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Originally, with the cultivation base strength of the ancestors of Heavenly Dao and Heavenly Dao, refining a fairy tree would only take one hour at most.

But now, it would take a hundred hours, which is equivalent to more than ten days.

If this is calculated by refining a thousand fairy trees, and refining 300 trees by one person, that would be about ten years.

Ten years! ?

It’s hard to say whether they can stay in the Dao Realm mountain range for ten years. Even if they can stay for so long, spending all their time on this fairy tree does not seem to be worthwhile.

“This won’t work! It’s better to pull them out and take them away, and then slowly refining!”

Xiu Heavenly Dao ancestor browses slightly wrinkle, and speaks.

This sentence fell to the ground, and I didn’t hesitate to seal it up. I raised my hand and grabbed it, moved towards the fairy tree in front of it.

However, without waiting for his paw prints to fall, a trembling aura suddenly burst out from the fairy tree, which hit the unsealed paw prints.

Not only this one, but several nearby fairy trees also broke out aura at the same time, seeming to be fully guarded.

“Damn, what’s the situation!?”

The face was dark when the seal was not high, and these trees actually had forbidden defenses. If they were set up, it would not take less time than refining.

Because there seems to be a connection between these trees, forming a special Array.

To deal with one of them is equivalent to dealing with several plants at once.

“It was said before that we could stay here for a year, so it seems that this time is too little!”

Before the ancestors of Heavenly Dao, I felt that a year was not too short. After all, it would be a good place for the practitioner to stay in it for a year.

But seeing these things now, this year seems to be insufficient.

“In this case, let’s give up these fairy trees and go directly to the depths of the forest! Maybe the things there don’t need to consume so much time!”

Chu Yan said, Xiu Heavenly Dao and Feng Bu Gao both nodded at the same time.

This is just the forest boundary. Logically speaking, there should be something better in the center of the forest.

“Wait for me, I will use the secret skill of the origin, so that we can explore here!”

Chu Yan said, both hands forming seals started to run Source Power.

“Heaven and Earth are one!”

a light shout, the Source Power of the whole body gushes like a tide, and Chu Yan’s body instantly turns into a jade golden light.


My own source, aura, gushed out less than a hundred steps away, and unexpectedly stagnated, completely unable to integrate with this piece of void Heaven and Earth, completely repelled by them.

Chu Yan continues to increase the release of Source Power, but the repulsive force also continues to increase.

In this way, Chu Yan can’t fit into this void at all.

“It won’t be…”

Chu Yan’s mind flashed, thinking of something, retracted Source Power, released Divine Consciousness and aura, and tried to integrate into this piece of Heaven and Earth.

However, the result is exactly the same. Divine Consciousness and Will are also unable to communicate with this Heaven and Earth void.

Feng Bugao and Heavenly Dao’s ancestors saw Chu Yan’s expression, and understood what he looked like, so they started to test.

As a result, it was the same as Chu Yan, and the situation was more serious than that of Chu Yan.

“Heaven and Earth rules here seem to be different!”

Chu Yan said.

As long as the Divine Consciousness of the cultivator reaches the realm, he can integrate Heaven and Earth into the void and explore and perceive the situation of Heaven and Earth on this side.

As for Chu Yan, because of the source of the body and the Great Ten Thousand Elephants, he can use Source Power to combine Heaven and Earth and control Heaven and Earth.

But now, if you can’t do it, that is to say, someone has already done it, integrate into this piece of Heaven and Earth with their own Source Power and will, and occupy it.

This situation is like the existence of a certain field, others can no longer detect and perceive, unless your strength and strength can absolutely suppress it.

Obviously, Chu Yan is impossible to suppress the opponent absolutely, so it is impossible to achieve One with the World.

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

took a deep breath, Chu Yan and the three of them strode out and stepped into the forest, directly to this fairy tree.

As soon as I entered the forest, it was instantly dark, even in broad daylight, with a clear sky of 10,000 li outside, the forest seemed like night.

This is not only because of the dense tree canopy, but also has a lot to do with the domain power that Chu Yan explored before.

The three of Chu Yan and True Qi are running, and Divine Consciousness is released, fully guarded.

Regardless of this core place, they have not encountered any dangerous facts so far, but the three will not relax.

Especially, I have sensed that there is a special will here. This is absolutely impossible, it was born naturally! ?

Where is this place! ?

This is the core place of the Dao Realm mountain range. This place can nurture the dao fruit of World’s First Supreme Treasure, the Taoist tree, and it is the same as Heaven and Earth.

If such a place is really dangerous, it would be terrifying! ?

According to the experience of any cultivator, the more precious the place, the greater the chance, the crises are often equal.

So, along the way, even if the three Chu Yan did not encounter any danger, they never let their guard down.

Time went by, and the three of them opened a long distance to explore the environment here.

However, every time in the empty forest, there will be a howling sound like a wolf, with incomparable surprise.

The ancestors of Chu Yan and Heavenly Dao were nervous once or twice at first, and then they were completely numb, and even later they heard the howling of the wolf, and their faces were full of disgust.

Because the voice was not high-pitched.

Every distance, Feng Bu Gao and Chu Yan will find some horrifying heavenly materials and earthly treasures, among which the few plants that caused the screams of Feng Gao have disappeared completely on the Divine Realm continent. The Chamber of Commerce and the big guys offered heavenly materials and earthly treasures with sky-high rewards.

Just go all the way like this, and it takes two days to walk.

Even at the beginning, the wolf howling was not high enough. Now, it is completely quiet, and it is probably numb.

After walking for a long time, a blue lake appeared in front of him, like a sapphire inlaid in the forest.

However, the first time Chu Yan and the three people saw the blue lake, they were all stunned on the spot, because they could all sense a mysterious existence in the lake.

“This…this…this is…the lake! The lake…ah!”

From birth to now, the unsealed eyes are so big for the first time, as if they are about to break open, and they are stammering.

At this moment, he encountered the greatest shock of his life, and it may also be the greatest opportunity of his life.

Mesh Lake!

The existence of legend level, because according to the continent legend, it has a very special function.

And its function is the same as the Taoist Secret Book. It can enable practitioners to fully understand in it, thereby creating their own cultivation technique.