Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4031


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Chu Yan also couldn’t help it, and directly opened the mouth and said the mountain range spirit, but the other party smiled, not at all directly answered.

“This…haha, don’t worry!”

I didn’t tell Chu Yan directly, and while Chu Yan was still waiting, he suddenly felt that the void all around began to tremble. When he looked up, he saw a large number of rays of light rising into the sky above the sky Rising, like a golden spear, sprinting into the sky.

Under the gleaming gaze of Chu Yan’s eyes, the same priceless and unique rare treasure, slowly rising in the golden beam of light, the whole piece of Heaven and Earth is reflected in colorful, precious glow hiding the sky and covering the earth.

These treasures, even if they don’t need to be touched, and can be determined without Divine Consciousness, they are much stronger than the heavenly materials and earthly treasures that fell from those monster bones before, and they are not a rank treasure at all.

“Tianlucao, Wanxinguo…”

Chu Yan glanced at it. Every time he saw a pupil, his pupils shrank fiercely, and his heart was full of look of shock.

Heavenly materials, earthly treasures and treasures in this world are divided into ten points. Chu Yan does not know all about them, but at least 90% of them are known. Among them, Chu Yan knows almost all the treasures that are of great use to the invincible level and above.

In the eyes of these ten treasures, any one placed on the Divine Realm continent will cause all the gods in the world to snatch wildly, even breaking their heads.

“Many thanks Senior!”

Chu Yan quickly thanked him, took all ten treasures into his arms with a wave of his hand, opened the mouth and said to the sky with a smile on his face.

“ha ha ha, the young man is very real! You didn’t have this attitude before, don’t deny it, I know what you are thinking!”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit’s voice sounded. This time seems to be happier than Chu Yan, but his tone changed suddenly as soon as he turned his head.

“Sorry, it’s the same, these treasures must be refined here, and there is a time limit, you go as soon as possible!”

“ah! There is a time limit, how long!” Chu Yan asked quickly when he heard anxious.

“Not too long, hurry up!”

Dao Realm mountain range When the spirit said this, he was very happy. He has been here for millions and millions of years, and he feels that he has never been so happy today.

After saying these words, Dao Realm mountain range spirit didn’t say a word directly, and waited to see with a smile.

Time is naturally regulated, but Dao Realm mountain range has changed my mind and greatly shortened the original preparation time.

For nothing else, I just want to see how strong this Su Yu is. Battle strength is one thing, innate talent and foundation are another.

Only the stronger the innate talent and foundation, the shorter the time for refining treasure.

The reward link has also become a test. This Dao Realm mountain range spirit’s interest in Chu Yan is too big.

Chu Yan stood there, his face convulsed at this time, and he was cursing again in his heart.

The old fogey said that there is a time limit, and it doesn’t say how long it will last.

But how fast is this to refining all these ten treasures! ?

This is all about making Chu Yan go crazy. After all, any treasure, if there is no refining because of lack of time, Chu Yan will regret his death.


Without any hesitation, Chu Yan waved his hand directly, and his aura broke out all over his body. At the same time, he waved ten treasures, lined up in front of him.

The ten source auras gush out at the same time, wrapping all ten treasures, and exploding into a mass of Source Fire at the same time.

“en!? Refining at the same time!?”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit of Dao Realm mountain range saw this scene, and his face was shocked, even his smile frozen.

The rules have changed!

That must be changed, because the previous rules, or the rules for ordinary repairers, are completely inapplicable to this Su Yu, so Dao Realm mountain range spirit made great cultivator changes to the rules.

However, it seems that no matter how he makes changes, the final result will not change.

Just like right now, this young man is refining ten ancient Source Supreme Treasures in one go. This is something that ordinary cultivators can do! ?

Of course it’s impossible. Don’t say refining ten things in one go. Even if they are the same, they are dangerous for ordinary practitioners.

It’s not to say that the refining of treasure is nothing but a harvest, no danger. This is the treasure of the source. If your foundation is unstable and you swallow up Source Power in such a large amount, the result will be like an exploded balloon.

So, when Chu Yan refining ten ancient Source Supreme Treasures to save time, Dao Realm mountain range was shocked instantly.

For what he wants to know, Chu Yan’s innate talent and details, there are also answers.

“This little monster, where did it pop up!?”

At this moment, in the spirit wisdom formed by Dao Realm mountain range millions and millions years, there is a trace of doubt that is the same as that of the previous Heaven Ranking spirit.

This young man simply couldn’t see through, and he didn’t have any answers or results after repeated trials. In the end, he still couldn’t see through.

In less than one hour, Chu Yan, who was sitting on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes. A faint azure light flashed past him within both eyes. There were a lot of different colors in this azure light, almost There are ten different.


After taking a long breath, Chu Yan stood up from the ground, sensing the rich Source Power within the body, and suddenly a wry smile, shook the head.

Great improvement!

However, he still can’t let him break through to the Lord Realm!

Aura has improved a lot, Source Power has become a lot stronger, and more solidified, which means that Chu Yan’s strength has improved a lot.

“Almost there! Get ready to leave!”

After adjusting his breath, Chu Yan is about to leave. According to his previous experience, I am afraid that he will be tested by this time, and it will take the longest time. If it is not high, they should have finished it long ago.

Can’t let them wait too long, it’s time to leave.

“Senior, can I leave now!?”

Chu Yan spoke, bowed his hand to the void, and asked.

With a scream, the Profound Light fell from the sky, covering Chu Yan’s figure, instantly making him disappear on the spot.

“Go if you want!”

At the same time, Dao Realm mountain range spirit’s voice sounded in the sky, obviously with a hint of emotion.

“big brother!”

“Su Fellow Daoist!”


In less than a few breaths, when Chu Yan reappeared, there were a few surprises around him. It was Feng Bu Gao and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao.

The spirit of Dao Realm is also standing aside, slightly nodded with a smile.

The four of them have completed the test and are here waiting for Chu Yan’s return.

“Congratulations on completing the test. Here you can cultivation at will for one year.”

Dao Realm mountain range The voice of the spirit rang above the heads of several people.

When Chu Yan heard this, they immediately eyes shined and cultivation for a year. This is not bad and cost-effective. After all, the richness of the original spiritual aura here is much stronger than any place in the continent.

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