Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4034


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Neither Chu Yan nor the ancestor of Heavenly Dao can refining the Dao tree, and Feng Gao cannot deal with it, and he can’t hold it.

In this way, neither the tree nor the lake of spirit can be shaken.

“This won’t work. Doesn’t that mean we’re here in vain!?” Feng Bugao was discouraged with disappointment.

“Xiaofeng, your mind is really suitable for cultivation and anticipation…”

Xiu Heavenly Dao said with a smile gently.

“Oh!? I feel the same way, how did you see it, ancestor!?” Feng Bu Gao smiled, and his chin was very proud.

“hehe, you are more… simple!”

The answer of the ancestor Xiu Heavenly Dao immediately made Chu Yan laugh. The ancestor is the ancestor, and he is so kind. This is so tactful.

“Xiaofeng, this is not the end of the core land, do you remember!? In the previous battle of the Lord, a special force appeared. Would you like to bring ten dao fruit back to the void!? If not If it is wrong, it should be to bring Dao Fruit back to this core place, but it certainly won’t be the valley where Dao Tree is located!? Tell me, what is this power! p>

As soon as these words came out, Feng Gao was there for a long time, and he suddenly reacted.

“It’s ah! How come I didn’t expect it!?”

Slapped his head, the Feng Gao at this moment suddenly realized, and he suddenly looked surprised.

“Because of you… innocent!” Chu Yan smiled softly.

“ha ha ha, that is, when the Master accepted me as a disciple, he said the same, ha ha ha…”

Feng Bugao became even more happy when he heard Chu Yan praise himself, and laughed wildly.

Just now, all the hearts and minds were put on this tree. After all, any cultivator who sees this World’s First heavenly materials and earthly treasures will be completely attracted, and there will be other concerns.

“Then let’s hurry up!” It’s not enough time to seal it, and I can’t wait, so he urged directly.

“Wait, let’s see Dao Realm Senior’s situation!”

Chu Yan turned his head to look at the Dao Realm spirit, and said to replied.

When Chu Yan said that, the ancestors of Heavenly Dao and Feng Bu Gao, nodded, also found a place at random, and waited while cultivation.

In a blink of an eye, one day has passed….

The spirit of Dao Realm and the Dao Tree have been fighting against each other, and they have maintained a fierce state. Originally, the Dao Tree occupies the peak. Later, after being enforced by Chu Yan Source Power, the Dao Realm Spirit has Turn it over and gain the upper hand.

“It should be coming soon!”

Chu Yan looked at the sky for a long time, slowly got up, raised his hand and waved, the large swath of aura turned into a void, fusing Heaven and Earth.

This action is to leave a eye here. Once the spirit of knowing a has a problem, he can quickly know it, and then rush over to support it.

At present, the spirit of Dao Realm occupies the top. There should be no problem at the moment. If it takes more time, Chu Yan will not understood.

“Su Yu Fellow Daoist!”

It seems that Chu Yan’s actions were sensed, and the spirit of Dao Realm above the sky came from a Divine Consciousness

“You can go to the West to see the power of the previous ten dao fruit changes. I felt that it should come from there, including the Tao tree, and there is that power aura.”

He is now doing his best to deal with Dao Trees. If he can refining this one, he will continue to refining other Dao Trees. If good luck can refining two or three trees, then he will no longer have to worry about his future cultivation.

So, for him, this is the most important thing at the moment, and the abnormal power that affects Dao Fruit and Dao Tree is a hidden danger. Now Chu Yan and the others are here, if they can eliminate this hidden danger , Is also a good thing.

As for what benefits this hidden danger can bring, that is what Chu Yan should gain. This is a win-win thing.

“many thanks Senior!”

When the three of Chu Yan heard this, they all smiled, opened the mouth and said thank you.

After that, the three of them jumped up, moved towards the western sky and flew away, pushing the movement art to the extreme.

The west is an endless land. The ground is full of golden colors, and there is no shadow of any mountain peak.

Completely plain, so the sight is wide, no matter what danger it is, it is difficult to hide it, which is of great benefit to Chu Yan and the others on their way.

After flying for two hours, a green shadow zone appeared at the end of the golden yellow earth ahead.

“There seems to be a forest ah!”

Feng Bu Gao saw it and said.

The three of them did not hesitate, moved towards the direction of the forest, and flew away.

In less than a moment, they arrived in front of the forest, and the three of them hovered in the sky Divine Consciousness to explore the forest.

This is an ancient forest of Ancient Era, the aura in it is extremely old, and the aura that has been accumulated for many years is extremely rich, giving people a green feeling like a sea.

Just looking at the height and thickness of these trees, I’m afraid they are on par with Tao trees.

It’s no wonder that dao fruit can be bred in this place. Not only does it have a strong source of aura, but also has such a rich wood line aura, so that dao fruit has the conditions for gestation.

In the forest, there are so many heavenly materials and earthly treasures, almost to the point of one plant in ten steps.

“These trees…look like…xianming trees!”

Feng Bugao stared at him, looked at it for a long time, and said with a doubtful voice.

The fairy tree is on the Divine Realm continent. It is an extremely rare tree species. Not to mention the whole tree, even a leaf or a branch is of great value.

At the beginning, Feng Bu Gao participated in many large Chamber of Commerce auctions. Among them, the branches of the fairy tree and more than a dozen leaves were sold at sky-high prices.

But looking at this place now, there are thousands of immortal trees, and the aura is so rich that it is terrifying, and it has definitely reached Ancient Era. The value of such a tree is scary to think about.

“Here… is just the border of the forest. There are fairy trees growing. If you walk into the forest, what will happen!?”

The sentence that the seal is not high really made Chu Yan and Heavenly Dao ancestor eyes shined at the same time.

Not bad!

This is the border zone of the forest. If you go into the forest, then…

“This should be a treasure place! This Dao Realm mountain range has never been a repairer, and it has existed since Ancient Era. For so long, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a peerless treasure place!”

The ancestor Xiu Heavenly Dao spoke, the three of them were extremely excited, without any hesitation, rushed directly to a fairy tree, swung out a large piece of aura and directly began to refining.

There are thousands of fairy trees here, even if their three people are all refining, it is probably the same as refining a Tao tree.


Feng Bugao just rushed down, and the complexion changed suddenly.

“Something’s wrong!”

Chu Yan also found a slight anomaly. Source Power and Divine Consciousness simultaneously covered the nearby fairy tree, and immediately opened the mouth and said

“In these fairy trees, there is a trace of special power, which is enforced. If this is refining, it will be a hundred times slower than usual!”

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