Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4033


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The tree of Dao Realm, which hadn’t moved before, finally reacted in this brief moment. All the leaves and branches broke out, releasing a shocking imposing manner.

“Fengmai Tongyuan!”

The spirit of Dao Realm loudly shouted, and a mountain range illusory shadow appeared above the sky, and the aura also broke out to the extreme, colliding with the aura of the Taoist tree.

bang! bang! bang!

At this moment, the two auras are like two thunderclouds, constantly exploding above the sky, colliding with each other.

In this scene, it is as if there are two peerless Thors fighting in the sky, to blast both Heaven and Earth to pieces.

“Dao Realm Senior, it seems that I can’t deal with this tree!”

When Chu Yan saw this, he immediately understood. According to the spirit of Dao Realm mountain range, this Dao Realm spirit is just a little seed of spirit wisdom, and the existence of the Dao Realm tree is afraid It is longer than his existence and much higher rank.

So, given the current situation of Dao Realm’s spirit, it is very difficult to win the Dao Tree.

The spirit of Dao Realm himself knew this, so he brought Chu Yan with him.


Chu Yan didn’t hesitate, and his body was electrocuted. Under the aura’s outbreak, he moved towards the valley ahead.

“Heaven and Earth origin!”

Chu Yan waved his hand, in the sky above the sky, invisible power appeared, like a tide, continuously merged into the mountain of Dao Realm’s Spirit, instantly making his imposing manner soar.

“With this Source Power, it should be possible!”

Chu Yan looked at the same time and spoke.

There is a gap, and the Source Power that he can enforce is also limited. Fortunately, this is the Dao Realm mountain range. It is exactly the same as the source here, so it is so convenient for enforcement.

However, even so, the spirit of Dao Realm wants to take the Tao Tree, I am afraid it will take a long time.

“Su Yu Fellow Daoist, let’s refining one plant too!”

His eyes glowed, tentatively asking.

Road tree!

This is the big tree that gave birth to dao fruit. It is absolutely true to say that it is the World’s First tree.

Dao fruit is just one piece and it’s gone, but with the Tao tree, it’s endless.

If you can thoroughly refining and fuse together with yourself, how much your strength should be improved? According to the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, I dare not say that it is top 10 in Heaven Ranking. There is definitely a chance for top 50.

“You can try it!”

Chu Yan and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao looked at each other, and they were nodded at the same time.

The ancestors who repaired Heavenly Dao before stopped the seal, because they were afraid that Dao Realm mountain range was unhappy, so they kicked them out.

But later, when Dao Realm mountain range spirit said to let them be free, he never said not to move these 10 pairs, and this Dao Realm spirit came up to refining the big tree, he can, they can too.

“I will try it first!”

Chu Yan did not hesitate, made up his mind, but moved towards the front.

However, when he approached the tree with a distance of 10,000 steps, a burst of void power suddenly appeared, covering his whole body directly, basically impossible to move.

Space-Time rules!

Also, if this makes him refining, it will naturally affect the breeding of future dao fruit, so the Space-Time rule is impossible.

“I can’t refining this tree, no chance!”

Chu Yan shook the head with a look of disappointment.

“If the seal is not high, I can’t refining this tree. If you want to try, you can try!”

The ancestor of Heavenly Dao Xiu saw Chu Yan’s situation. He naturally knew what Chu Yan was because of, so he didn’t try it, and said to Feng Bu Gao.

At this time, Feng Bugao was stunned. He looked at Chu Yan, and then looked at the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, his face turned black.

What do you mean! ?

These two guys said they weren’t suitable for them, let yourself go! ?

“Okay! I will try, but Su Yu Fellow Daoist, you just helped the spirit of Dao Realm, you have to help me later!”

Feng Bu Gao knows at least that Chu Yan and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao will not harm him, and he has confidence. Especially seeing the situation that Chu Yan helped the spirit of Dao Realm just now, he might have a chance.

After finishing the sentence, Feng Bu Gao rushed to Dao Shu, Xuantian Baolu and Jade Compass were all displayed, and moved towards Dao Shu greeted him.

The Dao Shu fiercely resisted the spirit of Dao Realm. It was still the existence of the same steam source. Now that the Outsider cannot be blocked, it would be polite.

bang! bang!

a Under the twitching of a branch, the void was directly blown up and turned into countless big nets like tentacles, moved towards fengshang and fell.

“My mom…”

Feng Xiao’s face turned green when he turned around and ran.

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