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The Heaven Ranking spirit, who was furious in an instant, raised his head to look at the sky, raised his hand and pointed and cursed.

“Space-Time is imaginary, don’t you think I dare not beat you!”

Mixed with the Heaven Ranking, Ling’s eyes are full of starlight, staring at the void Heaven and Earth above the sky. Layers of voids keep retreating, revealing the origin of Space-Time. One of the huge black altars stands on Space- Time deep.

The roar of the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking, like a path of thunderbolt exploding all around in this Space-Time altar, echoed for a long time.

This time the spirit of mixing with Heaven Ranking is really angry!

Miscellaneous Heaven Ranking is my own territory, and it is entirely my own responsibility. This Space-Time altar dared to intervene. This is Chi Guoguo’s slap in the face.

Can this be tolerated! ?

“Huntian, I need to explain this matter!”

The dull old voice sounded. I don’t know if I was really afraid of being beaten. After a flash of brilliance, the voice sounded.

This voice passed through the Space-Time realm, crossed the void realm, and appeared on the Divine Realm continent, echoing in the ears of the Heaven Ranking

“I have no choice but to do this too!”

As soon as this statement came out, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking directly coldly snorted “I have no choice!? Don’t talk to me about this, you can explain it, but if you can’t explain it, you intervene in the matter of the Heaven Ranking, I will make you pay. Half of your origin is abolished!”

These words made the Space-Time altar seem a little unacceptable. After a long period of silence, he spoke.

“Huntian, this child is different from others. He is not in the continent void, but in the continent Space-Time!”

“en!?” When the god of Heaven Ranking heard this, he was frowned immediately.

This Su Yu said that he came from the land of Ten Thousand Sources. As far as the Heaven Ranking Spirit knows, if he does come from the land of Ten Thousand Sources, it is possible.

“Before Huntian, when you raised his rank to the tenth place, some Space-Time rules have already been activated. It’s just that the Space-Time rule that ranks tenth is not obvious. I will deal with it myself. Dare to disturb you!”

My face became even darker with the spirit of the Heaven Ranking. The last time I adjusted the ranking, I just wanted to make a joke with Su Yu that’s all. Didn’t expect the Space-Time rules.

If there is a problem with the Space-Time rule, what the result will be, the Heaven Ranking spirit naturally knows.

That is a rule that will cause a series of reactions, and even affect many things in future generations.

The Space-Time Altar went on to say, “This child later failed the breakthrough God, and when the ranking fell to one hundred, the influence of the Space-Time rules was also much weaker, but now, if you adjust according to what you just made, then ….”

Speaking of Space-Time Altar, the tone became extremely heavy and said, “That was a terrible Space-Time disaster. I can’t help but intervene in you!”

This sentence makes the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking extremely depressed. As a Spirit of the Heaven Ranking, he has his own responsibilities, and of course the Space-Time Altar also has his mission. When the mission is severely affected, he naturally does not care about anything. On it.

This point, also as the spirit of the origin, he can naturally understand.

“I am responsible for mixing the Heaven Ranking, adjust the ranking of the Heaven Ranking, how could it cause Space-Time disaster, this…”

The outbreak of the Space-Time disaster is the entire Space-Time riot, which is completely chaotic. All Space-Time rules are broken and new rules are reborn.

This kind of destruction and rebirth is not difficult or imaginary. It only occurs in Space-Time. After all, the void of the Divine Realm continent is built on Space-Time, just like a foundation.

The foundation is broken, can the Divine Realm continent on it be healed! ?

However, I just adjust the Heaven Ranking ranked that’s all. What is the relationship between the two! ?

The consequences of this Space-Time chaos, even those who are confused by the Heaven Ranking spirit cannot bear such consequences.

“Huntian, I dare not say anything about such things, and I never participate in the matter of continent. This child has nothing to do with Heaven Ranking ranked. If it is not related to the foundation of the Space-Time rules, I would naturally I know how to manage, you understand the truth!”

Speaking of Space-Time altar, I paused for a while before opening the mouth and said

“In addition, regarding the origin of this child’s identity, I think it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, even if this time has passed, but in his case, there are at most several decades, and the Space-Time rules will definitely deal with him. !”

After these words were said, the Heaven Ranking Spirit was stunned.

The Space-Time Altar is not like itself. He is the Spirit of Space-Time who controls the Space-Time rules. He doesn’t have any contact with anyone at all. Even if he is a cultivation Space-Time ruler, it’s just a Space-Time rule Contact, he never interfered, so he has nothing to do with any cultivator on the Divine Realm continent.

According to the Heaven Ranking, I’m afraid this guy has spoken for the first time in tens of thousands of years.

Now, it turned out to be because of Su Yu.

“Okay, I have understood, that’s the case, forget it!” Nodded in the Heaven Ranking, looking at the Heaven Ranking, the whole face is twisted together.

I started thinking about it when I got angry under Heaven Ranking spiritual pressure and calmed down slowly.

This Su Yu, even if he really came from the land of Ten Thousand Sources, there wouldn’t be such a big movement.

is it possible that, this guy is not an ordinary existence in the land of ten thousand sources! ?

If that were the case, how could the Land of Ten Thousand Sources let him out! ?

Even if it is all right, but his existence left the land of ten thousand sources, how could the land of ten thousand sources be peaceful! ?

No matter what the matter is, there is something weird about it.

“Forget it, don’t care!”

After a long time, with a look of disgust in Heaven Ranking, he shook his head like a rattle.

After a long sigh, the Spirit of the Heaven Ranking looked up towards the sky….

This kid has never stopped, and still can’t see through.

“Su Yu, I can’t blame me. Originally you broke through the realm of the Lord, I should give you a big gift, but your identity…”

It’s a pity to mix the Heaven Ranking spirit. When I think of the days when I gave Su Yu a big gift, it was so happy.

“No, I have to find a way!”

Life is long, spiritual life is even more vast and boundless, and there is too little happiness. I can’t get around the Heaven Ranking spirit, so I start to think.

This time after the Battle of God, the entire Divine Realm continent is different.

Su Yu, Ye Rongtian, Tian, ​​Wu, and Emperor Yuwen have caused a qualitative change in the Martial Dao World on the Divine Realm continent.

Some people call the current Divine Realm continent Martial Dao a brand new Martial Dao World.

Since you can’t move Su Yu, then pack a piece. Can this matter hardly confuse the Heaven Ranking spirit! ?

I am iron, rice is steel, things are dead, people are alive, and I can think of ways to do it. Just turn around. This professional guy, Heaven Ranking, is most familiar.

In this case, the Space-Time rules will be out of control, and his plan can proceed normally.

The shackles of Martial Dao continent have existed for so many years, now is the time to change.

This ignited the enthusiasm of the Heaven Ranking spirit and began to plan a new plan.