Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4032


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“Where is Xiaosheng!?”

Chu Yan looked towards Wan Tian Sheng and Feng Gao, although he doesn’t mind Wan Tian Sheng walking around, after all, this little fellow was born a few years ago and he is very curious.

But now it’s cultivation. It’s best for everyone to act together. Who knows if there is any danger in this place.

“Regarding that…Wang Tiansheng, don’t worry about him, his assessment is still in progress, because his situation is special, so the time is very long!”

Dao Realm mountain range The spirit heard Chu Yan’s question and replied.

“Don’t worry about him, I can guarantee his safety, even if he fails the test, there will be no harm!”

Chu Yan, the faces of several people startled, Wan Tian Sheng is actually… special! ?

Could it be said that this Dao Realm mountain range spirit knows the Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast clan! ?

From being born to the present, Saint Wantian seems to have never had any special chances. He has been relying on his bloodline inheritance to quickly improve his cultivation base.

However, as a clan of Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast, impossible is an ordinary life. Now, has he also met his own chance! ?

Chu Yan all smiled slightly after startled.

“The little beast is lucky!”

Feng Bugao is a bit tasteful, his face full of envy.

He feels that he is more rare than Vault of Heaven Heavenly Beast. The cultivation is the way of anticipation. This way of avenue is more than any race. Cultivators need chance.

This is also the reason why he has been following Chu Yan all the time, relying on not leaving.

Now that the little beast has a great opportunity, he immediately thought of himself and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Then let’s go!”

Although the spirit of Dao Realm has been separated from the spirit of Dao Realm, there is still some sense of Spiritual Consciousness. He believes the words of the spirit of Dao Realm very much.


Chu Yan nodded, moved towards and flew forward.

When I first came here before, my first impression was to be shocked by the strong spiritual aura here, but after several people went through the test just now, their mentality also changed a little.

“This place is really amazing. If it is in the Divine Realm continent outside, it is probably the first cultivation treasure. All powerhouses can fight for this place and destroy it in the World!”

Feng Bu Gao said with emotion.

“How did this place come from!?”

Hearing this, Chu Yan faintly smiled and said, “This is the Dao Realm mountain range, where dao fruit is born, or it is the same as the Heaven Ranking, but the Source Supreme Treasure born of Heaven and Earth, or It is…. It is part of the origin of continent, just as every domain has its origin.”

When the spirit of Dao Realm heard the words, there was a hint of thinking in his eyes, and nodded said, “Yes, the richness of the origin here is one aspect, and it feels very similar to the origins of the continent outside!”

When Feng Bugao heard this, his eyes turned continuously, “You said, can this place…refining!?”

Without waiting for him to finish, the ancestor of Heavenly Dao slapped him with a slap. “Xiaofeng, can you not think about these useless ones, think about how to cultivation, improve your strength, and rush into the Heaven Ranking top 10!”

As they chatted, several people flew forward, rushing all the way without any stagnation.

Time passed, and an hour passed in a blink of an eye.


Not far away, the spirits of Chu Yan and Dao Realm stood at the same time. They could see in the distance ahead, behind a mountain peak, there was a large area of ​​powerful ancient aura.

These auras are all very familiar.

“The birthplace of dao fruit!?”

The two looked at each other, and a consciousness rose in their hearts at the same time.

In the battle of the gods, the world competed for ten dao fruits in order to obtain a breakthrough opportunity. Everyone knows that ten dao fruits were bred from the Dao Realm mountain range.

However, no one has seen how dao fruit was born.

Now, Chu Yan and the others are in the Dao Realm mountain range, and they have found the birthplace of dao fruit.


There is no hesitation, especially the spirit of Dao Realm and Chu Yan who have refining dao fruit. They are all full of surprises and set off quickly.

The entire group exploded with extremely powerful speed, moving towards that ancient peak like a path of meteor.

Soon, a few people stood still in front of the peak and jumped to the top.

Sweeping away, several people’s faces were shocked at the same time.

I saw ten glorious valleys in the mountain range below.

In every valley, there is a radius of 10 li, in which there is a Linghu Lake, and there is a little spiritual light shining in the lake, as if the lake has eyes.

The breeze on the lake is slow, calm as waves, and the scales are shining with no natural phenomenon, like an ordinary lake and mountain view.

On Lake Heart Island, a big tree grows, and the entire canopy is dense like clouds. In the center of the dense canopy, a little green fruit grows.

This scene looks very ordinary and ordinary, but it made Chu Yan and several people fiercely gasp.

Sure enough!

World’s First Supreme Treasure, Dao fruit, which allows the practitioner to break through to the realm of the gods, was indeed nurtured here.

They can clearly feel that there is a strong source of aura in the fruit. This power is still very weak, but if it really breaks out, it is afraid that this mountain range will be destroyed.

“Look, the original aura in this valley is rich enough to be terrifying, and that piece of lake water is probably…”

Feng Bu Gao looked around, knowing that he couldn’t play Dao Fruit, and he saw this valley directly.

The spirit of Dao Realm looked towards Chu Yan, and his face was full of excitement, opened the mouth and said

“Su Fellow Daoist, I came this time to refining a Taoist tree here. If it is convenient for you, can you help me!”

As soon as these words came out, the seal was not high, both of the ancestors of Heavenly Dao Xiu were complexion greatly changed and looked towards the spirit of Dao Realm.

Although they are all practitioners who have experienced countless major events, they were still dumbfounded when they heard this.

The tree of refining Dao Realm! ?

“Okay! Rest assured, I will do it!”

Chu Yan had promised to help the spirit of Dao Realm once before, and on the way he looked at the spirit of Dao Realm look steadily forward, he probably guessed it, he came to Dao Realm tree.

dao fruit is a one-off, but the tree of Dao Realm is endless, and the cultivator will be tempted.

Seeing that Chu Yan agreed, the spirit of Dao Realm instantly roared, and the body exploded, turning into a small mountain peak, moving towards the valley ahead and flew away.

The whole valley began to tremble slightly, including this lake, trembling constantly, as if sensing the talent of the team, pulling up patches of lake tides and rushing to the sky.

The spirit of Dao Realm exploded with power and suppressed it all at once, smashing the lake tide completely, and could not stop him at all.

In the blink of an eye, the spirit of Dao Realm came to a tree of Dao Realm, fell to the ground with a bang, began to sink slowly, and moved diagonally to the soil under the tree of Dao Realm.

The mountain is huge, even if he moves like this, the top of the mountain peak is still exposed on the ground, and after moving only a few steps, it seems to be blocked by the roots of the Dao Realm tree, unable to get any further inches.

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