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I saw that among the void cracks in the sky, a large flame suddenly rioted and turned into nine flame giant dragons. The roar roared, and moved towards Chu Yan charged towards Chu Yan.


Chu Yan sensed the situation and turned his head abruptly. At this moment, the nine-headed Fire Dragon was already close, giving Chu Yan no time to react.

bang! bang! bang!

a path of Fire Dragon rushed into Chu Yan within the body, and each end broke through the body protection Gang Yuan outside of Chu Yan, there was a roar.

“What…what’s the situation!?”

Chu Yan’s entire Face is red, and his eyes are bloody.

He didn’t wait for him to investigate the situation, but the complexity was greatly changed, because he had sensed that the Source Power within the body was actually lit by….

The piece of Source Power that was ignited began to merge with his fleshy body at an astonishing speed. Whether it was meridian, flesh and blood or dantian Qi Sea, it was instantly flooded by these flames.

Then these flames gathered together and moved towards Sea of ​​Consciousness and rushed away wildly.

There was a buzzing sound, as if someone took a big hammer to hit Chu Yan’s Sea of ​​Consciousness fiercely. Chu Yan’s whole person was instantly stunned, and Sea of ​​Consciousness also fell.

After all, these Source Powers are Chu Yan’s own, so Sea of ​​Consciousness is completely undefended against them.

“Rely on…”

Chu Yan’s whole person is not good.

What’s the situation! ?

What happened was too sudden, without any preparation.

However, this change is not at all disadvantages, on the contrary it is all benefits.

After the burning of these flames, I felt like all tempering from the inside out, and also made Source Power more pure than before.

“Damn, this kid Great Destiny ah!”

Mixed Heaven Ranking’s shocked eyes flew out, and screamed.

Chu Yan looked towards the void crack, I don’t know what it is, these flames are so magical.

I am afraid that the birth of this tree and the dao fruit have a great relationship with it. The relatively small dao fruit has such an amazing Source Power, which is reasonable after tempering.

These flames are extraordinary things, but Chu Yan knows that he can’t refining and control these flames. After all, these flame levels are probably higher than Dao Fruit, even far higher than those Dao Trees, otherwise they cannot be refined. .

With this kind of existence, if you want to control it, at least you have to reach the level of a Heaven Ranking Spirit.

The reason why Chu Yan is refined by these flames now is because it has swallowed the three small saplings. These flames cannot be judged, so they treated Chu Yan as small saplings for refining.

It is estimated that if they have spirit wisdom, it might be strange that this little sapling has so many impurities all at once.

After all, just now Chu Yan breakthrough cultivation base, after reaching the blue master realm, the aura changed dramatically. The flame was only a stage where the young sapling had grown, so there were some more impurities because of the spiritual source of Heaven and Earth swallowing all around.

Therefore, these flames will rush into Chu Yan within the body, desperately tempering, if you let them know, they just refining is a person, a cultivator, I am afraid they will…

Anyway, whether it’s a misunderstanding or a chance, Chu Yan has made a lot of money.

If this is another person, even if the Heaven Ranking spirit is here, it is impossible to control these flames.

So, with 108,000 li between the Heaven Ranking spirits, the face of surprise was green.

Even he started to envy this kid’s luck.

Chu Yan hesitated for a while, but recovered as before and started to face the thunderbolt with his face all over again.

At this time, Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation seems to have begun to undergo some changes after the flame body refinement.

Chu Yan looked up and saw the sky full of thunderbolt natural phenomenon, which turned from purple to golden, and the terrifying destruction aura more than doubled.

Invincible realm cultivation base breakthrough When I reached the blue master realm, in the process of crossing the Thunder Tribulation, I encountered chance again.

Such things are rarely encountered in Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation, but there are almost no loopholes in the rules of Heaven and Earth, so naturally there are ways to deal with it.

Originally, Martial Dao cultivation is the way of heaven defying, Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation is to punish the existence of this kind of behavior, usually, just open your eyes and close your eyes, lazily paying attention.

But it’s better now. This player is actually defying heaven in front of the rules of Heaven and Earth. This is death.

It’s natural that you won’t be polite. Regardless of your cultivation base, Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation directly doubles the power of Heavenly Punishment. It doesn’t matter if you just broke through to the Lord Realm, can you hold it? .

Along with the improvement, it is Heaven and Earth Might. It seems that the original God has instantly become ten. At the same time, under the outbreak, people feel that the entire Heaven and Earth is solidifying.

Moreover, the emergence of these ten Gods not only improved Heaven and Earth Might, but also made these Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation undergo a qualitative change. Instead of blasting out a large piece indiscriminately, they began to gather together. Together, a thunder needle that makes Chu Yan’s body chill is formed, pointing straight to the top of Chu Yan’s head.

Thunder needle!

This is the first time that Chu Yan has seen Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation.

“No matter what, break this Thunder Tribulation first!”

Holding the sword of will, Chu Yan no longer hesitated, soaring up into the sky, first attacked and struck the thunder needle straight into the sky.

bang! bang! bang!

Under the outbreak of the battle, this battle was enough to make the entire Heaven and Earth tremble. Chu Yan will use all the cultivation techniques, and even use the Demon World World of the Immortal Demon Art. Dao Lei Zhen suppressed and smashed it to pieces.

The entire Heaven and Earth instantly disappeared…

A mysterious force dropping from the sky, when it fell, violent wind erupted between Heaven and Earth, the wind contained a powerful breath of nature, sweeping the entire land.

This kind of breath is said to be impossible on the continent, and only Heaven Realm can exist.

For continent, that is almost the best source of spirituality.

bang! bang! bang!

The Lord’s Thunder exploded, resounding across the sky, a then a, like Heaven and Earth thunderclap, proclaiming the world.

In addition to 108,000 li, the old man in the small inside courtyard and the Heaven Ranking spirit, each time they hear a thunder, they tremble a bit. After more than ten sounds, the two look at each other, eyeballs The child is about to fly out.

“Damn, ten…twelve rang! Dizzy, thirteen…”

Mixed the Heaven Ranking and counted with a loud voice, and counted with his fingers, for fear that the count was wrong.

The entire face was twitching, completely distorted.

The old man named Xiaodou stood there stiffly, as if he was petrified.

“Finally a breakthrough!”

To the shock of the two big guys outside 108,000 li, Chu Yan naturally didn’t feel it, including the a a God’s Thunder in the sky, which didn’t mean much to him. What made him most happy was that he finally broke through.

Now I have completely stepped into the realm of the Lord, Divine Soul and Fleshy Body have been promoted successfully.

This is not easy!

From later generations to the Great Ancient Era, I have gone through a lot of experiences and finally achieved important goals.