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Feng Bugao exclaimed repeatedly, his voice was trembling, but he stared at Suihu for a long time, finally shook the head, sighed, and walked forward.

He has heard of this lake, and he has searched for it, but now that he has really encountered it, he can only give up.

How long has it been since then, there may be better ones before.

This marrow lake belt can’t be taken away either. It’s too time-consuming to stay for cultivation, which is equivalent to giving up other opportunities and treasures.

For the sake of a lake, abandon a forest. This matter… Feng Gao is not willing.

After all, his gains along the way are immense.

Chu Yan and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, also at this time, glanced at Marrow Lake from a long distance, and they both chose to move on.

However, when Chu Yan walked to a purple boulder, he was completely stunned.

“What is this!?”

Feng Heavenly Dao ancestor saw Chu Yan come down, flew over, landed beside Chu Yan, and asked.

“If the seal is not high, come here too!”

Chu Yan greeted the poor, and when he came over, the three gathered together and looked towards the purple boulder in front of him.

Divine Consciousness and will disperse at the same time, pouring into the void all around.

Soon, all three of them discovered the anomaly, and the void in front of them was different.

“Try it out!”

Chu Yan looked towards Feng Bugao and the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, with a heavy voice.


The two also had the same heavy faces, nodded, and immediately began to run within the body True Qi. After condensing the powerful Gangwei, they took a palm shot.


The ground shook, the trees shook, and the two bodies retreated violently at the same time when they were suddenly bounced back in the sky.

It seems that those palms just now didn’t hit the purple boulder, but hit a wall and bounced back.

“What is…what!? There is an invisible boundary!?”

“Damn! This won’t let us live ah!”

Xiu Heavenly Dao Zu and Feng Bugao both looked surprised and angry.

It’s totally unfair to get here and not let myself go.

“Wait a minute, try again!”

Chu Yan aura surged and waved two Source Power into the Heavenly Dao ancestor and Feng Bu Gao within the body, and the two in an imposing manner instantly skyrocketed.



With the help of Chu Yan, a Source Power, the two of them broke out completely, their whole body power running to the extreme, and they made another move.


Boom… Rumbling!

Xiu Heavenly Dao ancestor and Feng Bu Gao are not in the realm of the Lord, but in the invincible realm, they are considered to be close to the same level of invincible existence. This time they have received the Source Power infused by Chu Yan. Under the skyrocketing strength, they attack What a horror! ?

However, the result was exactly the same as before. The void wall in front of him did not respond, completely ignoring their attacks.

Obviously, it was a long way from them breaking through this barrier.

At this moment, Chu Yan’s face sank completely, and his entire face went dark.

Is it so strong! ?

When combined with the area of ​​the fairy tree just now, they felt the situation in the field, then this matter is complicated.

Now only Chu Yan can enter this boundary wall. He is within the body’s origin, aura, which is completely unblocked from the boundary wall and can pass freely.

This point was discovered when Chu Yan ran the Source Power probing. That’s why Feng Bu Gao and Xiu Heavenly Dao ancestor test.

Xiu Heavenly Dao Zu and Feng Bugao looked at each other bitterly, both depressed.

“Forget it, Su Yu, go ahead, Feng Bugao and I will look back for that Marrow Sea!”

As soon as this was said, Chu Yan shook his head directly

“Come on this time, the three of us will advance and retreat together…”

Without waiting for Chu Yan to finish, he said hu hu sternly, “Don’t, Su Yu Fellow Daoist, you just go ahead, don’t grab the marrow lake with us, if you go, that marrow I am afraid that you alone will account for more than half of the lake. I was really reluctant to bear the marrow lake just now. It is just right now, and I go further in. If there is any danger and fall inside, the marrow lake will be cheaper for others. It’s not even worse, so you should go inside.”

In this remark, speaking of which is to dislike Chu Yan, but Chu Yan knows that Feng Gao, like the ancestor of Heavenly Dao, is afraid that he will not go forward, and deliberately said so.

After all, this boundary has no effect on Chu Yan. They can’t move forward. If Chu Yan really doesn’t move forward, it would be tantamount to giving up the previous opportunity for the two of them, which is a pity.


Chu Yan nodded, no longer said anything, waved to the two people within the body to infuse Source Power, and then continued to move forward.

Xiu Heavenly Dao Zu and Feng Bugao watched Chu Yan leave, then turned and walked towards the direction of Suihu.

If they can’t go any further, then until now, only Marrow Lake is the most precious. It takes a year there and the price is the best.

As for there are other heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the forest, I spend a year looking for it. It’s better for me to cultivation here in Marrow Lake. At the same time, I can also understand that if I have good luck, I might be able to create my own. Tao and cultivation technique, then the strength skyrocketed, so why not worry about not having heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the future.

Martial Dao World, strength is the fundamental.

At this time, Chu Yan stepped into the deep forest, and the ancestors of Heavenly Dao and Feng Bugao quickly rushed towards the lake. The three people were divided into two directions, each with their own goals and look forward to.

Their three people will always be impossible to think of, at this time, in a secret place in this land, there is a small courtyard.

This small courtyard looks very ordinary, with a stone table and a stone bench, half an acre of vegetable plot, and a big tree…

An old man with a white hair and white beard was lying on an old chair, and the creak creak was swaying for a while, half asleep and half awake like a twilight old man.

However, in front of him, there is a curtain of void water, in which a picture appears.

In the picture, it is the Saint Wantian roaring roar, fighting frantically with a group of Monster Beasts, wherever he passes, the stumps and blood are scattered all around, and the scene is extremely bloody.

However, the number of Monster Beasts is too large. Every time Wantiansheng charges up, he will be overwhelmed by Monster Beast. Under various punches and kicks, the old man lying on the rocking chair will eyes opened looked towards water The curtain, eyes full of turbidity.

Shortly after time, the corner of the old man’s mouth was raised slightly and a smile appeared.

After waiting for a while, a fairy bird flew from outside, fell into the small courtyard, and quacked twice at the old man on the rocking chair.

“I heard it, I heard it! It’s… I can’t stop even if I want to sleep for a while!”

The old man frowned, sat up from the rocking chair with an impatient look, and waved his hand, the fairy bird turned into a streamer falling into his hand, and a voice emerged.

“Xiao Dou, one of the several this time is not bad. You open the restriction and I will see the situation…”

The person who speaks is not someone else, but the spirit of the Heaven Ranking.

Hearing this, the old man was reluctant at the time, frowns replied

“Brother Hun, we’re done, you don’t care about this place, and I let you watch the replied fruit thing once, come again!?”