Endless Upgrade of Strongest Martial Soul Chapter 4039


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A Heaven and Earth Thunder Tribulation made Chu Yan feel endless emotion.

Thunder Tribulation is broken, Chu Yan’s mind and will have undergone a great change, which is very different from the original.

After all, it is now in the realm of God!

All the efforts are worth it. I have done it now. I am worthy of the past and everyone who looks forward to myself.

For a long time, Chu Yan was wearing Heaven and Earth Profound Light, his eyes were shining, the corners of his mouth were light, and his mind was pure.

After this step stepped out, a brand new World opened for myself.

“These flames are really good things! If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be like this during the breakthrough…”

Chu Yan looked towards the void crack not far away, and the altar in the flames. At this time, the altar was gone and there were no young saplings.

Those flames seem to react slowly, but some are still found, and the formidable power of the flames is gradually reduced. If this situation continues, I am afraid that the flames will disappear soon.

This is too wasteful!

Chu Yan has experienced the magic of this flame. It exists because of small saplings. Now that there are no small saplings, they will disappear. This is naturally a huge waste.

For such a level of opportunity, I don’t know it’s okay. It’s a shame to watch it disappear in front of you.

“There seems to be a lot of time! Or try…”

Chu Yan’s consciousness rises, and then his eyes shined, he lifts his foot and rushes into the void crack, bathing in flames.

Before he was in the invincible state, maybe he couldn’t do anything with these flames, but now he breaks through to the blue master state, the situation is completely different, try it is definitely a try.

“This kid, Great Destiny ah!”

The old man in the small inside courtyard finally exhaled and sighed.

“ha ha ha …. Good job!”

“This kid, I like it, I really like ah!”

Mixed with the laughter of the Heaven Ranking spirits, the small courtyard almost shattered.

The old man was taken aback, and then he waved his hand with a black face, and cut off the prying eyes of the Heaven Ranking spirit.

One condition made him watch for more than half a year, and it was almost done, and he wanted to demolish his house! ?

At this time, in the great hall where the Heaven Ranking spirit is located, the Lord Huang Tian looked anxious, and asked when he looked at the madly laughing Heaven Ranking spirit.

“Brother Hun, how is it!?”

At this time, the complexion of the spirit of the Heaven Ranking has only taken away, looking towards the illusory Huang Tian Lord Avatar in front of him, opened the mouth and said

“Damn, Xiaohuang, you scared me again, why did you sneak in without knowing it!? There is ability, if the true body can’t get in, you will do this kind of will body!?”

Hearing this, Huang Tian God didn’t care at all. He still stared at the Heaven Ranking spirit, and when he wanted to ask again, the corner of the Heaven Ranking spirit’s mouth twitched twice and quickly opened the front of him. mouth and said

“The boy, don’t worry! He didn’t let us down this time, the breakthrough was successful, and the thunder of the Lord is thirteen rings!”

As soon as these words came out, the Huang Tian Lord was stunned at that time, and then a loud laughter sounded, and the entire Heavenly Palace was shaking.

“ha ha ha, very good! Very good! God, this time we won ah! ha ha ha ….”

Hun Heaven Ranking The spirit was frightened by Huang Tian God, seeing his own Godly Palace on the verge of collapse, suddenly looked towards Huang Tian God, raised his hand and palm , He took Huang Tian’s will Avatar directly into a powder, and disappeared on the spot.

“Damn, I want to demolish my house!”

patted hands, looked at the place where Huang Tian had disappeared with contempt for a long time, then turned his head and said with a smile again

“Hehe, this kid is fine. The breakthrough has reached Heavenly Venerate. This time, every cloud has a silver lining. This time, the old ghosts are going to be a surprise, haha…”

Thinking of the complicated compliments from those guys who heard the news, the Heaven Ranking spirits feel very happy.

next moment, he waved his hand in the Heaven Ranking, and a huge picture scroll appeared in front of him. It was the world famous…

One finger pointed out, mixed with the ranked on the Heaven Ranking, constantly changing under his control.

Not long ago, when I was visiting friends in a Cave Mansion with the Heaven Ranking spirit, I passed by the largest restaurant in the first domain. When I became interested, I entered it, prepared to have a few drinks, and listened to the news of the world.

Sit in the restaurant, disperse the origin of aura, and listen to all the discussions of all the practitioners in the entire restaurant.

At this time, three practitioners are discussing about the four major Legendary genius. They seem to want to complete the work that has not been completed by the Heaven Ranking. Help these four geniuses who are mixed in the Heaven Ranking, and give them ranking Who is ranked strong and who is weak.

This matter is not only the three of them, but in the entire restaurant, many practitioners are discussing and talking about it. It seems that this matter is extremely interesting.

For this reason, the people of Heaven Ranking also know it.

Because after the Battle of the Lord, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking directly put these four people together in the 1st place of the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking.

As a result, for the first time in the Heaven Ranking, there is a tie for World’s First, and it is still four. As the saying goes, Wen has no first and Wu has no second. This ranking naturally makes the four major Legendary parties. Supporters of genius, all kinds of dissatisfaction, quarrels are inevitable.

There are Tian’s supporters, Yu Wenhuang’s, Wu’s and Ye Rongtian, each with their own opinions and reasons, anyway, they just don’t accept the other three.

The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking sounded interesting, but he said something… Actually, Su Yu is also qualified.

This sentence immediately caused great dissatisfaction among the three cultivators at the next table. Simultaneously shua shua stared at him and ridiculed the Heaven Ranking, comparing him to the most earthy country. bumpkin.

cracking a joke ah!

The world’s number one powerhouse was called the World’s First country bumpkin by three ordinary repairmen, this matter…

If it weren’t for the Heaven Ranking spirits, they would see that their cultivation base is too bad, and they would definitely let them know the power of the country bumpkin.

However, there is no end to this matter. The Spirit of the Heaven Ranking was stimulated and naturally kept thinking about it.

“hmph! Let you see, in this World’s First, there should be Su Yu!”

Mixing Heaven Ranking Spirit controlled the Heaven Ranking. At the end, with a big hand, Su Yu’s ranking started from the 100th again, and suddenly rushed to the first position.

This time, I was tied for first place in the Heaven Ranking, and suddenly became five.

next moment, the face of the Heaven Ranking spirit changed suddenly.

An incomparably powerful force fell from in the sky, in front of the spirit of the Heaven Ranking, and fell on the name of Su Yu on the Heaven Ranking. After being wrapped, fiercely pulled down.


Su Yu, who just rushed to the 1st place, instantly fell to the 200 3rd place!

“I… fuck!”

Frozen for 3 breaths, a force of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth exploded on the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking. Accompanied by a sky-shattering roar, the entire great hall was shocked and Heaven and Earth simultaneously moved.

At this moment, I am confused with the Heaven Ranking spirit, and my entire face becomes black.

What a joke!

Who is going to change your rankings in front of your own face? It’s a slap in the face.