

This time, the situation finally reversed.

Before, Chu Yan’s imposing manner was suppressed by the Monster Beasts of the God Realm, but now, Chu Yan suppresses the demon power of the three Monster Beasts with a single force.

At the same time, Chu Yan controlled the original light group, moved towards the three trapped Monster Beasts of the three gods.

The space keeps shrinking, and the various magical blades and light seal charms in the original light group all blasted towards the three Monster Beasts.

bang! bang! bang!

The violent sound of heaven shaking earth shattering exploded, and Monster Beast frantically resisted under the powerful attack from the sky.

However, as time goes by, even if they are beaten with iron, it is impossible to continue to resist these endless attacks.

Now they have no advantages at all, and Chu Yan’s current advantages are just showing up.

ka ka!

The sound of various bone cracks continued to sound, and the three deities of the God Realm Peak Monster Beast consumed too much. The longer the time, the greater their consumption. When they finally couldn’t support it, the dry bones on the body began to burst.

At the end, blobs of bone meal exploded, and all three Peak Monster Beasts fell.

At this moment, Chu Yan condensed all aura, and in a pair of eyes, there was a bright light.

With one person’s strength, defeated ten people of the Lord Realm!

When the original Space-Time on the sky is recovered, the entire Heaven and Earth Space-Time will return to its original state. A large blood moon shines on the vast ground, illuminating this piece of Ancient Battlefield, the grid is infiltrating.

At this time, Chu Yan, aura is a lot weaker than before, not only was injured in the battle, but also consumed a lot.

Since he learned about Source Power, this battle was the one he consumed the most Source Power.

Chu Yan’s face was pale, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath, trying to regulate aura.

“Don’t come again, come again… Turn your face!”

This time Chu Yan said inwardly, instead looking directly at the sky, loudly said.

I’m not afraid that the other party will hear it, I’m afraid that Dao Realm mountain range will not be able to hear it.

Now in my own state, don’t say there are any more difficult tests, even if it is any test, I am afraid it will be dead.

“young man, you are very good! Even the ten Peak of the Lord Realm are not your opponents!”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit is very obedient. When Chu Yan’s voice echoed, he answered immediately.

When I heard this sentence, Chu Yan hurriedly didn’t say anything. At this time, I can’t talk nonsense. I’ve said everything I should say anyway, just don’t come again.

“Congratulations to Fellow Daoist, you passed the level!”

Seems to know Chu Yan’s mind, Dao Realm mountain range spirit directly announced.


At this moment, Chu Yan finally exhaled a long sigh, and a rock fell in his heart.

“Sorry, I can tell you clearly that your test at this time is much harder than the normal test, such as the test of your three friends, so you will get the most rewards! “

Dao Realm mountain range spirit, continued.

Hearing this, Chu Yan was deeply exhaled again. Fortunately, if this test fails to seal a few of them, it will be the same test as himself, I am afraid that it will really fall here.

Fortunately, this Dao Realm mountain range spirit is watching and controlling, otherwise it will be dangerous.

“Previously, there were heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the monster bones that fell out, which is very impressive. This time I don’t know what the reward will be!?”

Chu Yan was secretly delighted and looked forward to it.

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